List of engineering companies in Ghana

List of engineering companies in Ghana

Human mind has always perceived and attempted to actualize great ideas that make work easier or the management of issues seamless. Innovation and creativity has propelled some of the necessities of life that we apparently enjoy as normal. Having said that, Ghana is making notable steps in the engineering field thanks to the numerous engineering firms setting camp in the country. In this piece, you will read about reputable engineering companies in Ghana responsible for the this profession's growth.

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Engineering basically refers to the integration of skills, science and technology to solve real life problems. This is majorly in the technical approach where there is designing, construction, mechanics, civil work and many other aspects. This is one of the market ready profession since the world and corporates are turning around with the tides of technology subconsciously being forced to embrace the use of it since almost every department is affected which means there has to be some human personnel to facilitate its use. This explains why engineering jobs in Ghana is a magnified profession that many desire to get into.

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Ghana is a dynamically fast growing and developing country. In addition is pride in being a hub of natural resources such as oil, gas, cocoa, gold, among many other minerals. As a result, these have played a significant role in pushing for radicalization of industries and factories in the modern engineering practices to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. This discipline has then since many entrant and legendary engineering companies in Ghana develop interest to say relevant with the understand that they are vital for the growth of the economy. Below are some is a list of engineering companies in Ghana, they are some of the top companies arranged as per their disciplines or the work carried out by each;

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Civil engineering companies in Ghana

Civil engineering is a concept of the ancient and medieval times where artisans were responsible for architectural design and construction. The modern application of this knowledge has linked it to geology, hydrology, environment, soils & minerals, science and mechanics. Ideally, civil engineering is more about designs, building and construction and maintenance of structure built in the physical environment. In layman’s language it about developing infrastructure; roads, bridges, canal, dams and so on. Here are some of the recognized civil engineering companies in Ghana that have proved over time to do undeniably remarkable civil works.

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1. Micheletti & Co. Ltd

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Micheletti is one of the leading civil engineering companies in Ghana. It was established in 1955 by an Italian entrepreneur by the name F. Micheletti as a small size company but has since then expanded vertically and horizontally being registers under the Company’s Code of 1963 as a private Limited liability company and accredited by the Ministry of Works and Housing with certificate number D00425A.

For over 50 years of its operation, it has a remarkable record of monumental high-end projects that it has completed. Some of these works include the Micheletti Head Office Building, a state of the art commercial use building, the IFC Head Office, K.I.A Terminal 3, Multichoice Head Office and many others. It is located along the Patang Hospital Road, in Accra, Ghana and can be reached by writing to them at The company has over the years offered many engineering jobs in Ghana to both the skilled and unskilled labor force.

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2. Benyark Engineering Limited

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This is one of the highly rated civil engineering companies in Ghana that is privately held. It is guided by core values of Pride, Integrity and Enjoyment and has been offering the Ghanaian real estate market (design & building, Consulting and Tiling & painting) with great civil works insights as proved by the spectacular projects under it name. there are many project under its name these include the luxurious apartments, office buildings, a terminal outlet, aviation fuel depot, Achimota bus terminal among many other artistic structures on Ghanaian soils; other projects are on this website. This company is based in Accra, Ghana and is a general contracting firm.

3. ADK Consortium engineering company

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ADK Consortium engineering company is one of the civil engineering companies in Ghana that uses the pro-active approach to garner relevancy by providing what the market is really in need of. It was established in 1970 by the Antiwi Donkor, Krakue & Partners. It offers a whole range of civil works from surveying, urban planning, building & construction, infrastructural development among many others. Over the years, it has experienced tremendous growth and as a result offers civil, electrical and mechanical engineering services from a pool of seasoned engineers in Ghana.

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Some of the all time achievement for ADK Consortium Engineering company include the civil and structural works on the great Kempinski Hotel in Gold Coast City and the renovation of Parliament House and the State House Tower Block. You can reach the company through getting to their official site.

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Electrical engineering companies in Ghana

This is yet another branch of science that is offering a vast majority of the engineering jobs in Ghana. Profoundly, it entails the working of electrical systems, basically anything that utilizes electricity to transmit energy and hence perform a task effortlessly. The following are the electrical engineering companies in Ghana at the apex of providing efficient and reliable electrical services to the populace.

1. Power & Controls Engineering Ltd

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The Power & Controls Engineering Ltd was established in 2015 although it was a re-branding from the Industrial Controls & IT Eng. Ltd which had been in operation since 2001. It is one of the leading electric power and accessories supplier in Ghana. It has consistently offer superior electrical and electronics spares and accessories such as solar power – an efficient source of energy, LED Lighting solutions, voltage stabilizers, UPS systems among many other things.

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It has been lighting up warehouses and companies providing them with safe and secure sources of energy. It also does installation and commission which means this company works alongside the civil engineering companies in Ghana. It is located along the Spintex Road opposite Melcom in Accra. Inquiries can be received at while any other information is on their website.

