The lost talents: How Ghanaian graduates make a living in China

The lost talents: How Ghanaian graduates make a living in China

It is gradually becoming a worrying trend that Ghanaian students who travel to China to further their education opt to stay in the Asian country to work even after completing their studies.

In a feature by the B&FT, many Ghanaian students currently in China revealed how they earn more over there, adding that there is no need returning to Ghana to earn less.

Rather than return home and contribute their quota to the economic development of their home country, they believe it is better staying in China where there are better remuneration packages for workers.

The lost talents: How Ghanaian graduates make a living in China

The is a file photo of 40 Ghanaian students who left Ghana to study in China under the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme for 2017/2018.

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In an interview with the B&FT, Daniel Asare, who graduated from a medical school in Hainan – a province in China, said he prefers to teach English Language rather than come to Ghana to practice as a physician.

According to him, he makes almost double of what a medical doctor in Ghana makes, therefore there is no need to return home.

I teach Chinese children English as a private work; but trust me, I make double the salary a medical doctor makes in Ghana. So, tell me why I should go back home?” he quipped.

I make between 10,000 Yuan (GHȼ7,040) and 15,000 Yuan (GHȼ10,000) every month through teaching, but how much is a medical doctor’s salary in Ghana? So, I prefer to teach than to practice medicine in Ghana.

Daniel Asare is not alone in such thinking, another Ghanaian medical student in China, Emmanuel Asamoah, had a similar story to tell.

He is not convinced that he can make it in Ghana because of how much he is earning in China.

The report indicates that there are over 80 Ghanaian students schooling and or working in Hainan Province alone, who have made up their minds not to return home anytime soon.

Narrating his reasons for deciding to work in China’s capital, Beijing, Anthony Kwami who is an IT specialist and a master’s degree graduate at a university in Beijing, said he makes more money in China than he would ever make should he move to Ghana.

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Having successfully registered his business in China, he believes China’s large population and firm economy are magnets that would attract any business-minded person.

China has a population of about 1.4billion, so imagine if you have even 0.01 percent of that population as your customers; you can survive better than doing business in Ghana, where getting a market for your products and services is always difficult.

“China has the market, so no matter what services or product you bring to the market, you will get people to patronise it. Remember, too, that Internet penetration is huge here; so, there is market for IT professionals,” he said.

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