Latest bridal hairstyles in Ghana

Latest bridal hairstyles in Ghana

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Normal Ghanaian hairstyles focus on achieving enhanced natural looks. The need for different natural looks when it comes to wedding hairstyles in Ghana has led to a wide variety. The latest hairstyles in Ghana are now common as good options as African wedding hairstyles and Ghanaian engagement hairstyles. Scroll and read through this content to see the Ghanaian hairstyles gallery compiled below.

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1. Wedding hair up style

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

Updos for hair as a bridal hairstyle is one of the most elegant and stylish looks one can choose for their wedding. This simple hairstyle incorporates the use of both the natural hair and extensions to achieve the overall look. The main idea is to hold the natural hair in place with gel, then, style the remaining section or buns produced with an extension of a braid or weave.

This look is a favourite since it is youthful and takes a short time to achieve. The most crucial item to make the perfect bun is the quality of the hair gel used to style the hair.

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2. Wedding pony hairstyles in Ghana

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

The ponytail is a simple hairstyle to adopt for a wedding. It is popular with many brides since it highlights the facial features. Ponytails can either be made with extensions, natural hair, or braids. The variety that the ponytail offers is great for brides to look their best on their big day and can also last for long after the wedding especially when done using braids. The ponytail can either have head bangs added to it or left as simple as it is depending on the preference of the bride. The ponytail can also be styled as a bun during reception hence, it is flexible.

Some brides prefer to have their natural hair styled as it is during their weddings or engagements hence, check out and try different natural hairstyles in Ghana for weddings. The decision leaves the stylist with a variety of natural wedding hairstyles to go with. Some of the styles below utilize natural hair and you can pick a few from the natural hairstyles in Ghana that have been highlighted.

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3. Half twist natural hairstyle

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This simple hair is made by twisting the hair with gel then entering a dryer. Once the hair is dry, the twists are untangled achieving the half twists. This hairstyle is friendly to the hair and is also very elegant when done well. The half twist bridal hairstyle can be styled in so many different ways thus, it allows room for a variety of combing styles for the bride. Bridal pins can be used to design the half twists into a mohawk or any other desired style of the bride's choosing. The bride can also insert a bridal bow into the hair to make it look more elegant for a wedding.

4. Short shaved hairstyle

This is the most uncomplicated natural hair bridal style. There is not much complication since one trims merely their hair down to a desirable length. All that the hair might require is a simple shampooing and conditioning, and then the hair is ready to be combed. The short-shaved hairstyle is a style for the brave bride. It, however, highlights the beautiful facial features of the bride. You can yet upgrade the look with a bridal ribbon or bridal pins at specific points.

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5. Finger twist hairstyle

The finger twist is a hairstyle that has been embraced worldwide. The hair is made by rolling natural hair into curls by setting it. This look is a favourite for many brides with relaxed hair since it gives the hair volume, allowing it to be styled in a variety of hairstyles. The curls of the finger twist are usually small in size to make the hair more vibrant and to allow the curls to last for a longer time. The style is easy to manage since it only requires spraying with an olive-based spray only. The elegance of the finger twist has made it a favourite for many brides across Ghana.

6. Afro hairstyles for weddings

The Afro hairstyle is a popular African wedding hairstyle. It is an embodiment of the African culture in its absolute glory. The afro allows African hair to thrive in its natural beauty and simplicity. The style is achieved by simply shampooing and conditioning the hair, the hair is then combed and patted down into an afro hairstyle.

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This style allows the bride to put in as many ornaments as possible on the hair and is appropriate for brides who love accessories. The afro is especially appropriate for traditional wedding ceremonies that do not require much tampering with the texture of the hair.

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7. Rows and twist bridal hairstyle

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This look is a blend of the corn row and the twist. The hair is first plaited into cornrows, then the ends are twisted. The cut of the corn rows will determine the overall look of the style. This simple and natural style is one of the classiest looks that a bride can go for as her wedding or engagement style in Ghana. The overall look of the hair is so simple yet glamorous on its own. The rows and twist are suitable for the simple bride who wants to embrace her Ghanaian roots. This hairstyle can be styled into a bun to make it look more stylish.

