Vodafone broadband packages in Ghana

Vodafone broadband packages in Ghana

The internet has become like a literal home for some people. The number of hours people spend online researching, interacting with friends and just finding new things to do is amazing. Some people even find relief from the day’s stress online. This means you need to have good access to internet connectivity and thus finding a sustainable internet access is important. Fortunately, Vodafone Ghana broadband offer you the best option. For this reason, Vodafone Ghana, which is one of the biggest internet service providers in Ghana, has an internet broadband, which has a high-speed internet cable transmission and access.

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Vodafone broadband packages are plans that Vodafone customers choose from depending on the amount, lifestyle, size of bundles and the duration they last. This makes it easy for you to select a package that you can manage comfortably without straining your pockets. It is possible to enjoy unlimited internet connection by choosing a perfect package for yourself. Check out what broadband package that works for you.

Vodafone Ghana internet broadband, is the true definition of a company that caters to the varied needs of their customers. The company realizes and appreciates the diverse needs of users hence the friendly broadband packages. With the new fixed packages, you can easily find that which suits you best. This article will expound on the different packages. There is something for everyone when it comes to Vodafone Ghana internet broadband and internet packages.

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vodafone broadband packages, vodafone ghana broadband, vodafone ghana internet broadband

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Vodafone internet packages

Vodafone strives to serve all customers equally well to meet their varied needs and hence it has come forth with internet package arrangements that the company has worked on establishing very clearly. Depending on what your needs are, it is possible to get any amount of data you want or share. This is especially made possible by the FBB Vodafone Ghana packages that are meant to address this issue for all customers without pressuring anyone. The Vodafone fixed broadband offers some of the best packages in the country. What’s more, they have been recently revised to the benefit of customers. These Vodafone internet packages are categorized depending on their costs and size as follows.

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1. The Browser

This package gives you 20GB for spending GHC 85 a month. This is a perfect Vodafone Ghana fixed broadband package especially for the people that surf the internet regularly and probably want to stay online. If you must keep up with your friends and relatives through Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, Instagram or any other social media avenues, then this is an affordable and sustainable broadband package for you. It can also work well for people that need to constantly check their emails. You do not have to strain too much if you do not have heavy data requirements. To access this data package you need an extra installation cost of GHC150 apart from the regular monthly fees. The 20GB data will last you a month since it has a 30 days provision before it expires. It is not surprising that this package offers impressive speeds.

2. The Streamer

You will have 40GB at a cost of GHC125 in this package and it will last 30 days before expiring from the day of subscription. GHC 150 is the installation cost for this package. This package will work for a person that constantly has to stream content from the internet like watching movies and videos, live streaming events such as live games or visiting YouTube. The good thing is that the speeds will allow easy and convenient streaming. This bundle will comfortably serve you for 30 days before requiring renewal.

3. The Webmaster

As the name suggests, this is a package for people whose lifestyle is in the websites making calls through Skype, Google Hangouts, Yahoo IM or Facebook and like making downloads that are fast. People whose lifestyle is to network socially browse more and reach for clients regularly. For GHC 180, get up to 80GB and GHC 150 for installation costs. This package will deliver the fastest speed within your region.

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4. The Downloader

This package also requires that you install it at a cost of GHC 150. It has a monthly subscription of GHC 250 which in turn allows you access to 200GB. This is capable of handling all your download concerns even those large files for up to 30 days before it expires. It is a great value for your money.

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5. The Office package

This goes for a monthly subscription charge of GHC 400 for 500GB. With the heavy internet usage in the office, it is the most ideal hence its name. Since at times is hard to regulate employees on what to do with the internet other than office work, this package will give them room to be able to express themselves freely. With the fixed installation charge of GHC 150 handled, this package will perfectly suit your office download needs. There is no way you will be caught off guard. The reliable speeds are a plus and they expire after one month.

With the information above it is clear that anyone can get a Vodafone internet package whenever they want. The Vodafone Ghana broadband packages are meant to make your access to the internet easy and convenient. However, first things first, you must learn how to set up the broadband.

