150+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings 2022

150+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings 2022

A child's name can be a symbol of cultural and family heritage. It also denotes the parents' beliefs and how they wish their kid to turn out. Therefore, this list of the most popular Chinese male names and their meanings will serve as the perfect guide for choosing your child's identity.

most popular Chinese male names
Chinese male names and meanings. Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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The Ministry of Public Security of China is mandated to conduct surveys of the registered names in the country annually. According to statistics from the most recent report, released in February 2021, Zhāng Wěi is the most popular Chinese family name, and more than 200,000 people have it as their first name. It is also one of the oldest names. So, what are the most trendy but popular Chinese male names and their meanings? Read on for more details.

Popular Chinese male names and their meanings

A Chinese name consists of Xing, the family name, and Ming, the given name. There is no space between the two parts when written in characters. The family name is usually one character and is passed from the father to the child. It appears before the given name.

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What are the most popular names in China?

Most Chinese trace their ancestral roots using their names. Families also preserve their culture and their traditions by passing on ancient Chinese names to new generations. Some tribes' names are sacred because they represent their identities.

When naming their kids, Chinese parents consider the name's meaning, sound and visual appearance of the characters. Another significant factor is the number of strokes used when writing the character. The different strokes alter the meaning of the name.

Some names have the same characters and spellings in this list of the top 10 most common Chinese male names and their meanings. However, their meanings differ slightly depending on their number of strokes.

  1. Hàoyǔ: Vast universe
  2. Hàorán: Vastness
  3. Yìchén: Grand sun, moon, stars
  4. Yìchén: Universe
  5. Yìchén: Celestial abode
  6. Yǔchén: Universe, sun, moon, stars
  7. Yǔháng: Universe cruise
  8. Yǔxuān: Universe high
  9. Zǐháo: Catalpa tree heroic
  10. Zǐmò: Refined ink

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What are the most common Chinese names?

funny Chinese names for boys
A cute Chinese baby boy Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
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Why do the Chinese say their last names first? They respect their ancestors by writing or introducing themselves using their last Chinese male names. Their Chinese first names come second in every official setting.

This list of Chinese male names explores their meanings.

  1. An: Peace
  2. Aiguo: Patriotic
  3. Bao: Treasure
  4. Bengt: Blessed
  5. Bingwen: Bright
  6. Bo: Ocean wave
  7. Bohai: Elder brother sea
  8. Bojing: Gentle waves
  9. Bolin: Elder brother rain
  10. Bowen: Literate and rich
  11. Chang: Old
  12. Changpu: Simple
  13. Chao: Victory
  14. Cheng: Succeed and accomplish
  15. Cheung: Good luck
  16. Chia-Hao: One with a great objective in life
  17. Donghai: Eastern sea.
  18. Duyi: The one
  19. Enlai: Favour is coming
  20. Fang: The right one

What are the most common Chinese names?

Life is too short to keep using a name you do not like. Would you like to change your name? You can adopt cute Chinese names for boys. Nonetheless, you should inform your loved ones, especially your parents and spouse, before taking this huge step. They will appreciate you letting them know in advance.

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Meanwhile, these are the cute Chinese names for boys you could consider:

  1. Fan: Mortal but lethal
  2. Gen: As strong as a root
  3. Guang: Glory
  4. Gui: Noble
  5. Guozhi: May the kingdom heal
  6. He: Harmonious
  7. Hop: Considerate
  8. Huang: Phoenix
  9. Jia: Outstanding person
  10. Jian: Indefatigable
  11. Jianyu: Universe
  12. Jin: Gold
  13. Jinhai: Golden era
  14. Jun: Genuine
  15. Kang: Prosperity and good health wishes
  16. Liang: Bright and clear light
  17. Li-Jun: Ruler
  18. Ling: Clever
  19. Lok: Happiness

Chinese names that sound English

Chinese mens name
A cute Chinese baby boy is posing for a photo. Photo: pexels.com, @The Craft Wonder
Source: UGC

Feel free to blend Chinese names and those from other cultures and religions to create a unique name. As you prepare to receive your baby boy, please go through this list of unique Chinese boy names to see if you will find a suitable name for him.

