200+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings

200+ most popular Chinese male names and their meanings

A child's name can be a symbol of cultural and family heritage. It also denotes the parents' beliefs and how they wish their kids to turn out. This list of the most popular Chinese male names and their meanings will serve as the perfect guide for choosing your child's identity.

most popular Chinese male names
Chinese male names and meanings. Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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Most Chinese trace their ancestral roots using their names. Families also preserve their culture and their traditions by passing on ancient Chinese names to new generations. Some tribes' names are sacred because they represent their identities.

A Chinese name consists of Xing, the family name, and Ming, the given name. There is no space between the two parts when written in characters. The family name is usually one character and is passed from the father to the child. It appears before the given name.

Chinese male names starting with A

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When naming their kids, Chinese parents consider the name's meaning, sound and visual appearance of the characters. Another significant factor is the number of strokes used when writing the character. The different strokes alter the meaning of the name.

  • Ā Xiáng: Flight or soar
  • Aang: Peaceful soaring
  • Ài Guó: Love of country
  • Ai: Loving and sociable
  • Aiguo: Patriotic
  • Ailun: Handsome, cheerful
  • Altan: Fluent man
  • Ān Dé Lǔ: Andrew
  • Ān Rán: Peaceful and calm
  • Àn Shā: Assassin
  • Ān Xīn: At ease or peace of mind
  • Àn Yè: Dark night
  • Ān Yǒng: Brave and fearless
  • An: Peace
  • Ankhbayar: First joy

Male Chinese names starting with B

B is a common letter in the naming system of Chinese. You may choose from any of the following names to give your boy a feeling of Chinese culture.

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  • Bai: White or as clear as glass
  • Baihu: White tiger
  • Bambang: Soldier
  • Bao: Treasure
  • Bat-Erdene: Jewel
  • Batzorig: Courageous
  • Beaufort: Beautiful fort
  • Bengt: Blessed
  • Bigan: Completely dry
  • Bin: Scholar, cultivated, well-bred
  • Bingwen: Bright
  • Bo: Ocean wave
  • Bohai: As powerful as the sea waves
  • Bojing: Gentle waves
  • Bolin: Elder brother rain
  • Boqin: Respectable
  • Bowen: Literate and rich

Adorable Chinese names for males starting with C

Would you like to change your name? You can adopt cute Chinese names for boys. Here is a list of Chinese names for boys you could consider:

  • Caishen: God of wealth
  • Chang: An unhindered spirit
  • Changli: Old
  • Changpu: Simple
  • Chao: Someone who surpasses and forms his own journey
  • Chaoxiang: Expecting fortune
  • Chen: Morning
  • Cheng: Succeed and accomplish
  • Cheung: Good luck
  • Chia-Hao: One with a great objective in life
  • Chonglin: Second brother unicorn
  • Chuanli: Transmitting propriety
  • Chun: The season of blossoms

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Chinese male names starting with D

Male Chinese names.
Male Chinese names. Photo: pexels.com, @Trần Long
Source: UGC

Feel free to blend Chinese names and those from other cultures and religions to create a unique name. As you prepare to receive your baby boy, go through this list of unique Chinese boy names that start with D to see if you will find a suitable name for him.

  • Da: Intelligent
  • Dai: Retreat
  • Daoming: Shining path
  • Delun: Virtuous
  • Deming: Virtuous
  • Deng: Deng, Rain
  • Dingbang: The one who protects his country
  • Dingxiang: Fortune
  • Dishi: Someone with a high virtue
  • Donghai: Eastern Sea
  • Duyi: The one

Cute Chinese first names for males starting with E and F

Parents give their sons powerful male names to inspire them to become mentally and physically strong men society looks up to. They believe that strong male names shape their children's destinies. Below are names starting with E that will give you an idea.

