DVLA written test booking in Ghana

DVLA written test booking in Ghana

For you to get any certificate, you definitely have to do the exams or tests to gauge how ready you are for that particular test and DVLA written test booking in Ghana is no exception because it will grant you an opportunity to prove yourself as a new driver who is ready to take up driving.

DVLA written test booking in Ghana

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We are living in an era where cars and other vehicles are available, affordable and give us status quo when seen around with them. Everyone dreams of owning a car to avoid the hustle and bustle that comes with public vehicles which most of the times are crowded and chaotic. In order to afford the Mercedes, Toyota Prado or Jeep, you will definitely need to attend some driving classes in order for you to be entrusted with the vehicles on the road. This is mostly referred to as DVLA written test Ghana mostly because you will operate on Ghana’s roads.

Procedure for applying for DVLA written test

Before you are able to apply for a written DVLA driving test, you are first required to have a learners licenses. What are the requirements needed for one to be awarded a learners licence?

  • You are required to be present at any DVLA office. You should not send any representative
  • you must have attained 18 years of age or above.
  • You must have the ability to read and understand the English language.
  • You must have three recent passport sized pictures with you.

After you are done with applying for the learner's licence, you now embark on learning how to drive. After that, you are now required to apply for the dvla written test. The procedure is as follows;

  • You are required to pay the prescribed fees for the eye test. You will then be given the required forms which you will have to fill.
  • You will thereafter go through a physical examination and an eye test.
  • Once you have successfully undergone the physical examination and eye test, you will then pay the required amount to be able to obtain the Learner Driver's Permit, L-Plate, Syllabus and Highway Code
  • Unless you want to obtain a motorcycle driving licence, you will have to get an appointment for theory driving test where you will undergo a compulsory 48-hour training with a driving school with DVLA accreditation.
  • You will be required to give evidence that you have been trained as a driver, after which you will then go ahead and register and obtain an appointment for theory driving test.
  • After the theory driving test, you will undergo an In-Traffic Test.
  • For the successful theory test applicants, you will be required to pay for Driver's License and P-Plate. If you failed the written test you will not be able to go forth with this step.
  • The successful applicants will have their Biodata captured after which they will be handed a Temporary Driver's License and P-Plate.
  • You will then be directed on the date when you will collect your license.

Where do you take the test? In order for you to take the test, you should visit the Theory Driving Test Management System official website. The tests available on the website are;

  • practice test – this is available to everyone
  • test re-sit – for people who failed the first test
  • in-traffic test appointment – you book for an in-traffic test
  • fresh test schedule
  • you can also re-schedule the test to another day.

How to identify a driving school

Driving schools are given the mandate by the driving vehicle licensing authority to ensure that all the drivers with vehicles are competent and able to facilitate easier movement of people from one point to another. This aims at reducing many accidents that are normally caused by drivers who either speed or under the influence of drugs and alcohol while they are on the steering wheel.

Here are some of the things to consider when identifying a driving school:

  • Does the driving school operate within the guidelines and policies set by the driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority? No one would want to have their licenses withdrawn from them simply because they attended an incompetent school.
  • Are the instructors licensed and allowed to work as driving school instructors? This is very important because some unlicensed drivers who operate in some of these shady driving schools are clumsy, rude and arrogant since they have nothing to lose as they cannot be reported.
  • Does the driving school have both practical and theory classes regularly? Classes that happen regularly will fasten up your learning experience boosting your confidence much more.
  • The opinion of other successful drivers on those driving schools you could have considered. If the driving school has a bad reputation you will not wish to spend a minute there.
  • Are they responsible for their students in cases of accidents that may happen during practical? The responsibility of any driving school is what makes others classy while others are called money making businesses meaning that they are only after your money and not your wellbeing.
  • How do the driving schools book for their exams? Can they be trusted to do so without extorting students? Booking for the tests should be done in a much transparent way that can be accessed by the concerned people.
  • How do their students perform during the DVLA written driving test and the DVLA written theory test? If they do well this means that your chances are also high for passing the tests in the first round since no one has the time to keep repeating tests.
  • How accessible is it for you among other considerations such as security in the location the driving school is located? You will not want to go to a driving school then later get robbed of your valuable goods like phones, jewelry,and shoes. Security is really important.
  • Are their vehicles in good condition? This consideration is necessary because no one would want to enroll in a driving school that has poorly maintained vehicles for safety purposes.
DVLA written test booking in Ghana

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Among the top driving schools in Ghana include, Nadel Driving Academy, Adolph Driving School and Frank Motoring Driving School.

