List of sound engineering schools in Ghana to enroll in 2021

List of sound engineering schools in Ghana to enroll in 2021

Sound engineers work the magic behind the scenes to create exceptional clarity and improve music quality, whether in a studio or an external environment like a concert. The profession, also referred to as audio engineering, has become prevalent in the current tech-dominated entertainment industry. It is the sound engineer's role to mix, reproduce, and manipulate the equalization and electronic effects of sound, among other things. An expert in this filed ought to grasp specific essential skills from the most prestigious learning institutions, and Ghana has a plethora of such. What are the best sound engineering schools in Ghana?

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You might have a good ear for music but lack a technical strategy for showing off your musical ability. If sound engineering has ever crossed your mind, you deserve a great learning centre to improve your skill.

The programs offered are mostly about the technical and mechanical aspects of music and sound and nothing else. And such requires enrolment to a school that possesses all the tools and expertise to make you a guru. What is the best sound engineering training institute in Ghana?

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List of sound engineering schools in Ghana

Whether you are looking to start a career as a monitor sound engineer, system sound engineer, or any other niche in the profession, better apply to the best college.

You can sign up for a foundation degree in any of the sound engineering courses offered to pursue further training, whether you have formal training or not. And you have numerous options, whether it is a sound engineering school in Kasoa or any other region you prefer to learn the technique.

1. Royal Media College Ghana

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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Royal Media College is one of the best sound engineering schools in Ghana, and one of Ghana Education Services (EGS) recognized journalism schools. The college's primary aim is to advance a robust and autonomous free press. It offers various educational modules using advanced teaching systems to impart the required knowledge to students.

The college, through its departments, provides understudies with the conceptual, analytical, and practical expertise they need to work in the competitive entertainment world.

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The institution's application process is straightforward. All you need is pay a visit to the learning centre with your school credentials and other required documents. These include four copies of your passport photograph, school certificates, and evidence of payment of the application fee.

2. Holex Sound Engineering Institute, Ghana

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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If you are looking for the ideal music production school, then Holex Sound Engineering Institute, Ghana will provide you with the appropriate expertise. The institute trains interested candidates to become professional and certified sound engineers and music producers.

It is an excellent avenue for those looking to go down the job route and earn essential training to become a creative venue technician or any other course they are interested in. The sound engineering institute helps build up the skills and knowledge that the music industry is looking for.

3. Insite Media College

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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Insite Media College is likely the best school for audio engineering. It is one of the fastest-growing sound engineering learning centres located in Accra, Ghana, that equips students with professional skills. The institution possesses experienced lecturers with extraordinary expertise to challenge students and bring the best out of them.

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4. P&C Media College

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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P&C Media College is a recognized training centre in Ghana with the best sound engineering courses. The learning centre boasts of the best radio, audio, television and print media journalism in Kumasi, Ghana and has outdone most institutions of the same nature.

P&C Media College accepts students from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences. It doesn't matter if you have postsecondary training in audio, radio, television, music, broadcasting or electrical engineering; the learning institute accommodates students with different interests and knowledge.

Even if you lack any formal training, P&C Media College helps applicants attain professional experience and audio skills through extensive and on-the-job experience. It is a great place to start your sound engineering journey.

5. A1 Music Sound Engineering Centre

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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If you are ready to set up your recording studio or are looking start a sound engineering business, A1 Music Sound Engineering Centre is your ideal partner. The institute is among the most equipped schools that offer sound engineering in Ghana.

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Having A1 Music Sound Engineering Centre on your resume will help you get places in the Ghanaian music industry. Enough is going around at the college to keep you busy and ascertain that you can get incredible audio recording and engineering experience.

Those in charge are serious about giving students the skills they are looking for, thereby making them more equipped for the massive opportunities in the entertainment industry.

A student can enrol for three months, one on one training to earn skills as a professional studio engineer and music producer with piano skills. Additionally, the learning institute provides online music production and studio engineering training for all interested candidates.

6. All Stars Media College Ghana

sound engineering schools in Ghana
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All Stars Media College LTD is a renowned sound engineering institution in Ghana. It was established on June 30, 2011, under the Registrar General's Department and Ghana Education Service with prerequisite registration numbers.

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The learning institute offers distinct creative paths that lead to music production careers, live sound and event production, audiovisual media and many more. All Stars Media College possesses fantastic courses that span almost every aspect of the audio production and music industries.

One of the most exciting things about the learning institution is that it was founded by qualified and experienced professional graduates and specialist tutors. This way, they offer planned and programmed courses in all relevant subjects that pertain to sound engineering.

How much does audio engineering school cost?

Ghana has various sound engineering learning institutions that offer various courses at different fees. The cost of any of these courses relies upon the period and level of expertise sought after. For instance, a certificate, which ordinarily takes a short time to complete, would cost less than a professional degree course that takes a long time and is more in-depth.

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The average cost of a sound engineering course globally is between $17,000 - $50,000 per year. Private sound engineering schools might cost you even more.

Sound engineering schools in Ghana offer students an opportunity to sharpen their skills. There are numerous sectors in the music industry that allow interested sound engineers to practice, and such schools help give the right direction. Ascertain that you choose the most-equipped.

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