100+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings 2021

100+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings 2021

Chinese male names are exotic and charming. The country has countless names cutting across multiple ethnic groups, while some are reserved for specific communities. Foreigners are allowed to give their children Chinese male names because sharing names unite the world.

most popular Chinese male names
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Most Chinese can trace their ancestral roots using their names. Families also preserve their culture and their traditions by passing on ancient Chinese name to new generations. Some tribes' names are sacred because they represent their identities.

List of Chinese male names

Life is too short to keep using a name you do not like. Would you like to change your name? You can adopt cute Chinese names for boys but inform your loved ones, especially your parents and spouse, before taking this huge step. They will appreciate you letting them know in advance.

Unique Chinese boy names

Why do the Chinese say their last names first? They respect their ancestors by writing or introducing themselves using their last Chinese male names (surnames). Their Chinese first names come second in every official setting.

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  1. An: Peace
  2. Aiguo: Patriotic
  3. Bao: Treasure
  4. Bojing: Gentle waves
  5. Chang: Old
  6. Chao: Victory
  7. D*ng: East, eastern or winter.
  8. Donghai: Eastern sea.
  9. Duyi: The one
  10. Enlai: Favour is coming
  11. Fang: The right one
  12. Fan: Mortal but lethal
  13. Geming: Revolution
  14. Gen: As strong as a root
  15. Guang: Glory
  16. Guozhi: May the kingdom heal
  17. He: Harmonious
  18. Huan: Joy
  19. Hop: Considerate
  20. Jian: Indefatigable
  21. Kang: Prosperity and good health wishes
  22. Liang: Bright and clear light
  23. Ling: Clever
  24. Liu: The willow
  25. Qing: Blue sky
  26. Quan: Spring of water
  27. Shunyuan: A Mongol ruler
  28. Shaiming: Sunshine
  29. You: Abundance
  30. Zhen: Astonished

Common Chinese names

most popular Chinese male names
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Feel free to blend Chinese names and those from other cultures and religions to create a unique name. As you prepare to receive your baby boy, please go through the following list to see if you will find a suitable name for him.

  1. Bai: White or as clear as glass
  2. Bo: Waves or elder brother
  3. Changing: Flourish
  4. Changming: Brilliant forever
  5. Changpu: Vine
  6. Da: Intelligent
  7. D‚wei: Virtuous
  8. Fa: The messenger has come
  9. Fu: Affluent
  10. Gui: Honourable and valuable
  11. Heng: Persevering and patient
  12. Hong: Wild goose
  13. Honghui: Splendour
  14. Jinjing: Gold mirror
  15. Jinhai: Gold sea
  16. Liqin: Beautiful harp, lute or zither
  17. Peizhi: Respectful
  18. Shen: Spiritual thinker
  19. Shi: Mankind.
  20. Shirong: Honoured scholar
  21. Shoi-Ming: Life or sunshine
  22. Tao: Long life
  23. Taiwan: Island dweller
  24. Tengfei: Soaring high
  25. Qi: Wondrous
  26. Qiao: The parents' pride
  27. Yongrui: Forever lucky
  28. Yongzheng: Righteous
  29. Zemin: Kind
  30. Zhaohui: Brightness has returned

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Chinese names for boys that mean strong

most popular Chinese male names
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Parents give their sons powerful male names to inspire them to become mentally and physically strong men who society looks up to. They believe that strong male names shape their children's destinies. Check out the following list:

  1. Bambang: Soldier
  2. Beaufort: Beautiful fort
  3. Bingwen: Master of martial arts
  4. Bohai: As powerful as the sea waves
  5. Feng: Strong weapon or the wind
  6. Gang: Bold
  7. Guotin: Polite and robust leader
  8. Jingguo: Mighty leader
  9. Jiao-long: Looks strong like a dragon
  10. Jing-Sheng: Born in the city to thrive
  11. Junjie: Handsome hero
  12. Lei: As powerful as the thunder
  13. Longwei: A great as a Dragon
  14. Oyunchimeg: Decoration
  15. Niu: As strong as an ox
  16. Qiang: Strong
  17. Ru: Great scholar
  18. Shun: Great ruler
  19. Song: Powerful and strong
  20. Weimin: People's hero
  21. Weisheng: Greatness is born
  22. Wesheng: He will be great
  23. Xiaobo: Little wrestler
  24. Xiaoli: Intellectual
  25. Ying: Clever
  26. Yingjie: Brave and heroic
  27. Yong: Brave
  28. Zihao: Heroic son
  29. Zhi: Wise
  30. Zhuang: Mighty and strong

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Mandarin names

most popular Chinese male names
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Some people believe Asian boy names are hard to pronounce. A little practice will make your tongue flexible enough to allow these names to flow freely. Here is a list of Mandarin names that are easy to pronounce:

  1. Bolin: Gentle rain
  2. Boqin: Respectable
  3. Chuanli: Transmitting propriety
  4. Delun: Virtuous
  5. Deming: Virtuous
  6. Fengge: Phoenix pavilion
  7. Genghis: Righteous
  8. Guoliang: May the country be kind to you
  9. Kong: Heaven sent
  10. Laquan: Spring of water
  11. Lim/Lin: Came from the woods
  12. Jiang: River
  13. Meilin: Plum grove
  14. Mingyu: Brilliant
  15. Peng: Fabulous bird
  16. Ping: Tranquil
  17. Qiu: Autumn
  18. Qingling: Understanding
  19. Siyu: Thinking of the world
  20. Sueh-Y‚n: Harmonious
  21. Sying: The star
  22. Wencheng: Refined
  23. Xiaojian: Healthy
  24. Xiaosheng: Blessed
  25. Xing: Star or a spark
  26. Xiasheng: Newborn
  27. Yan: Swallow bird
  28. Yuanjun: Fountain of joy
  29. Zengguang: Brilliant

Mongolian boy names

most popular Chinese male names
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Mongolian boy names are connected with auspicious connotations that bring good fortune to the names' bearers. Would you love your child to encounter good luck in future? If you believe in Mongolian traditions and beliefs, your child needs one of these names.

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  1. Altan: Fluent man
  2. Ankhbayar: First joy
  3. Ai: Loving and sociable
  4. Bat-Erdene: Jewel
  5. Batzorig: Courageous
  6. Chen: Morning
  7. Cheng: Accomplished
  8. Chonglin: Second brother unicorn
  9. Dingxiang: Fortune
  10. Dai: Retreat
  11. Guangli: Shine
  12. Fenfang: Aroma
  13. Hai: The sea
  14. Han: Korean child
  15. Li: Plums
  16. Liwei: Profit
  17. Mengyao: Good looks
  18. Mingli: Bright future wishes
  19. Qiqiang: Enlightened
  20. Renshu: Benevolent forbearance
  21. Shan: Mountains
  22. Tingfeng: A thunderbolt peak
  23. Zhiqiang: Strong-willed
  24. Mandakh: Ascent
  25. Nianzu: Ancestral name
  26. Rong: Honour
  27. Sarantuya: Moonlight
  28. Selenge: Swim
  29. Yargui: Primrose
  30. Zolzayaa: Destiny

The Chinese male names listed above come from different Chinese ancestries. Some belong to Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists religious people. Others are drawn from Mandarin and Mongolian dialects.

Yen.com.gh shared a list of Korean female names with meanings. It is time to step away from English names. Give your daughter a Korean first name that sounds beautiful when said out loud. It is one way of creating awareness about Korean culture in the world.

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Did you know that an unusual name can keep your daughter out of trouble? Yes, it can. For instance, she won't join bad companies because it is easy for the teacher to single her out if she does not share names with her classmates.

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