When you identify the school that will help you become a good driver, you will join the other students for driving classes which as we have mentioned have the theory and the practical bit. The theory lessons ought to guide you with information on road signs, vehicle maintenance, causes of accidents and so forth until the classes are over depending on your agreement with the driving school. You are then allowed to book for the tests prior to the date in order for proper preparation to be done.

You will, later on, proceed to do the tests where both theory and practical will be involved. If you are planning on going for the tests now or in a few months, these are some of the most asked questions which you should consider going through for you to succeed in your DVLA written test questions

  1. What is this sign called and what does it mean?
  • Stop
  • No entry
  • Closed road ahead
  • A sharp turn to the left

2. What does the amber color mean on the traffic lights?

  • Wait
  • Go
  • Stop
  • Hoot for the vehicles in front to move

3. What should you do when approaching a city or a small town where there are many people on the roads?

  • Continue with the normal speed you were driving at.
  • Slow done because there could be people crossing
  • Hoot for people to move from the roads because you are driving
  • Use the outer surfaces of the road

4. Which is not a significance of having bumps on the road?

  • To slow done since in most cases it signifies a near center
  • To avoid over-speeding which could cause accidents
  • Encourages road safety
  • Bumps slow down traffic

5. When should you use the left-hand lane as a driver?

  • During emergencies only
  • When overtaking
  • For the vehicles moving slowly
  • When driving normally
DVLA written test booking in Ghana

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6. Sometimes when driving the weather could be rainy or foggy, Why are you advised to stay behind the vehicle?

  • The vehicle in front of you may stop without notice
  • The fog lights may alarm you
  • To watch out whether the vehicle will change directions
  • The vehicles brakes light could alarm you

7. What is the recommended speed by the government?

  • 100 km/hour
  • 80 km/hour
  • 50 km/hour
  • 120 km/hour

8. When should you service your car? Briefly state why you think so

  • After one year
  • When the vehicle has reached the calculated kilometers
  • After 2 years
  • When you have enough money

9. Where can you find this sign?

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Police station
  • court

10 Why is it important to have your vehicle's brakes checked regularly?

  • To keep your car smart
  • To know whether the vehicle is fit for a long-distance journey
  • To prevent accidents
  • To be able to resell at a good price

These are only some of the questions asked during the tests. If you need more of these questions you could either purchase driving test books from your local store or your driving school or ask what other successful drivers for guidance.The booklets contain DVLA written test questions and answers which can help you master the content as you prepare for the exam. You can also check the DVLA test questions online.

Most of the questions will not only benefit you during the DVLA written driving test but even in the future because you will encounter certain challenges on the road.

DVLA written test booking in Ghana

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DVLA written test practice

This part is what most driving students are afraid of because the test expects the students to be able to drive the vehicle on their own without the help of the instructor who in most cases does not accompany students on that day for the practical. The examiner, in this case, will watch how you drive the vehicle, the movement of the gears and how fast you are to switch the gears, whether you can do a hill start, how you start and stop the vehicle, your attitude as a driver among others which you will know when you enroll for driving lessons.

In the event that you fail the DVLA written theory test and the DVLA written driving test, you will not acquire a license, meaning, you will not be allowed to be driving. Therefore, the solution to this will be to rebook the exam whenever you feel ready for the exam. It is always important not to rush to booking for the exam before you are mentally and physically strong and confident. This is why we still have people who can afford to buy any car but are not mentally prepared to do the exams and become drivers.

It is important to note that there are certain requirements that you will need before having DVLA written driving test in Ghana. These requirements are:

  1. You will need to be of legal age which is 18 years in order for you to be a holder of the license you will get after the test.
  2. You will be expected to take yourself to the DVLA offices without anyone representing you. This is for official purposes.
  3. You will be expected to be fluent in English.
  4. You will need to have at least two of your passport photos.

These requirements will be very vital for your driving test and you should take them seriously in order for you to have a much easier time.

When you will be applying for the driving license which comes after successfully completing the driving classes and the test, here is a small brief of what will be needed of you: there is a fee that you will be charged for eye tests which you will have to go through for them to be sure that you have good vision and in the case that you have eye problems they will give you a solution to it.

DVLA written test booking in Ghana

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With the recent increase in accidents which has led to so many people losing their lives including our lovely Ebony only shows the seriousness and caution that should be taken by drivers and all road users on the roads. There is a need for new measures and policies to be structured since holding a driver’s license does not guarantee competence of the driver which translates to the safety of those he carries on a regular basis.

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