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  • Enlai: Favour is coming
  • Fa: The messenger has come
  • Fabin: Dispatch the cultivated one
  • Fai: Beginning
  • Fan: Mortal but lethal
  • Fang: The right one
  • Feiyu: Fly across the universe
  • Fenfang: Aroma
  • Feng: Strong weapon or the wind
  • Fengge: Phoenix Pavilion
  • Fulin: Blessings arrive
Chinese names male
Chinese names male. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
Source: UGC

Some people believe Chinese boy names are hard to pronounce. A little practice will make your tongue flexible enough to allow these names to flow freely. Here is a list of names that start with G.

  • Gang: Bold
  • Gen: As strong as a root
  • Genghis: Righteous
  • Guang: Glory
  • Guangli: Shine
  • Gui: Noble
  • Guoliang: May the country be kind to you
  • Guotin: Polite and robust leader
  • Guozhi: May the kingdom heal
  • Guohua: National glory, splendid country
  • Guoqiang: The country prospers

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If you are obsessed with being unique, these are the Chinese boy names with characters you could use to name your baby boy:

  • Hai: The sea
  • Han: Korean child
  • Hàorán: Vastness
  • Hàoyǔ: Vast universe
  • He: Harmonious
  • Hop: Considerate
  • Huang: Phoenix
  • Haoxuan: Vast Highness
  • Hongbing: Red soldier
  • Hongli: The Grand sun
  • Huateng: Transform and rise
  • Hui: Brightness, favour, benefit
  • Huizhong: Wise and loyal

Chinese male names starting with J

chinese first names male
Chinese first names for male. Photo: pexels.com, @Laura Garcia
Source: UGC

Chinese boy names are connected with auspicious connotations that bring good fortune to the names' bearers. If you believe in Chinese traditions and beliefs, your child needs one of these names.

  • Jia: Outstanding person
  • Jialun: Build kinship
  • Jian: Indefatigable
  • Jiang: River
  • Jianguo: Build the country
  • Jianjun: Build the army
  • Jianping: Build equality
  • Jianyu: Universe
  • Jiao-long: Looks strong like a dragon
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jingguo: Mighty leader
  • Jing-Sheng: Born in the city to thrive
  • Jinhai: Golden era
  • Jun: Genuine
  • Junjie: Handsome hero

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If you are a fan of the letter K and L, here are some rich traditional Chinese names for boys.

  • Kang: Prosperity and good health wishes
  • Kong: Heaven sent
  • Keung: Universe
  • Kueng: Universe
  • Laquan: Spring of water
  • Lei: As powerful as the thunder
  • Li Qiang: Reason and power
  • Li: Plums
  • Liang: Bright and clear light
  • Li-Jun: Ruler
  • Lim: Came from the woods
  • Lin: Forest
  • Ling: Clever
  • Liqin: Beautiful harp, lute, or zither
  • Liwei: Profit
  • Lok: Happiness
  • Longwei: A Great as a Dragon

Traditional Chinese male names starting with M and N

male Chinese names
Male Chinese names. Photo: pexels.com, @Victoria Rain
Source: UGC

The rich Chinese naming culture leaves you spoilt for choices for your boy's name. Here are popular names starting with M and N

  • Manchu: Pure
  • Mandakh: Ascent
  • Meilin: Plum Grove
  • Mengyao: Good looks
  • Ming: Bright
  • Mingli: Bright future wishes
  • Mingyu: Brilliant
  • Minsheng: Voice of the people
  • Nianzu: Ancestral name
  • Niu: As strong as an ox

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Cool Chinese male names starting with P and Q

Chinese are boys' names that characterize beauty and tranquillity to make your son proud. If you love the sound of the letter P and Q, you may want to try one of the following names.

  • Park: The Cypress tree
  • Peng: Fabulous bird
  • Pengfei: Flight of the Roc
  • Ping: Tranquil
  • Qiang: Strong
  • Qingling: Understanding
  • Qiqiang: Enlightened
  • Qiu: Autumn
  • Qi: Enlightenment wondrous
  • Qianfan: Thousand sails
  • Qinshang: Celebrating the goodness
  • Qinsheng: Celebrating the birth
  • Qiquiang: Enlightenment and strength
  • Quan: Freshwater spring
  • Quon: Bright
Chinese names for male
Chinese names for male. Photo: pexels.com, @The Craft Wonder
Source: UGC

The following Chinese names offer you a choice of your boy's name that starts with the letter R and S.

