My husband is gay, I am his 'lie' - Troubled Ghanaian woman confesses

My husband is gay, I am his 'lie' - Troubled Ghanaian woman confesses

A married woman says she suspects her husband is gay. The disturbed married woman has narrated on the Facebook page of a relationship counselor called David Papa Bondze-Mbir.

Writing as an anonymous lady in distress, the lady revealed that her husband continues to cover up his sexuality despite her knowing he is attracted to men.

"My husband likes men more than he is into women. I had always suspected it but I couldn't be sure until we married. Dave, he's a nice guy and I don't have any problems with him being 'that', however, that's not the kind of man I would want to spend the rest of my life with," she revealed.

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It is the dream of every wife to have a husband who is totally attracted to her and her alone. No woman is interested in having a competitor in a marriage.

The distressed wife says "I want to be with a man who is into women, not a man who pretends to be into women. Would it be right to file for a divorce or I need to talk with him to consider setting me free?"

The concerns of this worried woman is an issue happening in many marriages in Ghana today especially when there is now the pressure for men to get married mostly to prove their heterosexuality.

"He is a nice guy, and I know he will find someone his type to love him the way he would want to be loved. I just don't want to continue being his 'lie' in the name of marriage," she revealed.

Below are some of the reactions the troubled wife got on Facebook

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Gay rights in Ghana are overly spoken against in the country with the Pentecost Church in Ghana plan of staging a major protest in the country should pressure on Ghana over the issue continues.

Apostle Opoku Onyinah reacts to Theresa May’s comments on LGBT rights in Ghana | Archbishop Duncan Williams warns the government:

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