Here are top 5 prayer camps in Ghana that many believe Jesus Christ stays

Here are top 5 prayer camps in Ghana that many believe Jesus Christ stays

Since the introduction of Christianity to Ghana, the religion continues to take hold of the nation as statistics show that 71 percent of the population is Christian.

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The growth of Christianity has since expanded from traditional Catholicism to a new wave of Protestant Reformation which has seen the birth of millions of Charismatic churches across the country.

But how have these churches being able to expand so fast? Information reveals that the major means these churches expand is through the establishment of prayer camps. Yes, there are tens of such camps here in Ghana and will be making a list of the most popular.

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1. Moments of Glory Prayer Army (MOGPA)

These are Ghana's most popular prayer camps

Till date, MOGPA remains the largest prayer camp in the history of Ghana's Charismatic Christian religion.

Headed by Rev. Osei Bonsu, this prayer camp located Kumasi is said to be the home of huge conventions and Christian gatherings.

With noticeable wristbands, flyers, stickers, and merchandises, MOGPA is in no doubt a true reflection of how buoyant and 'prayerful' Ghanaian Christians are.

2. Achimota Forest

These are Ghana's most popular prayer camps

Although it remains a forest, it also remains the home of most of Ghana's Christian conventions and deliverance service. Located in Accra at the Achimota Forest Reserve, the said prayer camp has since time immemorial been the landmark of spiritual encounters by most Christians in Ghana.

3. Abasua Prayer Camp

These are Ghana's most popular prayer camps

This prayer camp is comfortably situated on the Atwea mountains in the Ashanti Region is in no doubt one of the popular praying mountains not just in Ghana but in Africa as a whole. Established by local Methodist Pastor, Abraham Osei-Asibey, the prayer camp is documented to have experienced a close encounter with Jesus Christ.

4. Edumfa Prayer Camp

These are Ghana's most popular prayer camps

The Edumfa Prayer camp is a faith healing centre that is highly patronized by some famed people in the country including Reverend Ministers, Pastors, Prophets, Business Executives, CEOs, Renowned Musicians, Traders, Students, the Sick and those under any form of spiritual bondage.

5. Hebron Prayer Camp

These are Ghana's most popular prayer camps

Headed by Elder Donkor, this prayer camp is reported to host up to 10,000 congregants on a monthly and annual basis with their advertisement and social media tactics said to be one of the best in Ghana. It must be stated that this prayer camp used to be under the Church of Pentecost.

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