MTN pulse Ghana: Data bundle plans, activation, costs, and benefits

MTN pulse Ghana: Data bundle plans, activation, costs, and benefits

The internet buzz is taking the world by storm, this I am sure you know by now. Not only are people running to the inter-webs to market and sell their goods, but also to socialize with the world at large thanks to the affordable costs this communication platform comes with. Through MTN pulse Ghana one provider that is, MTN Ghana is very keen to ensure that it taps into the amazing benefits of technology. As a leading telecommunication company across West Africa, MTN offers amazing yet affordable data plans exclusively meant to meet the needs of its millennial market. The MTN pulse product is a subscription based service that users can purchase data bundles or voice plans depending with one's capabilities. Our piece below gives you an elaborate breakdown of the MTN pulse data bundle package, costs, their advantages and how to subscribe.

MTN pulse Ghana

Social media; Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and WhatsApp, are some of the leading forms of communication in the world today. Thanks to these platforms, communication is not only convenient but also affordable compared to other forms of communication. Nonetheless, there is much more that can be done to make such communication cheaper. It is as a result of this that Ghana’s telecommunication giant MTN has introduced the MTN pulse subscription service. You have no reason whatsoever not to enjoy this service. Below are the available data bundle plans, costs, benefits and how to activate the plans.

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What’s MTN pulse?

Before we even start looking at the amazing bundle offers and plans MTN pulse has to offer, we need to pause and ask ourselves what is MTN pulse? If you are a Ghanaian and more so a youth, this term is not new to you, is it? MTN is a lifestyle that offers amazing experiences to the Ghanaian internet subscriber. While the package is suitable for any subscriber, the MTN community specifically targeted the youths. From this product, you get to enjoy amazing voice and data plans that suits your daily, weekly or monthly needs.

MTN pulse bundles, offers and packages

Whatever offer you have in mind, whether voice or data be sure that the MTN Ghana pulse service has you figured out. Currently MTN pulse in Ghana offers you with 3 price offers in which you can pick from. With any of the offers and package provided you can be rest assured that you won’t dig deep into your pocket as before. Below is a breakdown of the offers you will get and the different packages that come with them.

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MTN pulse Ghana

How to activate MTN pulse Ghana

One of the many questions normally asked is how does one subscribe to the MTN pulse service? This process is simple and involves a code for MTN mashup which is *567#. To enroll your service dial the code *567# on your smartphone device then keenly follow through the prompts. Once you are successful with this process you will get a message from MTN pulse Ghana code 567 with the details of your subscription.

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How to deactivate MTN pulse Ghana

In as much as MTN provides amazing opportunities to its subscribers, at one point in time you will see the need to deactivate from the service either for good or change to another package as seen from the numerous how to deactivate MTN pulse comments from the internet. The good news is that deactivating your MTN subscription is as easy as subscribing in the first place. Despite this, it is important to note that you still can be able to activate the service even after deactivating it.

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If you are wondering how to stop MTN pulse, note that you simply do this by sending “STOP” to MTN pulse deactivation code 567. Like with the activation process, you get an SMS confirming the success of the operation.

mtn pulse data plan

MTN pulse night browsing

Another amazing MTN package you should look for is the MTN pulse night browsing. Thanks to the MTN pulse night plan you are able to enjoy faster and uninterrupted browsing. When it comes to this package, it is so far the most affordable plan for any user. However if you are wondering how you will be able to subscribe to this plan, all you need to do is send a message with the word night to 131. When it comes to usage, be rest assured of the fact that you can use this data on your PC and be able to download whatever you need, amazing right?

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MTN pulse benefits

If you are a youth in Ghana and you are not using the MTN pulse plan the sad news is that you are missing out on a number of things. Yes, this I am quite sure of. MTN pulse benefit are quite a number including MTN pulse 500 for 1gb, MTN free night call and the amazing MTN pulse data plan packages. Below are some of the benefits that come with MTN pulse subscription that you should be enjoying now.

  1. Zero hidden access fees and charges
  2. Free migrations. You can always activate and deactivate then activate back to this service whenever time you feel like without being charged even a single penny.
  3. Access to free calls and cost effective calls and data plans
  4. Amazing bonuses

MTN Ghana has made it quite easy for its users to enjoy its services. Thanks to the MTN pulse app you don’t have to worry about the MTN mash code since all you need is within the app. Continue enjoying these services by downloading the app.

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mtn mash code

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MTN pulse cheat

When it comes to MTN pulse, our discussion won’t be complete without the mention of MTN pulse cheats. There are numerous benefits that come with the pulse cheat such as free 100Mbs data. While it is interesting to note that the MTN cheat code is a form of appraisal technique used by the telecommunication giant to reward its customs since the *131# cheat code is widely known to them, it’s sad to report that this cheat code only works in a number of MTN lines. The other thing with this cheat is that it requires one to attempt a number of times before giving up.

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