  • Renshu: Benevolent forbearance
  • Rong: Honour
  • Ru: Great scholar
  • Sarantuya: Moonlight
  • Selenge: Swim
  • Shan: Mountains
  • Shen: Spiritual thinker
  • Shi: Mankind
  • Shun: Great ruler
  • Siyu: Thinking of the world
  • Song: Powerful
  • Sueh-Y‚n: Harmonious
  • Sying: The star

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Meaningful Chinese male names starting with T

Here are some popular Chinese male names that start with the letter T.

  • Taio: A great or distinguished person
  • Taiwan: Island dweller
  • Tingfeng: A thunderbolt peak
  • Tao: Great waves
  • Tengfei: Soaring high
  • Tingzhe: May the court be wise
  • Tsun-Chang: Middle village
  • Tung: All universal

What are some male Chinese names starting with W?

Chinese first names male
Chinese first names for male. Photo: pexels.com, @Tatiana Syrikova
Source: UGC

When it comes to choosing a Chinese name for your son, you are spoilt for choices. Here are a few names starting with W.

  • Wei: Greatness
  • Weimin: People's hero
  • Weisheng: Greatness is born
  • Wencheng: Refined
  • Wesheng: He will be great
  • Weng: Hope, wish
  • Weiyuan: Preserving depth
  • Weizhe: Great sage
  • Wenyan: Refined and virtuous
  • Wing: Glory
  • Wuzhou: Five continents

Interesting Chinese male names starting with X

X definitely makes a name unique when it is the starting letter, and Chinese names will give you exactly that. Here are a few choices for your boy's name.

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  • Xiaobo: Little wrestler
  • Xiaojian: Healthy
  • Xiaoli: Intellectual
  • Xiaosheng: Blessed
  • Xiasheng: Newborn
  • Xing: Star or a spark
  • Xiang: Circling in the air like a bird
  • Xiangliang: Worthy brightness
  • Xiaodan: Littel dawn
  • Xiaosi: Final thoughts
  • Xiaowen: Filial, civil
  • Xin: New
  • Xiu: Cultivated
  • Xue: Studious
  • Xueqin: Snow-White celery
  • Xueyou: Studious and friendly

Common Chinese male names starting with Y

what are Chinese male names
What are Chinese male names. Photo: pexels.com, @The Craft Wonder
Source: UGC

Names starting with Y are among the most common Chinese names. Here are a few of them to choose from.

  • Yan: Swallow bird
  • Yargui: Primrose
  • Yìchén: Grand sun, moon, stars
  • Ying: Clever
  • Yingjie: Brave and heroic
  • Yong: Brave
  • Yuanjun: Fountain of joy
  • Yǔchén: Universe, sun, moon, stars
  • Yǔháng: Universe cruise
  • Yǔxuān: Universe high

What are Chinese male names starting with Z?

If you are an enthusiast of the letter Z, here are some popular Chinese male names starting with Z that you can choose from.

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  • Zemin: Kind
  • Zhang Yong: Brave archer
  • Zhi: Wise
  • Zhiqiang: Strong-willed
  • Zhuang: Mighty and strong
  • Zǐháo: Catalpa tree heroic
  • Zǐmò: Refined ink
  • Zolzayaa: Destiny

How to tell the difference between male and female Chinese names

You can tell whether a name is male or female by looking at the honorific used before the name. Female names frequently include characters associated with beauty, grace, or femininity, whereas male names frequently include characters associated with power, strength, or masculinity.

What does Lin mean in Chinese?

This is a Chinese name that translates to forest. Lin is a boy's name that is mostly used as a surname, although it can also be used as a first name.

The Chinese male names listed above come from different Chinese ancestries. Some belong to Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists. Others are drawn from Mandarin and Mongolian dialects. Nonetheless, this list of popular Chinese male names and their meanings gives you a glimpse of the different options you could consider for your baby boy.

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