GB WhatsApp latest version APK download and features 2022

GB WhatsApp latest version APK download and features 2022

WhatsApp is a social utility that has grown very fast. It fast became a global phenomenon, and today, billions of people are using the messaging platform to send text and share images. The app's creator vehement drive, allowed him to develop a social media platform that wowed the entire world and even got absorbed by one of the biggest social media and tech giants, Facebook. However, many found the features so basic and yearned for more functionality. GB WhatsApp, a great alternative and unofficial modified version of the official WhatsApp app, avails people numerous custom functionalities and features. Should you ditch the official APK for the many add-ons on the unofficial platform?

GB WhatsApp latest version APK download
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You are probably wondering where you can access GB WhatsApp APK download. If you have not used it by now, then you ought to try it. Do not worry about the download process or the APK’s magnitude; it is an easy and straightforward process that will have you dazzled once installed.

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With incredible boosted functions and excellent attributes, this WhatsApp mod performs impressively better than the original application. The fantastic look, access to custom themes and many other added features make the modified version a favourite among numerous users. Would you like to know how you can access the latest version of the software?

What is GB WhatsApp?

How many messaging apps do you have on your phone? Many would agree that apart from the stock messaging application (which they probably rarely utilize), there is one favoured application that avails numerous functionalities. And GB WhatsApp, a WhatsApp mod has become one of the most utilized unofficial application for people looking for a feature-rich platform.

GB WhatsApp is an alternative application to the standard WhatsApp version that you can get from the official store of your smartphone. It is a more advanced version that continues to be developed every day, including new features that users are requesting.

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Since it has been developed by a third party, it is not available from official stores, and the only way you can have it on your phone is by sideloading. You can access the latest version of GB WhatsApp from alternative sources, websites that provide installable APK files.

The modified app has been extremely successful as it provides users with extra functionality. These are features that have been historically demanded by the user community. For instance, the advanced privacy option allows one to hide their status or last seen.

GB WhatsApp features

GB WhatsApp
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Have you ever thought of certain customization on the official WhatsApp application only to miss it in settings? Disappointing, right? Bet you can get the custom feature on GB WhatsApp and many more. This modified app’s features are what attracts the majority of downloaders.

GB WhatsApp is one of the earliest mods of the official WhatsApp. Numerous other copycats have tried by availing similar and not-so-popular additions, but have been gradually crumbling. What are the app’s impressive features that make it fun to utilize?

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Although a user can get this feature on WhatsApp business, the functionality only works with certain restrictions. When you have GB WhatsApp in your phone, you can utilize the easily customizable autoreply functionality to customize your replies as you desire.


When you are utilizing another application on your smartphone and wouldn’t want to be disturbed, you can turn on DND feature to disable the internet connection for GB WhatsApp only. This is an amazing capability that affords a user ideal non-interference.

Text message broadcast

With GB WhatsApp latest version you can broadcast messages, a feature that is quite handy. This capability eliminates the requirement of composing individual messages for everyone in your contact list.

Filter messages

This amazing feature allows users to clear chats and also filter unwanted messages. It is quite an amazing functionality that many people have been demanding from the official WhatsApp software. However, it is yet to be availed, and users have found solace in GB WhatsApp.

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Anti-revoke functionality

What if you could automatically revoke a message? This is one of the most amazing features of GB WhatsApp, and it is very useful. If you find someone annoying or an individual sending you irrelevant messages, activate the anti-revoke feature and let the app do everything for you.

Expanded picture sharing limit

One of the most annoying features of WhatsApp is the incapability of sending numerous photos or videos at once. When batch-selecting, users are limited to a certain number, but with the mod version, you can send up to 90 images at once.

Even better, users have the capability of sharing video clips that are more than 50 MB as well as audio clips of more than 100 MB.

Endless themes

If you are bored with the official WhatsApp's lack of theme alteration, then you are not alone. With GB WhatsApp latest version, you can play around with numerous incredible themes and emojis as you desire.

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Other great WhatsApp GB features

The above are the most significant features of the modified version of WhatsApp. However, the software possesses other notable features that you are going to find interesting.

  • The capability of downloading statuses
  • Amazing fonts
  • Access to messages history
  • Alteration of contacts
  • A function to mark unread messages
  • Capability to select all chat
  • Hide your status feature
  • Log history access
  • Easy language selection and customization
  • Notification tweak capability
  • A function to tweak pop up notifications

How can I download WhatsApp GB?

Numerous people do not know how to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp on their phones. You can have the application on your phone in a straightforward process that involves downloading and final installation.

First, ascertain that you have the ideal storage space in your phone sufficient for the application. Of course, the phone doesn’t require a lot of space as it is a simple app and operates as the official WhatsApp app. Once you have checked your phone’s storage, you can follow the following steps to access GB WhatsApp APK download and install on your phone.

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  • Allow "Unknown sources" in your phone's settings.
  • On your browser, visit the official site containing the APK. Ascertain that you utilize a trustworthy website to avoid malware and other viruses.
  • Once ready, click the download button to store the APK file in your smartphone.
  • After downloading, open the file and tap install on your phone.
  • You will get the usual prompt before installation. Click allow and wait for the process to finish.
  • Launch the app and log in with your WhatsApp account details that include your telephone number. Enjoy the amazing features once it launches.

Can you download GB WhatsApp for iPhone?

iPhone has millions of users all over the world, and they have not been left behind in the GB WhatsApp craze. How can one download the application on their iPhone?

  • Using your phone's browser, visit GB WhatsApp official site to download the iOS file.
  • Click on the download button and let it finish.
  • After the process is complete, click to install and follow all the prompts.
  • The installation process takes a few seconds, and you will have the app on your phone.
  • Log in using your details or create a new account and enjoy the advanced features.

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Is WhatsApp GB safe?

GB WhatsApp
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The application is not an official version meaning that many people are concerned about its security. It is also not on the official stores of respective smartphone platforms for obvious reasons, but does that mean that it is unsafe?

For the many years of its existence, GB WhatsApp has never lost its credibility when it comes to security. This means that it is considered safe by most people that download it on their phones. However, you ought to be cautious about one thing: the source of your APK file.

Therefore, if you source the latest version of GB WhatsApp from the official source, you do not have to worry about its safety. However, you get it from an unscrupulous source; then you might have installed more than the APK.

If you fancy advanced features on your messaging app, then GB WhatsApp is going to avail you the most advances features. Given the app’s presence in the market for a long time and consistent updates, it is a worthwhile download.

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