Meet Becca's Nigerian husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni

Meet Becca's Nigerian husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni

Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni is a renowned Nigerian artist’s manager. He is famous for having gotten married to Becca, a famous Ghanaian musician in a private, star thronged event somewhere in Airport Accra. He is an established entertainment executive that is revered in Nigeria for his excellence in the industry.

becca husband
Tobi Sanni

Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni profile

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Born: Nigeria

  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Artists manager
  • Famous for: Being an accomplished economist that manages Artists and for having married Becca, one of the most successful Ghanaian musicians
  • Facebook: Sanni Oluwatobi
  • Instagram: #tobisannidaniel

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Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni biography

Tobi Sanni education

Tobi is a well-educated individual which is probably why he is well respected in the circles that he moves in. He is known to have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Management which he acquired from the University of Ilorin where he studied. He furthered his studies earning himself a Graduate Chartered Economist title. As if this was not enough, he went on to study more to become an Associate Chartered Economist.

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Tobi Sanni career

With the distinction in academics, it is obvious that Tobi has had a chance at some of the dream careers most people wish for. He has worked at Triumph Bank and also at Liberty Bank where he headed the treasury operations. He was promoted to head the Operations at the Bank's corporate head office. After a while he joined Equatorial Trust Bank and PHB where he was the brand head in both banks. All these happened while he worked in Nigeria. After a while, he moved out of the banking sector in 2010 and moved on to other things, entertainment.

Tobi joined the entertainment world after founding his own company known as State of Mind Entertainment (SOME). The knowledge he had amassed in the banking industry would come in handy as he ventured out on his own. He quickly built a name for himself as a first class event manager. He is known for his exceptional work which is seen by how he promotes premium showbiz stars such as DJ Spinal, Ice Prince, Elderson Echiejile who is a football star in Nigeria among others. Just like in the banking industry, Tobi has set high standards in the entertainment world as far as management of artists is concerned. This has earned him the nickname generalissimo.

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Tobi Sanni Daniel family

Tobi’s wife

Tobi became famous in Ghana for marrying one of the most successful Ghanaian artist Becca. The two were wedded in a private ceremony somewhere in Accra. It was an affair that was adorned by celebrities including Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah among many others. Although the two had dated for quite some time, not many people knew what their relationship was like. He is Becca husband, and that has been confirmed as the two recently tied the knot.

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Tobi Sanni awards

Tobi has won himself some awards in his lifetime mainly through his career. These include:

  • Fellow chartered economist at the 2016 Economist Merit Awards
  • Nigeria Entertainment Executive 2015

Tobi Sanni pics

becca husband
Tobi Sanni

Tobi Sanni latest news

Colleagues notably absent at the wedding

It is said that although the wedding between Becca and her husband was held in Ghana, not many of the people she works with attended. This can be tied to earlier comments made by one instagram user known for revealing top secrets of celebrities a few weeks earlier. Here are the comments by @thosecalledclelebs:

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Becca bra ha wogye de3n??? Ur colleagues in the Zylofonemedia claims u are too arrogant. …u dnt like their posts or even invites them to ur programmes. ..u feel big among dem wen der is a meeting. …u dnt talk to dem n soo many things. dey are minding their businesses by not wishing u…@beccafrica na true???”

Even before these comments hit the internet, there was another one exposing the infighting between Becca and her colleagues. It went like:

“I just wanna ask @empress_dictabee and @bibibright what @beccafrica has done to them??? i just entered to Zylofonemedia camp na nsem! Nsem!! Competition. ..arrogancy. ..challenge. .eeei boi i heard something kraaa n i was thinking de person was lying so i decided to watch things on Becca bdae…Bibi and Bene were able to wish people on their pages but dey found it soo difficult to wish Becca….lets see if dey wld be attending her alleged wedding with their hypocritical lives mada wai”

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Clearly, it seems like something must have been amiss between Becca, Rebecca Acheampong, and those around her especially at work. Becca has been a lead female musician in Ghana for over a decade now. Whether it is true that Becca Ghana has issues with her workmates or not, this can only be proven by one of the said persons coming out clearly and refuting or supporting the allegations.

Becca marries an intellectual and entertainment genius

It is obvious that Becca bagged herself one great man. He is not only doing great things in the entertainment world as he managed stars, he has had a past life in the banking industry where he excelled before quitting. From the trend, it appears as though she knew what she was going for. The man is clearly focused because the achievements he has made can only be associated with someone that is focused and purposeful.

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Well hidden treasure

Becca did not, for a long time, until recently reveal who she intended to settle down with. She may have dated several other men before but at no time did she reveal her intention on social media concerning her husband. She may have given a hint when she posted a pic of the two but even then she covered his face. This was a hidden treasure and a great surprise for most Ghanaians. The 34 year old songstress must have been determined to keep her man to herself until when she deemed it fit to share, of course, at their wedding. Well done Becca.

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