7 terrible things that could happen if homosexuality is legalized in Ghana

7 terrible things that could happen if homosexuality is legalized in Ghana

The debate on whether or not to legalize homosexuality in Ghana is getting intense as the days go by. So far, the British government has indicated its preparedness to help Ghana embrace gay rights.

The United Nations (UN) has also slammed the speaker of parliament for speaking against homosexuals and hinting of parliament never legalizing homosexuality.

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Come to think of it, have we thought about the implications of having a gay law passed in Ghana? This article explores the impact.

1. Outbursts of protests

Ghana has not yet legalized homosexuality and yet there is a fierce opposition especially on social media against the move to do so. The opposition is more likely to translate into massive protests if a pro-gay law is ever passed in Ghana. Not to say protests are bad but these outburst of it could plunge the country into some state of chaos and tension.

2. Clashes with the gay community

Should gay laws be passed in Ghana, one must expect the target of hate on the LGBT community. It is with no doubt that majority of Ghanaians publicly speak against these persons. Legalizing the act could make the community exposed to more stigma and opposition.

3. More cases of abuse

Ghana continues to register cases of abuse against gays and lesbians. With crazy and bloody mob actions at Islamic communities as Nima, it is clear that gays and lesbians will need heightened security and protection should the law be passed. This could also overstretch the services of the already burdened security force.

4. The outburst of health emergencies

The LGBT community remains one with poor healthcare attention. In fact, figures show that Ghana's gay community face severe health challenges from HIV/AIDS to other health complications. Most homosexuals will now have the liberty to seek emergency treatment in times of infection. The question is, does our challenged health care system have the capacity to deal with this issue?

5. Dark secrets

Homosexuality is something happening in secret here in Ghana. Let's face it, we have married men, heterosexual men, people from all walks of life practicing homosexuality in the dark. Legalizing the act could tear the cover of secrecy over this and Ghanaians would be shocked at the unbelievable things happening on the dark side of things. Maybe this could be a good one.

6. The strain on health facilities

Legalising homosexuality means the government will have to expand its health care system. This means more sexual health centers, more reproductive health classes, and more gay clinics. This also means that we need to expand our health care and National Health Insurance. More investments in this sector if indeed we want to check the health of our gay community.

7. Fear of population control

It is always expected that the legalization of homosexuality in any country could among other things spark a population control mechanism. Ghana's population has been on a steady growth. Family planning interventions have helped bring down the numbers. Could the gay law also do more?

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Passing the gay law has its own advantages as well, especially when the development could see more gays and lesbians come out to society and also feel free to have health care treatment which continues to cripple most of them. But the wide and long term effects is what we are trying to explore.

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