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Vodafone broadband setup

vodafone broadband packages, vodafone ghana broadband, vodafone ghana internet broadband

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Whether you are a new customer or are looking to upgrade your broadband then you need to set it up correctly. You will need to decide if you will install Vodafone fixed broadband in your residence or you have a business and you want it installed or both. Once you are decided, visit their portal to fill a form of the package you intend to have or visit their retail shops across Ghana and get assistance. You will also be required to pay the costs via online, cash, direct debit, or dial *900# or any other payment acceptable by the provider. Vodafone broadband setup is basically done by the customer support services available throughout Ghana.

To move to a different package for example from streamer to Webmaster, or have issues with your choice of package, you can call their customer care by dialing 100, or send a short text message to numbers 655 or 755. These are the details you need for you to have Vodafone Ghana internet fixed broadband set up in your residence or business. Once your setting is done correctly you can enjoy services for this reliable internet service provider in Ghana.

For mobile users, you are advised to download Vodafone mobile broadband software. Check for the latest version as it contains all the necessary updates you need to ensure a smooth connection. Alternatively, consider a Vodafone modem setup download which is also free. Whichever option you go for it is guaranteed that you will enjoy excellent internet connectivity. What’s more, you get to control everything at the convenience of your mobile phone. Internet access has never been made easier than this.

Once you have the necessary settings in place and your internet is fully operational, it helps to keep an eye on the usage of your bundles. To check Vodafone Ghana broadband balance does not have to be complicated especially with the introduction of shortcodes. You simply need to dial *900# on your phone. Make sure that you have the right Vodafone number for the line you are checking. With constant and regular monitoring of your bundles you will easily settle on the package that best suits your needs. With the many Vodafone broadband packages available there is no excuse. You will have something to work with for the next 30 days.

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Terms and conditions

  1. The subscriber shall not use the service for illegal use of the service such as hacking websites, credit card fraud or any form of trafficking
  2. All new Subscribers to the service will be required to make an initial payment for 3 months of service plus an installation fee.
  3. Payments should be in cash, cheque, debit or any other payment mode accepted by the provider.
  4. No transferring Service to any other person the right to use in any way. This includes to resell or redistribute without obtaining the Provider’s agreement in written form.
  5. The subscriber will be held responsible in any way for content or information accessed via the Internet.
  6. In case of Broadband disconnection, either through electric faults that damage broadband modems, or a technical feasibility the service provider is not liable.
  7. One can call customer support 24 hours daily but can only receive technical support between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm all the days of the week.
  8. If you choose to suspend your account temporarily then you pay a Vacation Fee. You can do this up to 3 months of a vacation in a year.
  9. The Installation Fee is not refundable.
  10. There is a 3-month warranty which does not include effects from power faults such as power fluctuations or power surge.
  11. The account will permanently be disconnected if it remains inactive for 120 days.
  12. If the account remains inactive for over 30 consecutive days then you must pay a reconnection fee
  13. If after termination of your account, you want to reconnect, then you must pay the installation fee
  14. If one subscribes and fails to use the service until it expires without notifying the subscriber, then he or she won’t get a refund.
  15. If the service is terminated without any prior genuine notice, then the provider shall refund within a period of 7 days.
Vodafone broadband packages in Ghana

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Generally, these Vodafone Ghana broadband packages are a necessity especially those days in which technology is taking over in every sector. Having a fast high-speed internet connectivity within your premises or place of work is an idea whose time has come. To get a package that suits your lifestyle for a month is a positive thing and the fact that you can consequently renew or take a vacation is even a plus. Another amazing advantage is that even when in a particular month, the bundles are not fully utilized, they can be rolled over by purchasing another bundle or purchase SOS credit bundles when overused in a given month. The SOS credit bundles are purchased depending on package; for Browser package you get 2GB at GHS7, for Streamer one gets 4 GB at 10 GHS, the Webmaster package 15 GHS gets you 8GB while the Downloader package gets 20 GB for 20 GHS, and for the Office package you get 50 GB for 35 GHS. Surely for any package, you are likely to choose, you are destined to receive a boost in your data allowance from a high-speed Vodafone broadband packages

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