7 reasons Tony gave for wanting to divorce Nana Oye Lithur

7 reasons Tony gave for wanting to divorce Nana Oye Lithur

- Tony Lithur has filed a case of divorce against his wife, Oye Lithur

- Tony has raised various reasons for his divorce including infidelity

- Oye Lithur is yet to respond to this development

The full reason for Tony Lithur's decision to divorce his wife, Oye Lithur, has been cited in an extensive petition to the High Court of Justice Divorce and Matrimonial Division.

In this petition, Tony Lithur is claimed to have complained of how "instinctively violent" Oye Lithur has been since their marriage. There have also been claims of cheating on the side of Oye Lithur and even threatening and beating household staff at the least provocation.

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We summarise the entire petition in 7 pointers.

1. Oye Lithur is claimed to have spread lies to third parties on how her husband was a "wife beater". The petition claims that Oye Lithur "in all manner of ways" described Tony Lithur as "irresponsible because he does not take care of, or look out for Respondent (Oye Lithur) and the children of the marriage".

2. Oye Lithur is claimed to have always suspected her husband of cheating on her. According to the petitioner (Tony Lithur), "In fairly recent times she would also sneak by petitioner's (Tony Lithur's) office very late at night after Tony had left his office to ask the security man the times he left the office and the persons he left with". This development, the petition from Tony Lithur, claims to have struck unease and tension between both parties.

3. The petitioner (Tony Lithur), had on several occasions, "threatened to divorce respondent (Oye Lithur) on account of her quarrelsome nature." According to the petition claimed to have been filed by Tony Lithur, he " packed respondent's (Oye Lithur's) personal belongings and drove her back to her mother's home at Nungua. It took the intervention of parties' parents for petitioner to take respondent back into the matrimonial home".

4. Oye Lithur, according to the petition, also had issues with how her husband addressed women at public gatherings. To this effect, Tony Lithur decided not to move out with Oye Lithur to public gatherings.

According to Tony Lithur, "on the way back home from the event, respondent would raise a complaint about how petitioner talked to or behaved towards one woman or the other in the presence implying disrespect or suspicion of an amorous relationship.

5. Tony Lithur is claimed to have stated in the petition that the marriage between the parties has broken down beyond reconciliation. "Respondent has behaved in such a manner that petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with her as man and wife".

6. Oye Lithur is claimed to be having a relationship with a man by name Samuel Cudjoe. According to the petition claimed to be filed by Tony Lithur, "the amorous relationship between Samuel Cudjoe and Respondent must have come to the attention of Samuel Cudjoe's wife and also very early in their marriage because now too long after that, Samuel Cudjoe invited the parties to his house for a barbeque".

In fact, it further states that "Samuel Cudjoe's wife managed to catch petitioner alone during the event and bluntly told him to warn respondent to leave her husband alone and stop interfering with her marriage".

7. Oye Lithur failed to be there for her family and children, she was distant from her children all through their formative years.

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So far, Oye Lithur is yet to respond to all these claims and allegations filed against her but it looks like the decision of Tony Lithur has already been made.

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