Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana: choose the perfect one

Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana: choose the perfect one

A bride’s excitement and desire are only imaginable on the big day. They are often spoilt for choice when it comes picking the perfect look that blends well with all the other aspects or themes of the wedding. When it comes to the hair, it is no different. When it comes to wedding hairstyles in Ghana, the options are never-ending. You could be thinking of an up-do, twist or even dying out your locks for that perfect look. The wedding day is always an exciting and one can only visualize what goes on in the bride to be’s mind. Wedding hairstyles in Ghana are glamorous, while others are easy to do some can take several hours to get the desired look

Remember that with the wedding arrangements ongoing, underway the bride takes care of other things. Once the dress has been picked then the other elements such as like hairstyles and jewelery need to be considered for the complete look.

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Pulling together a look might be overwhelming to a bride to be. In this article you will get to see amazing wedding hairstyles for women that will ensure they look and feel their best. You can always discuss with your hairstylist which one would look best on you. However, the final decision totally lies on you. You need to feel confident and comfortable in whatever style you decide to go with.

Each bride desires to look fabulous and glamorous that day and that is why the choice of bridal hairstyles in Ghana is just as important as the choice of a bridal gown and bridal makeover.

Though, every bride has their own favourites, hairstyles in Ghana have all to with length, texture and of cause individual taste. All of these characteristics will have an impact on the final look. Since we can’t read each bride’s mind, we can only manage to suggest how you can reflect your beauty on that D-day.

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Your hairstyle is your image, your personality. It speaks volumes about you and has to be a perfect match with your dresses. A cut, a style speaks of the person and contribute a lot in making, adjusting a fashionable image. Thus, the hairstyle depends on your face shape, dress. Together with these, your bridal hairstyle should definitely take into consideration your chosen wedding formula.

The wedding hairstyles and other bridal outfits and accessories must be in total coordination and all have to blend seamlessly in the most charming and sweet way.

Every bride has her own preferences as of cause we are different individuals in our own right, so that means a bride has to think about the kind of look she would want on her wedding day whether is glamorous, simple, traditional or natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana.Having your hair up is the popular choice for the traditional bride. But times are changing and glamorous and a modern wedding hair- down style is sure to make a statement.

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The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your wedding hairstyle choice. If you usually wear your hair down, having your hair up may make you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. Alternatively, by having your hair up you would be making a glamorous statement.

Perm rod and hair accessories

The bride can use perm rod and hair accessories to achieve limitless hairstyles for a wedding. They help to give the look a very elegant and chic appeal. Many times accessories help in achieving a unique wavy design and using the appropriate hair accessories would help in getting a stunning outcome

Wedding head pieces and wedding accessories can further reflect the theme of your day. Whether it is a single rose headpiece, a wedding hair band or a tiara, remember that your choice in your wedding hair accessories and head pieces should compliment your wedding hairstyle.

We hope these examples give you an idea of what you want, and then it’s time to contact a professional hairstylist to make sure you look your absolute best on your big day!

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1. Wedding hair - ups

Structured and tight wedding hair- ups are still a favourite and tend to suit a low headpiece or tiara and a low placed veil usually under the bun. Brides are now also choosing unstructured romantic wedding hair ups such as the Grecian style with a side braid or a very loose side bun curled which will add a touch of Hollywood to your day. that can also be accessorised with a tiara

2. Wedding hair downs

Wedding hair down styles will generally suit a strapless wedding gown. Leaving your hair down with a slight wave is youthful and natural. A more traditional hair down style could be long structured curls which looks elegant and young and suits a headpiece and veil. The style is elegant and beautiful and traditional goes well with a wedding gown with thin or no straps.

3. Rows and twist bridal hairstyles in Ghana

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Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana

Black hair looks fabulous in Twist, twirls and braids and it forms part of one of the most styled of Ghanaian wedding hairstyles. Twists, twirls and braid may seem, thin, voluminous and husky.

4. Bun up-do hairstyles for wedding

Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana

The bun tied up is a common style for brides with either long or short locks. The natural hair look is achieved by wrapping a twisted braid around a large bun made of weave. The natural locks are kept gorgeous and held in place with gel. The style is one of the traditional wedding hairstyles that is simple yet looks stunning.

5. Natural hairstyles for wedding

Natural hairstyles for wedding
Source: Pinterest

Since natural hair might prove to be difficult to manage, the natural hairstyles for wedding for brides must have a charm, since they are exceptional hairstyles for wedding, brides look spectacular and delightful when they chose to go with the natural hair way.