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8. The wedding bun updo

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

The bun updo is a favourite natural bridal hairstyle all over Ghana. This look entails combing the hair into a bun. It is, however, only suitable for brides with long hair. Brides with short hair can still achieve this look with the help of extensions. The bun updo has had several styling options come up over the years making it very unique. This style is loved by brides since it offers them a chance to look outstanding while still keeping it natural. The hair updo can be done with the texture of the hair naturally, or the hair can be straightened or relaxed first depending on the bride’s preference.

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9. Dreadlocks for weddings

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

Dreadlocks have become more and more appreciated in Ghana. Dreadlocks are simple to maintain, and they can be styled in many different ways giving the bride a variety of looks to pick from. All the dreadlocks need for a wedding is to undergo some retouching and styling. Styling for dreadlocks becomes easier when the dreadlocks are longer. It is, therefore, a preconceived style where one has to work for years or months before the wedding. For someone with long hair, a period of six months of waxing the hair would be perfect to ensure you have the perfect locks on your wedding day.

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10. The straw set

The straw set is a common hairstyle among younger ladies in Ghana. It has been embraced for its simplicity and elegance in appearance and also since it requires little time to achieve. The style has become very popular among brides in Ghana since it is pocket-friendly and elegant. The straw set is also friendly to the hairline and the health of the hair. This style gives hair volume and offers a wide range of styles that can be put on the hair. The straws on the hair can be put in a bun form or even have ribbons or beads attached to them to make them look more ceremonial.

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11. Extensions hairstyles for weddings

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

Sometimes, the bride might desire a particular hairstyle but they may lack the length or volume in hair. The main solution to this would be to add the length or volume by using hair extensions. The extensions can either be made from human hair or may be synthetic. Once you have achieved the perfect length and volume, you can go on and style the hair however you desire. This style is preferred by some brides since the desired hairstyles come out looking more stylish and more pleasing to the eye. It also offers a sense of contentment to the bride when she feels that her hair looks amazing. The extensions also offer a wide variety of styling options that the bride can pick from.

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12. Braided style for brides

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Braided hair is also one of the styles that have been accepted as a bridal hairstyle in Ghana. Braids may take a longer time to achieve, but they last for longer periods of time. The braids can be in form of twist braid or the normal braid style. The box braids are also very common Ghanaian wedding hairstyles since they are more protective of the hairline. Once the hair has been plaited then it can be styled however the bride wishes. The size of the braid will depend on the desired hairstyle and the preference of the bride. The braided look is preferred when the bride needs to do her hair a few days to the wedding day since it does not spoil quickly.

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13. Crochet hairstyles

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

Crocheted hairstyles are part of the most recent bridal hairstyles in Ghana. In this hairstyle, braids are sewn into lines on the hair to save on time and to protect the hair from too much strain. This style has become common, even when it comes to styling weaves and saves a lot of time. The crochet style is preferred since less damage is done on the braid from the sewing hence, the braid can be used at another time. The younger brides are likely to give the crochet style a try since it is popular among them.

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14. Weave on styles in Ghana

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Weaves are very common for use as a bridal hairstyle. They are a simple approach to a wedding hairstyle since they do not require too much detail. Weaves also offer variety when it comes to the style, length, and volume of the hair. The weaves can be worn in form of a wig which saves time from a lot of hassle. Weaves are a good alternative for ladies with hair loss issues and for those with short hair or hair with little volume. Weaves also have the advantage that they can last for a longer period thus can be used during the honeymoon.

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15. Dyed short hair

bridal hairstyles in ghana, ghanaian hairstyles, wedding hairstyles in ghana

Dyed short hair is a simple style that has recently become very popular among Ghanaian brides. In this style, the hair is dyed in sections using dyes that are friendly to the hair. The sections transition into each other giving the bride an overall elegance in style. The hair can also undergo setting into curls to give the hair a boost in appearance. For those with naturally curly hair, all that is needed are the dye and the curl activator. Once the hair is dyed by a professional, the rest of the styling can simply be done by the bride herself as she wishes.

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Whichever style you choose, we hope that you get inspired to rock one of the bridal hairstyles in Ghana. Always remember to keep your choice in a bridal hairstyle as simple as possible. The style only needs to be neat and elegant to go well with the day. The main objective is to get a style that looks the most natural with the bride. Ghanaian hairstyles are easy to adopt when it comes to choosing wedding hairstyles in the modern world. Out of all the possible African wedding hairstyles, Ghanaian styles stand out as the least complicated and elegant for occasions like weddings and engagement hairstyles. That is the case especially if you are looking for natural hairstyles for wedding events.

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