Man caught watching "blue film" during church service

Man caught watching "blue film" during church service

-A man has been caught on camera watching "blue film" in church

-The man was doing this while the pastor was busily preaching

A middle-aged man has been caught watching "blue film" in a new video that has gone viral on social media with a lot of people reacting in different ways.

According a report first sighted on, the man was caught red-handed watching the obscene material while preaching was ongoing.

The report further indicated that the news website, cannot independently verify if this happened in Ghana or somewhere else but per the setting, it seems to suggest that the incident took place in an African Church though it is not known when this took place.

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In the video, the man is seen very much engrossed with his phone which contains the sexually explicit material while the pastor was heard preaching to the congregation.

The less than one-minute video seems to have been recorded by another member of the church who obviously was seated behind this man and who appeared not enthused about the man in question.

Man caught watching porn during church service

Image source: Youtube preview

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In recent times, most Christians have resorted to using digital Bibles and other applications to aid them in worship against the advice of some leaders who believe those gadgets could tempt them to do other things like responding to text messages or browsing the internet during worship.

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