15 best African braids hairstyles 2019

15 best African braids hairstyles 2019

Women have worn African braids across the globe for quite a long time now. This style is, however, more pronounced among African women due to the texture of their hair. African braids are both stylish and can offer protection to your hair. Nonetheless, all these attributes are null if the style cannot give you a look of sophistication that attracts the right kind of attention. This, therefore, means that you have to choose the right hairstyle based on the shape of your face, skin tone, and the length of your hair, among other things. This will ensure that you successfully pull off the right look. Below are 15 of the best African braids hairstyle that you can wear in 2019.

African braids
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These hairstyles have evolved over time to suit the needs of the modern African woman, giving her a stylish edge in the modern competitive fashion scene while still protecting and maintaining the African heritage. The subsequent paragraphs will explore the 15 best African plaiting hairstyles 2019, giving you an opportunity to choose one that you like and that will complement the shape of your face quite well.

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1. Goddess bun braid

There is so much to be said about braids, especially goddess bun braids. Mostly, you will hear fashion enthusiasts, stylists and any woman who loves braids referring to this hairstyle as a safe haven, the place to seek protection during difficult hair times, if you know what I mean. True to this, goddess bun braids deliver more, including good looks, style and a touch of excellence and modernity to the African woman. Wearing this style literary changes people’s outlook for who you are, and when properly complemented with the right attire and reasonable application of make-up, girl, you will look new, in a good way. Goddess bun braids come in different shades including tall braids, unusual designs, and crowning glory among others.

2. Crochet box braids

The crotchet box braids hairstyle has been making a comeback in recent years due to its protective nature and ability to give you a more natural look. In addition to this, crotchet box braids are simple with a flair of sophistication, thus adding a little detail to your beauty that you cannot easily find elsewhere. Crotchet box braids come in different designs, depending on how you want them. However, they all have one underlying quality that distinctively separates them from all the other hairstyles 2019, which is their woven-like strands. The long hair strands extending below the ear readily appear like three-hair strings carefully intertwined, one-on-top of the other, thus creating a continuous chain.

3. Regal flat twisted updo

The regal flat twist is yet another good hairstyle that you can wear to give you a look of sophistication that is yet to be seen. Depending on the shape of your face and the color of your skin, you can choose a shade of regal flat twisted updo braid with a color that complements your beauty and personality in its entirety, giving you a beautiful look with a touch of creativity. This creative braid style is highlighted by a hump mount atop your head made up of cornrows plaited upwards converging at the hump.

4. Two strand twist updo

The two strand twist is a common hairstyle frequented by most women, both working class and those in business. This hairstyle brings out a sense of confidence. The hairstyle is achieved by plaiting cornrows starting at the bottom of your head upwards. Its distinctive component is the twisted hump made up of two hair strands creatively woven atop your head stretching from mid-head to the extreme front. Two strand twist updo hair has different shades with the underlying component in each being two strands of hair woven together creating a simple yet beautiful pattern.

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5. Cornrows

The cornrow hairstyle is by far the simplest and most known braid style ever created. The simplicity of this hairstyle is remarkable. It can be worn to both formal and casual events without raising any eyebrows about its appropriateness. Cornrow braids give your hair a natural look. It’s simplicity is remarkable.

6. Faux bun

Faux bun comes in different designs. Like other women, an African woman can find so much hairstyle inspiration in the faux bun. This hairstyle is identified by a lump atop the head. This style can be made from un-woven or plaited hair both of which make a queen out of any woman. The faux bun is perfect for a formal look as well as a casual and freaky look. It all depends on how you dress and accessorize.

7. High ponytail hairstyle

High ponytail braids are a favorite for most youths. The style, in itself, shouts of youthful vibrancy. This hairstyle can be spotted from afar because of its long ponytail hair strand that stretches even lower than the level of the heap depending on how you want it to be styled. It is a simple way to look good and enjoy the joy of having long hair. However, like all the other hairstyles, the quality of high ponytail braids depends on your stylist. Find a stylist who will do a great job. This style is most suited for a casual, funky kind of lifestyle as opposed to a formal one. But hey, who knows, the long ponytail can be an opportunity to try new things out, like making a Nubian crown with it to suit a formal event.

