Tell me about yourself for freshers: How to answer

Tell me about yourself for freshers: How to answer

Anyone trying out for a job the first time knows the anxiety that comes with it. Tell me about yourself for freshers is not always easy. While it may be easy to introduce yourself to a crowd of familiar people, it is not the same when dealing with people whom you want to impress. Saying the right thing is crucial for such times since the goal is to leave a lasting impression.

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Knowing how to answer tell me about yourself for freshers can be as easy as practising and preparing beforehand. Once you know the date of your big interview what is left is to practice replying using acceptable answers. This may increase your confidence and chances of getting the interviews on your side.

Possible self- introduction interview question answers

Even as you master and prepare for the hard questions that are related to your career, remember that your self-introduction is crucial. You need to make the panel or interviewer know that you are sure of yourself. When a question such as, tell me about yourself, is posed you do not have to fumble.

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About me questions are not complicated and may not need one to think hard about them. The answer should somewhat be systematic. Remember that the aim is to create a connection between you and the company representative.

This means that you should forget about formal and straightforward answers as they tend to come off as boring and uninteresting. You may cause the panel to be biased from an early stage.

Consider the examples given below as the best answers when asked to introduce yourself.

Hello. I am Annita Ray and I am here as an applicant seeking to get the supervisor position in your team. I will be completing my B.A Marketing at the university by the end of June of 2020. As required by my course, I was privileged to work on a project that required me to come up with a marketing framework for local businesses.

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This was an excellent learning experience both technically and socially since we needed to balance work distribution within our team as well as continuously seek guidance from industry experts and our professors.

Once you have answered this part you can be sure that you have all the interviewers attention as they are engaged and want to know more about you. It is at this point that you then follow up with skill and accomplishments highlights. Just make sure you are building upon what you have already said. You need to show them that you are good at what you claim to do, in addition to having a life outside work.

In addition to this, I was chosen to represent my colleges in the regional marketing competition in which I emerged the winner. In line with personal enhancements, I have also trained myself in the areas of business planning. To add to this, usually, I engage in biking activities over the weekend to keep fit. This also helps me test my strength and endurance often.

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The final part of your answer should be showing where you are currently, and letting the panel know your future intentions of growth. Here is a perfect conclusion to emulate.

That is the much I can share. I am here seeking to get the entry-level position in management so that I can kick start my career perfectly. I will be happy to respond to any questions you may have.

You need to bear in mind that HR interview questions are not necessarily difficult as it is often assumed. Unless those that specifically target your areas of qualification, most of the other questions are meant to measure a lot of informal aspects. As a fresher, all you need to do is relax and prepare.

Ensure that your answers are not too rehearsed as this will not interest the panel. You should picture at least 100 possible ways to answer the question but only use 15 to 20 of these answers appropriately depending on the situation.

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How to introduce yourself

introduce yourself
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You will be asked to make a personal introduction at every interview you attend. It is as easy as being asked to simply describe yourself. You need to be smart enough to know what the interviewer truly wants.

Depending on the panel, you may be asked the following:

  • To talk about yourself
  • To explain why you should be hired
  • To explain your qualities and shortcomings
  • To describe how you deal with challenges

The bottom line is to have an open mind and know that these rules are not set on stone. Listen and understand what the interviewer wants from you before you can answer.

Common introduction interview questions and answers

describe yourself
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The following are a few common introduction questions and suggestions on how best to answer them.

Hi, how are you today?

The question is an invitation to have you relax and become comfortable. It does not have any serious impacts and is always used as an ice-breaker. You should respond with a pleasant smile. In case you are having trouble with the day just mention it politely. Good answers would be as follows:

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  • I am very well today madam, thank you very much
  • I am very well today sir. It is just that the traffic here is a bit of a hassle. But I made sure, I got an early start just to beat it.
  • That is nice to hear, so what can you tell me about yourself?

This is the major question in this category. You should respond properly as it sets the base for the entire interview. Pointers to note include:

  • Giving a brief of your education background
  • Mention relevant major achievements
  • Keep it short, a maximum of 4 sentences
  • Keep your answers simple and precise, giving room for further questioning.

Consider the following example:

Hi, my name (insert name) and I come from (insert location). I did my (insert qualification) in (insert specifications)from (insert school of study). I had completed my plus two from (Insert prior professional qualifications if any). I have (mention number of family members)members in my family. I love outdoor sports, specifically athletics.

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Tell me about yourself for freshers should not be a difficult questions to answer. With the above examples, anyone can respond as expected and increase their chances of being selected.

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