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Stay true to the simplicity of this hairstyle by going for a minimal tresses attachment like a flower hair piece. More people are wearing their natural hair because they are avoiding the use of chemicals. Weaves and wigs have also become very popular in Ghana, they are convenient and the high quality ones can serve for a long time.

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6. Dreadlocks hairstyles for wedding

Dreadlocks styles are beautiful and fascinating as you can play around with them. Dreadlocks are among the best natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana.

Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana
Source: Pinterest

At times the most convenient way to display dreadlocks hairstyles for wedding in Ghana is to pack them in an up-do arrangement. Horizontal french knot is among the most convenient ways to style dreads as they look very stunning. Keep it lavish by letting some of them seem loose as it gives an suggestive appearance.

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7. Side parts, low cut, bun and up-do

Natural hair is always kinky. However one can manage a sophisticated look and there are all several ways one can get this appearance. The hair can be packed to the side, created into a U shaped roll, kept neat and simple in a bun, created into gorgeous twists or maintained in a lower bun. The contrast of any of this ways gives off an extremely beautiful appeal. Look at some of these African wedding hairstyles, achieved with natural locks,

8. Effortless and wild

It takes a lot of guts and confidence to achieve this look, and less work. The effortless and wild look give a picture of innocence. If your hair has lots of volume and texture, you can take advantage of that for this natural look with very little effort. You may lift it up into a loose bun or simply leave it wild for one of the latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana.

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You can have various options such as innocent, elegant, traditional, glamorous and romantic among others. For this look to be perfect, the hair should be to be styled according to the option you opt for.

9. Extensions hairstyles for wedding

Most Ghanaian brides go for styled hair because it makes them look different on that particular day but styled hair can not last for days though it looks good and glamorous. On the other hand we also have ladies who prefer natural hair on their wedding day. Wearing natural hair on your wedding day will make you look pure African and authentic. However, you will need to visit a good hairstylist to style natural hair for your wedding.

A lot of ladies think it’s an easy task maintaining your natural hair regardless what type pf texture you have. Some don’t even have the nerves to go for the “big chop” men!

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Good news bride, go for what suits you. It’s a once in a lifetime experience plus you want to look spot-on. Looking for hair inspirations for your big day? Here are 11 creative styles we bet you rarely see around to pick from. We’re pretty sure you’d get heads staring at that piece of art you’re carrying.

Wedding Hairstyles is one finish touch every Ghanaian bride wants and needs to look picture perfect on her wedding day. Whether you are a traditional bride who desires a sophisticated and glamorous wedding looks. You might even be a modern bride longing for a more relaxed wedding hair you can definitely be inspired by Ghanaian professional hairstylists.

Ghana weaving can never get old and by now, we know that this is quite true. Something about this hairstyle adds a flush of youth to the face and makes one appear radiant.

Ghanaian wedding hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Ghana weaving is perfect for all types of faces types and regardless of the shape of your face, Ghana weaving will definitely work for you. Hope you have been inspired by these latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana. You can add your own accessories or add some twist to them to achieve what is perfect for you,

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10. Latest weave on styles in Ghana

Ghana braids are referred to as Cherokee cornrows, invisible cornrows, pencil cornrows, and even banana braids. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of wearing your weave on styles in Ghana for your wedding. Most women are choosing this sassy style, because it is convenient and protective to the hair.

These super neat and chic weaving styles will make your hairstyle stand out and be the talk till the next wedding. Weave on styles are considered some if the latest hairstyles in Ghana since time immemorial. These hairdos have stood the test of time and due to their versatility in designs, there is always something new to look forward to.

From braided, to curls, braids, twists, deep part, and not leaving behind the statement accessory like the bejeweled clip. The accessory always seems to be final finish touch any bride needs.

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Choosing wedding hairstyles in Ghana to go perfect with your wedding dress and other outfits can be really difficult. Struggle no more as we bring to you various hairstyles to suit you either classic or trendy.

11. Pony hairstyles in Ghana

Pony hairstyles in Ghana
Source: Pinterest

Brides could also opt to have pony hairstyles in Ghana. These are simple yet elegant styles that can be accessorized with hair adornments. They can be rolled into buns or left cornrows are all grown up on this natural-haired beauty.

Wedding head pieces and wedding accessories can further reflect the theme of your day. Whether it is a single rose headpiece, a wedding hair band or a tiaras, remember that your choice should be perfect for the day. Your wedding hair accessories and head pieces should complement your wedding hairstyle. Hopefully, these styles will be inspiring for you and your bridesmaids on the actual day of the wedding.


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