5 Ghanaian meals you may have never heard of

5 Ghanaian meals you may have never heard of

The African continent has always been regarded as one full of surprises, as it abounds with a myriad of things.

With respect to meals, the various subgroups in Ghana have unique dishes that may not be so common. How many local dishes have you tried in recent times?

YEN.com.gh brings to you 5 meals in Ghana you may not know about:

1. Aportornsu

It is very common in the Eastern and Ashanti regions. It is prepared with roasted cocoyam, ripened plantain, palm oil, onion, pepper and tomatoes.

A dish of Aportornsu


2. Brodokuno

Brodokuno is common among the people of the Eastern, Central, Western and the Ashanti regions. It is referred to by other names in some tribes.

It is a form of regular kenkey but far more delicious than we’re used to. The dish is prepared with both unripe plantain and ripened plantain.

A dish of brodokuno


3. Sasa

Sasa is usually prepared with roasted cocoyam that is mashed and spiced with pepper, tomato and onions with palm oil poured on it.

A dish of Sasa


4. Anpokye

This is believed to be medicinal. it is simply cooked cocoyam but in this case, the bark of the cocoyam is not peeled off. They are all cooked together and served with any form of stew or sauce.

A meal of Anpokye


5. Fomfom

This is very common among the people of the Central, Western and Ashanti Regions. Just imagine how Banku is prepared but with a little twist.

In the case of Fomfom, after the initial stirring, it is pounded again and later shaped and stored in the corn husk. It is then cooked again like how kenkey is prepared.

A dish of Fomfom


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