Top trending Fancy Gadam songs

Top trending Fancy Gadam songs

Mujahid Ahmed Bello, the local Ghanaian star popularly known as Fancy Gadam is arguably one of the greatest musicians of his genre in the country. The Dagbani musician has some of his music done in the Afro pop genre, dancehall, reggae and even the Hiplife. Fancy Gadam’s songs videos have in the past few attracted a lot of fans which is quite evidenced by the growing number of its viewers on YouTube and other music platforms. We shall look at some of his trending music.

Top trending Fancy Gadam songs


The list of Fancy Gadam songs is a pretty long one, but by tracking the popular ones, we might just be able to narrow down the source of his massive fan base. I know you might by now as well be itching to know the most popular, latest songs so far the star has produced. Well, itch no more. The Fancy Gadam latest songs are already doing so well that he earlier in the year won the Artiste of the Year Awards at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Some of the popular Fancy Gadam songs 2018 at the moment include:

1. Yaka Chana - Fancy Gadam ft Mr. Eazi

The track which was released in March 2018 has it all to trend in the music scene. The song in which the Ghanaian star collaborates with another great talent from Nigeria was produced by Dr Fiza. It is one of the current trending songs by the artiste which also doubles up as a massive fan magnet. A sure bet at a place among the all time Fancy Gadam popular song.

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2. Case - Fancy Gadam

Even this one man solo show is a hit! Fancy Gadam produced the song way back in February 2018 under the record label he is signed to (5M) and is still trending. It was also produced by the help of Dr Fiza.

Those are just but some of the Ghanaian star Fancy Gadam hit songs of the year 2018. However,a huge chunk of the trending music pie comes from the previous year, 2017, where most of the tracks he produced went viral. The list of Fancy Gadam songs 2017 includes some of the best tunes in Ghana. Most are done in collabos, but that does not stop the hit singles to also share their space at the trending front.

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3. Total Cheat – Fancy Gadam ft Sarkodie

The song which was released way back in July 2017 has also trended quite impressively, to an extent of helping Fancy bag the Artiste of the Year award at the end of last year. The song which basically portrays a deception in the part of a female in a relationship has been on fire recently for allegedly discriminating lyrics against the females has still been the trend for while, you can never have it trend in all good reasons, can we?

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4. Nation Champion – Fancy Gadam

The song is also a trendsetter when it comes to views and downloads from music sites. Produced by Stone Brian, Fancy had originally planned to release the track as Kaman How, but changed his mind later after alleged plagiarism by other artistes. It also does its share part and a totally deserves to be in this list of most popular songs of his.

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5. We Dey Collect - Fancy Gadam

This track was released after Fancy had won the Artiste of the Year Award in 2017. Yes, again, it did not disappoint and was up making him the headlines. Fancy Gadam new song We Dey Collect as was expected, did perform well on YouTube views and downloads.

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6. Juju – Fancy Gadam ft Shatta Wale

After all his bagging of awards again in 2017,the Ghanaian hit maker left the year with another mind cracking track, that he collaborated with Wale to produce. The tune rocked the boards in December and January of the new year 2018, a reason we all probably him know by now.

7. Nbo- Fancy Gadam

This is also one among the many trending songs that Fancy did produce last year. The song which was released in May was produced by Stone B. It continues to show a journey of perfect music talent for the musician that sees it to produce hit after hit like this Fancy Gadam song Nbo.

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8. Kaman How- Fancy Gadam

It would not be fair to finish mentioning some of the top music videos if we leave out Kaman How. Fancy Gadam’s new song Ka man How has the bragging rights to be on the list as it is also a beloved among the many fans of the Tamale based artiste. Fancy Gadam song Kaman How sprung up after the challenge in which musicians Maccasio dropped a rap version before Gadam accepted and produced the song. The song has Afro beats which make it better and more identifiable to the fans, which definitely makes it popular in the crowd.

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9. Trust In Me - Fancy Gadam

The multi award winning artiste took it to the studios too release this song which was much anticipated. From the title alone, one could easily tell the intent of the song. Fancy Gadam songs Trust in me might be a call to a lover or a close person to trust. Is it worth explaining why it is a favorite among his fans? It is pretty obvious right? The song again is yet another valid proof of the prowess of the musician in drawing his fans in every of his tracks, making them popular by the count.

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The above list represents the trending song the hit maker has produced, enough to get you started with him. The songs are the Fancy Gadam new songs that are popular among his fans. There are some Fancy Gadam old songs though that was still among those that were popular in their own time. Fancy Gadam song Tikuzami is a classic example . The song was produced way back in 2016. The song in which he collaborated with Yugu was released to the public in January 2016.

Still looking in to his hit making, Fancy Gadam first song was embedded in his first album ‘LAZHIBSI’ that he launched at a totally sold out concert in Tamale in 2010. Kalipo, which was one of the major hits that gave him a breakthrough.

Fancy Gadam songs’ videos are popular mainly due to the high number of views they do accommodate in their YouTube channel. We must really hand it to him though that the quality is more often not disappointing.

As good as he is in area of expertise, the list fails to cover Fancy Gadam all songs. Some of the songs that are left out include:

  • Jebihi Goro
  • Akonko
  • Kiss Me
  • All eyes on me
  • N’yetoga
  • Bilchini

The songs and the above are among those in the most recent album launched by Fancy, known as Mujahid. However, fans would still love to admit it that all songs of Fancy Gadam are all the same to them, perfect.

If you were in the dark about the trending Fancy Gadam songs, now you are in the know, and maybe you can also check them out, you will be impressed.


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