Banshee cast members

Banshee cast members

Who makes up the Banshee cast? It is almost impossible for the lovers of TV Series and movie, not to know Banshee series. This is one of the epic action TV series to keep up with. Its interesting storyline, unpredictable casts and colorful graphics are just a whole lot to handle in one package. The better part of the credit should be given to the Banshee cast because were it not for them, the TV series would not have been such a big success.

Banshee cast members

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If you have not watched Banshee TV Series, then you should be wondering what it is all about. Right from the name itself, it is difficult to guess what the storyline is about. Worry not, just by going through the Banshee cast, some of them might be your favourite, probably you might know what to expect. It is so obvious that if a particular cast has featured in several TV Series or movies playing the role of a thug or murderer, then it is so obvious that that is his area of specialization and in the next movie he features, you can know what to expect. Same case here.

You might wonder what the storyline of this very much talked about TV Series. Well, Banshee is an action TV Series, of American origin. The so far 5 year old series has been shot in Pennsylvania, in a small town called Banshee. Each one of the Banshee cast characters plays his role so perfectly to bring out the intended storyline. The story features one imposter and ex-con who takes the identity of Lucas Hood, the Sherriff of the town who gets murdered. By doing so, he convinces the whole town to make him the sheriff. This guy makes this move as a way of hiding from a very dangerous and feared guy, Rabbit, who is a criminal. Am I the only one seeing the irony in this name? Actually this guy has been branded a crime lord.

In his plan to convince his former lover to come back to him, he finds out she already moved on after he was incarcerated and yet she was his accomplice in the criminal activities that landed him in jail. To worsen it all, she has a family with another man. As if that is not enough, his former lover, Anastasia, has his daughter, something she has kept away from him for all the years that they have been apart.

Banshee cast members

Even in faking the identity of the sheriff, Hood still indulges in his criminal activities. In these practices, he works with two accomplices; Sugar and Job. This lands him into trouble with Kai Proctor. Will Hood’s plans succeed? Will he be able to get Anastasia back? Will Rabbit catch up with him? Will Anastasia meet her father? Will the whole town know his real identity? Will he get out of the mess he just put himself into with Kai proctor? These are enough reasons to keep up with Banshee, the very awesome action TV Series.

Cast of Banshee

As mentioned earlier, apart from the script writer, directors, producer and the men behind the cameras, the cast of banshee is also part of the reason behind the TV Series being a success. Actually, the cast of Banshee carries the better load of it all. The Banshee cast list comprises;

1. Antony Starr

He plays the role of Hood, who steals the identity of a murdered town sheriff in the TV Series. Hood is not a clean man. He however tries so hard to sugarcoat his criminal ways by pretending to be the real sheriff of the town. This leads to the people of the town making him the town sheriff.

cast of banshee

2. Ben Cross

This is the second notable cast of this show who takes the role of Rabbit. Rabbit is a feared criminal, whom Hood tries so hard to run away from, to the extent of impersonating a murdered town’s sheriff. Hood earlier on crosses paths with Rabbit when he joins hands with Anastasia to steal from him. Rabbit sets him up and he gets arrested by the cops.Rabbit is Anastasia’s (Hood’s longtime lover) father.

Banshee cast members

3. Anastasia

She is one of the major casts that pulls her role n Banshee really well. The role of Anastasia has been pulled by Ivana Millicevic. Anastasia is Hood’s former lover and accomplice. However, when the law catches up with Hood when he tries to steal money from Rabbit, Ana’s father. Hood chooses to take the blame and asks her to run away. He gets convicted and is taken to prison. Ana on the other hand runs away from her father and starts a fresh life as Carrie. She gets married to Gordon Hopewell, a former marine. Ana adopts his second name and is referred to as Carrie Hopewell. The two have a son together. Now that Hood shows up in her life after such a long time, she definitely knows she will in the process meet her father, and yet she ran away from him.

Banshee cast members

4. Ryann Shane

Yet another cast who stars as Deva Hopewell is Anastasia’s and Hood’s daughter whom Gordon assumes duties as father. Hood does not know of her existence until when he gets out of prison and comes looking for Ana. Deva is however a troublesome girl who makes her mother worried all the time.

cast of banshee

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5. Frankie Faison

This cast plays the role of Sugar Bates and is another fantastic member of Banshee. Sugar Bates is one of the closest friends Hood has. He is also an ex-con, probably one of the reason why Lucas holds him so dearly. Sugar owns a bar in town. Sugar and Hoon Lee who plays the role of Job, are Hood’s close friends.

Banshee full cast

6. Matt Servitto

Matt plays the role of Deputy Brock Lotus. Brock Lotus is an uptight and law abiding man. He by all means refutes Hood’s ways as Sheriff.

Banshee cast members

7. Ulrich Thomson

Banshee cannot be complete without Kai. This man makes Banshee tremble and is the most feared cast of Banshee. Kai is a wealthy business man who runs a couple of illegal businesses in the town. He has this belief where he thinks he is above the law. He gets into business with Hood who refuses to pay him. This creates bad blood between them and he makes Hood his next target. Proctor has this niece, Rebecca, whom he is so insecure with.

Banshee cast names

Banshee cast season 2

With four seasons already out, Banshee TV Series has managed to maintain a number of its casts in the second episode. Some of the Banshee cast season 2 who featured in all the ten episodes are;

  • Lucas Hood
  • Carries Hopewell alias Anastasia
  • Sugar Bates

The other Banshee cast season 2 featured in nine episodes and those are;

  • Kai Proctor
  • Gordon Hopewell
  • Deputy Brock Lotus
  • Rebecca.

Mr. Rabbit is not part of Banshee cast season 2.

Banshee cast season one

The ten episodes would not have been a success were it not for the efforts put in by the Banshee cast season one. These are the people who captured the attention of everyone and made it a must watch. We owe it to them. The Banshee cast season one comprises of;

  • Lucas Hood
  • Kai Proctor
  • Carrie Hopewell who feature in all the ten episodes of the first season.

The other Banshee cast season one are:

  • Sugar Bates
  • Rabbit
  • Rebecca
  • Deva
  • Gordon
  • Brock Lotus.

Banshee full cast

Apart from the main cast already mentioned, the other Banshee cast names are:

  • Demetrius Grose who features as Emmett Yawners,
  • Eliza Dushku as Dawson,
  • Daniel Ross Owens as Dan Kendall,
  • Anthony Ruivivar, as Alex Longshadow,
  • Geno Segers as Chayton Littlestone,
  • Langley Kirkwood as Col. Douglas Stowe,
  • Odette Annable as Nola. Joseph Sikora as Sharp,
  • Denis O’Hare as Agent Robert Phillips,
  • Tom Pelphrey as Bunker,
  • Chance Kelly as Watts,
  • Gil Birmingham as George Hunter,
  • Matthew Rauch as Burton,
  • Peter Scanavino as Breece Connors,
  • Chris Coy as Calvin,
  • Tanya Clarke as Emily,
  • Gabriel Suttle as Max, and
  • Toby Leonard Moore as Christopher Hanson.

These people make up Banshee full cast.

If Banshee TV series is in your next watch list, then these are the people you should expect to see on your screen.

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