  1. Bai: White or as clear as glass
  2. Da: Intelligent
  3. Fa: The messenger has come
  4. Gang: Bold
  5. Liqin: Beautiful harp, lute or zither
  6. Shen: Spiritual thinker
  7. Shi: Mankind
  8. Song: Powerful
  9. Taiwan: Island dweller
  10. Zemin: Kind

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Chinese names for boys that mean strong

Parents give their sons powerful male names to inspire them to become mentally and physically strong men society looks up to. They believe that strong male names shape their children's destinies. Check out the following list:

  1. Bambang: Soldier
  2. Beaufort: Beautiful fort
  3. Bohai: As powerful as the sea waves
  4. Dingbang: The one who protects his country
  5. Feng: Strong weapon or the wind
  6. Guotin: Polite and robust leader
  7. Jingguo: Mighty leader
  8. Jiao-long: Looks strong like a dragon
  9. Junjie: Handsome hero
  10. Lei: As powerful as the thunder
  11. Li Qiang: Reason and power
  12. Longwei: A great as a Dragon
  13. Niu: As strong as an ox
  14. Qiang: Strong
  15. Shun: Great ruler
  16. Weimin: People's hero
  17. Weisheng: Greatness is born
  18. Wesheng: He will be great
  19. Xiaobo: Little wrestler
  20. Yingjie: Brave and heroic

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What is the most popular first name in China?

Chinese boy names and meanings
A Chinese baby boy is posing next to his stuffed animal. Photo: ppexels.com, @Min An
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Other common Chinese male names that exude strength include:

  1. Jing-Sheng: Born in the city to thrive
  2. Ru: Great scholar
  3. Taio: A great or distinguished person
  4. Xiaoli: Intellectual
  5. Ying: Clever
  6. Yong: Brave
  7. Zhang Yong: Brave archer
  8. Zihao: Heroic son
  9. Zhi: Wise
  10. Zhuang: Mighty and strong

The most popular Chinese male names and their meanings

Some people believe Asian boy names are hard to pronounce. A little practice will make your tongue flexible enough to allow these names to flow freely. Here is a list of Mandarin names that are easy to pronounce or consider as Chinese male names:

  1. Boqin: Respectable
  2. Chuanli: Transmitting propriety
  3. Delun: Virtuous
  4. Deming: Virtuous
  5. Fengge: Phoenix pavilion
  6. Genghis: Righteous
  7. Guoliang: May the country be kind to you
  8. Kong: Heaven sent
  9. Laquan: Spring of water
  10. Lim/Lin: Came from the woods
  11. Jiang: River
  12. Manchu: Pure
  13. Meilin: Plum grove
  14. Ming: Bright
  15. Minsheng: Voice of the people
  16. Mingyu: Brilliant
  17. Peng: Fabulous bird
  18. Ping: Tranquil
  19. Qiu: Autumn
  20. Qingling: Understanding

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Popular Chinese boy names

common Chinese names
A Chinese baby boy in a cap is posing for a photo while smiling. Photo: oexels.com, @Min An
Source: UGC

If you are obsessed with being unique, these are the Chinese boy names with character you could use to name your baby boy:

  1. Siyu: Thinking of the world
  2. Sueh-Y‚n: Harmonious
  3. Sying: The star
  4. Wencheng: Refined
  5. Xiaojian: Healthy
  6. Xiaosheng: Blessed
  7. Xing: Star or a spark
  8. Xiasheng: Newborn
  9. Yan: Swallow bird
  10. Yuanjun: Fountain of joy

Mongolian boy names

Mongolian boy names are connected with auspicious connotations that bring good fortune to the names' bearers. Would you love your child to encounter good luck in future? If you believe in Mongolian traditions and beliefs, your child needs one of these names.

  1. Altan: Fluent man
  2. Ankhbayar: First joy
  3. Ai: Loving and sociable
  4. Bat-Erdene: Jewel
  5. Batzorig: Courageous
  6. Chen: Morning
  7. Chonglin: Second brother unicorn
  8. Dingxiang: Fortune
  9. Dai: Retreat
  10. Guangli: Shine
  11. Fenfang: Aroma
  12. Hai: The sea
  13. Han: Korean child
  14. Li: Plums
  15. Liwei: Profit
  16. Mengyao: Good looks
  17. Mingli: Bright future wishes
  18. Qiqiang: Enlightened
  19. Renshu: Benevolent forbearance
  20. Shan: Mountains

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What is the prettiest Chinese name?

These unique Chinese names would easily pass the prettiest boys' names:

  1. Mandakh: Ascent
  2. Nianzu: Ancestral name
  3. Rong: Honour
  4. Sarantuya: Moonlight
  5. Selenge: Swim
  6. Tingfeng: A thunderbolt peak
  7. Wei: Greatness
  8. Yargui: Primrose
  9. Zhiqiang: Strong-willed
  10. Zolzayaa: Destiny

The Chinese male names listed above come from different Chinese ancestries. Some belong to Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists. Others are drawn from Mandarin and Mongolian dialects. Nonetheless, this list of popular Chinese male names and their meanings gives you a glimpse of the different options you could consider for your baby boy.

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