8. Havana twist

Havana twist is one of the African hair braiding styles that you can wear any day and pull off an innocent look that is both beautiful and sophisticated. This hairstyle is defined by its twists, which look literary like twists. At first glance, one sees that the hair strands have been made by twisting one hair strand over the other to create a single strand that is strong, thick, and beautiful. Before wearing this braid, make sure that your face shape is right for it.

9. The 5 piece hairdo

The 5 piece hairdo is one of 2019 braid styles that has a touch of simplicity that is out of the ordinary. This natural hairstyle comprises 5 cornrows that cover the whole surface of the head, creatively revealing your beauty to the whole world. When done by the right hairstylist, these cornrows make your whole head to look like five hills with multiple little hills joined to the main hill in a sequential pattern.

10. Ghanaian braids

African braids
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When looking for the latest 2019 braids, Ghanaian braids pop as a preferred hairstyle for almost all types of heads. This style caters for both long and short hair. It comprises of between 5-7 big braids with smaller ones in the middle thus giving protection to both long and short hair. it is loved by young women for obvious reasons which include beauty and its natural look. Wearing this hairstyle will work magic for you if you are the kind of girl that loves attention without compromising on the need to keep things low-key.

11. Black lily hairstyle

15 best African braids hairstyles 2018
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Black braided hairstyles provide a hairstyle solution for weddings, office, and casual events. The black lily hairstyle is one style that works perfectly for all these occasions and places. It is simple yet elegant, and has a mixture of attitude and touch that makes it simply irresistible. The hairstyle is made up of multiple strands of hair creatively woven to a length long enough to make you enjoy having long hair.

12. Thin shoulder-length bob

15 best African braids hairstyles 2018
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As the name suggests, this hairstyle is made up of thin braids. This style gives you a sassy look and allows you to choose an outfit with ease as opposed to other long braids. In addition to this, you can wear this hairstyle for both formal and informal occasions provided you complement it with a good dress code.

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13. Milong African braids

15 best African braids hairstyles 2018
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This is a thin long braid that covers your head perfectly well. The braid is suited for different kinds of faces. It can be worn to an office or a casual event or occasion provided it has been matched with the right clad and accessories for different events respectively.

14. Beehive red bun hairstyle

15 best African braids hairstyles 2018
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This is one of the simplest African braid hairstyles for 2019 made any woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. The long red-brown braids are lovable because of their ability to create big buns of various styles. The beehive is distinctively beautiful because of its creatively assembled hump at the front part of the head. Of course, the hairstyle will not do well with all face shapes but does exceptionally well for the right face shape. The colour red adds a flair of creativity that you will not find in the plain black braid styles. Nonetheless, it is mandatory that you find yourself the right stylist to work his or her magic you for you to make merry out of your hair.

15. Snaking black

15 best African braids hairstyles 2018
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By any other name, this hairstyle will still look as good. Made up of twisted thick lines which some refer to as irregular braids, snaking black style enhances your look while upholding your natural looks. This simple hairstyle is suited for various face shapes and can be worn for different occasions and places. It projects the authoritative side of a woman with confidence and command of her space and life in general. On the flip side, this hairstyle might need an extra effort for you to pull off a casual look.

African braids hairstyle pictures give you an understanding of the different hairstyles that you can wear in 2019. From box braids hairstyles to simple bun braids, you can look good in any braid hairstyle that you choose to wear. Nonetheless, you have to be aware of the underlying factors that make a braid look superb, such as the shape of your face, your skin tone and the choice of a stylist. African braids hairstyles are quite a number, choose one from those listed above and make it your own.

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