2. Unique Josap Engineering limited

engineering companies in ghana, engineering jobs in ghana


This company is guided by principles of innovation, commitment and teamwork. Despite the fact that this company offer mechanical engineering services it also offers electrical services majorly in utility engineering and technological services. Its services have been accorded to commercial, industrial and residential premises, financial institutions, auditoriums and many other social amenities. In fact it is one of the engineering companies in Ghana that have employed so many providing for their livelihood.

Some of Unique Josap Engineering Limited accomplishments include providing electrical services and systems to the University of Ghana; the Library block and the student Hostel complex, NCA Head Offices, Parliament offices, KEK Insurance Brokers Complex, Kempenski Hotel, and Bank of Africa among many other organizations.

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Mechanical engineering companies in Ghana

If you are looking for the best mechanical engineering companies in Ghana that will ultimately help you develop flawless designs, manufacturing and operation systems then herein you will be sorted. They include the following.

1. PKBA Limited

engineering companies in ghana, engineering jobs in ghana


This is a mechanical industry’s leader in provision of quality systems from designing all the way to installation and subsequently maintenance. Its core operation revolves around developing prime air conditioning works primarily what the company is popular for, ventilation systems, plumbing and electrical works. It is behind the manufacturing air conditioning products trox and clivet which provides cooling and heating spaces on controls.

PKBA Engineering company has done a lot of engineering works in designing products, supply, installation and even consultancy. Projects to which is gain a lot of popularity and public confidence are in Standard Chartered Bank mechanical works, Diagnostic Medical Center among many others.

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2. Kelm Engineering Ghana Ltd

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This company just had to appear in the list of mechanical engineering companies in Ghana because of its innovative works in the sector. Its pool of experts not only work to complete the conventional mechanical work of designing, installation and maintenance. It goes a step further into research to establish how effective the equipment can be through testing computer simulation and the analytical model of the equipment.

The relevance of this company has been increased by their out of the box operation where they offer field services, machine condition monitoring programs and technical training. It is a general contract based in the Greater Accra Region in Kanda Estate. Similarly, it has great projects credited to its works.

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Computer engineering companies in Ghana

Computer engineering is ideally the most relevant branch of engineering in cognition of the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing. Different computer engineering companies in Ghana are out to bring all-inclusive technological solutions through integration of electronic engineering, software & hardware and their designing and development. These companies have evenly offered engineering jobs in Ghana to those who have previously graduated in the field. They include:

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1. Nested Hive Engineering Company Ltd

engineering companies in ghana, engineering jobs in ghana


This is one of the reputable computer engineering companies in Ghana based in Tema, Ghana and offers technology based solutions. It was established in 2017 but has proved to be the best in web and software development and designs. A perfect example of its skillful work is the Nakroteck website design which is eye catching and professionally done.

Elsewhere, it also does the computer engineering consultation, development of digital systems, micro-controllers and sensors among many other things. The physical location for Nested Hive Engineering Company LTD is along the sixth avenue on Community 12 in Tema. However, the company can also be reached through its website.

2. Smart Empire

engineering companies in ghana, engineering jobs in ghana


Smart Empire is a top computer engineering company in Ghana that has been in existence for a while now. It was established in 2016 with Paul Fleischer as the executive company manager. It is chiefly works under the principle of providing smart solutions to business in order to ensure they run smoothly and optimize all their resources.

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Classically, it is a software engineering company that provides timely tech based solutions and e-business consultancy. It is a leader in website and web application, development, management, optimization and evolution. It is responsible for some of the multiple feature uses on notifications and email marketing. It is based on the 17B Link Gate Chalets complex in Legon, Accra Ghana. On its official website, you will find its projects and other services offered.

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Biomedical engineering companies in Ghana

I premiered by stating categorically that engineering is an integration of science and technology and this has affected in one way or the other every other sector in the world. The medical and biology study have equally been victims. Biomedical engineering actually involves the designing, manufacture and use of medical diagnostics systems and products in equipment to help in improved health care. Although biomedical engineering know-how is used in every dimension of medicine its majorly done on artificial organs and devices. Below is one of the esteemed biomedical engineering companies in Ghana;

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Mangel Klicks Limited

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This is a technology based engineering company that focuses on developing systems and products that will enrich the people’s lives. The systems predominantly help in better handling of patients including management of their medical profile and record in a safe manner for easy retrieval. Other than these, there are systems use in diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are accurate and by far very reliable.

Mangel Klicks Limited prides in having a pool of certified and seasoned biomedical engineers, technicians, nurses, doctors, machine operators among many others and clearly offering many engineering jobs in Ghana. This institution has ensured that doctors using up to date medical equipment give correct diagnosis and treatment thereof. It operates under an integrated health care system that has brought a new dimension into the practice. Mangel Klicks Limited is located along the 13th Kofi Annan Avenue, in close proximity to Wisconsin University in North Legon, Accra.

The underlying message here is that, by extension, science and technology has been used largely to solve some complex to simple life’s problem and we are appreciative of that. Needlessly to say, the engineering profession, which centrally brings out such awe developments have come of age making it possible to manage real life problems through the use of machines, equipment, and structures name it all.

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