Ghana braids: tutorial, designs to the side, ponytail, for kids

Ghana braids: tutorial, designs to the side, ponytail, for kids

Ghana braids have become the majority's favourite among African women in this 21st century. Many celebrities have been rocking this hair, thus making many girls and women aspire to have the same style on their heads. Ghana braids are also known as cornrows, and they are a perfect choice for any woman who is looking to wear a protective hairstyle.

Ghana braids updos
Image: @babystyles
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The origin of Ghana weaves dates back to the colonial period when they were used to honour and signify various things such as age, religion, social status and the ethnicity of the woman. During those days, African women were very creative in making these weaves, and they could come up with different styles and hair updos.

Although the masters wanted the slaves to shave or straighten their hair, it didn't matter much as during the slave trade all the slaves were sold with their hair cut. Luckily, the weaves were able to stand the test of time and survive to this day.

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Ghana braids designs

What are Ghana braids? These are protective styles for African women with curly hair, and they are also known as the banana weaves, cornrows or straight-backs. The pictures of Ghana braids styles will give you more insight on this trending style. There are numerous Ghana braids styles that you could try out on your hair if you want to look amazing. Here is a list of the various Ghana braids hairstyle that you can try out.

1. All-back cornrows

Even though there are several Ghana braid styles suitable for different women, the all-back cornrow design remains to be fashionable and very stylish. It is one of the particularly great Ghana braids for round faces as it helps define the face while making you look smart.

2. Zigzag weaves

ghana braid styles
Image: @cutestyles
Source: UGC

If you want to try out Ghana braids on natural hair, you should try the curved design. It looks stylish, neat and a bit rebellious, thus making it stand out. If you want to express your kid’s individuality, this a perfect Ghana braids updos option for you.

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3. Bulky weaves with a low bun

Ghana braids cornrows can be elegantly made by grabbing them in a low bun at the back of the head. You can complement this style by wearing large loop earrings. This is one of the classiest Ghana braids ponytail that’s never out of fashion.

4. Ghana braids with bun

Ghana braids updos
Image: @kidsstyle
Source: UGC

This is one of the smartest looking Ghana braids for kids that you should try on your daughter. You can add some coloured beads to make the final look sassier.

5. Colourful braids

Whether you want you weaves fancy or just classic, you can twist the look by adding some colour to it. Ghana braids with colour will help in adding more personality to your kid's look.

6. Ghana weaves with two buns

Ghana braids updos
Image: @simpleplaits
Source: UGC

Ghana braids to the side are a perfect look for younger girls, and it can be mixed with several other styles such as zigzags to make it a bit complicated. Whether you opt to go for the pencil braids or jumbo Ghana braids, your child will still look adorable with two buns.

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How to do Ghana braids

Are you desperately in need of wearing beautiful and unique hair yet you don’t know how to do Ghana braids on yourself? Do Ghana braids pictures make you wish you had that style on your head? Here are step by step Ghana braids tutorial that will make you a prowess after doing regular practices.


  • Hair pick
  • Hairpins
  • Hair cutting scissors
  • A package of synthetic weaving hair
  • Hair gel
  • Tooth comb

Step by step procedure to do different Ghana braids hairstyles

Pictures of Ghana braids styles
Image: @cutestyles
Source: UGC

1. The first and obvious step to weaving your hair is washing it clean using shampoo and conditioner.

2. Dry the hair entirely, and one way to ensure that it’s scorched is by moving your fingers through it without straining.

3. The third step is parting your hair into small sections according to your preference. The sections should be equal so that the final look will be a presentable one. You can use the hairpins to hold the parts in place.

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4. Add some hair gel at the root of each section before you begin weaving.

5. Take a little piece of your natural hair and start weaving it with your first weave.

6. Add some synthetic hair beneath your natural hair to make it appear more identical to your real one to add more volume to the hair.

7. Keep weaving until you attain your desired length. While adding the synthetic hair makes sure not to add too much as it will make the hair look unnatural.

8. Repeat this procedure for all the other parted sections.

9. With the use of scissors, cut off the stragglers to make the appearance neat.

Although Ghana braids pics of tightly done hair can be deceiving, always remember to be gentle with your hair to avoid causing damage to the scalp. Similarly, do not weave or comb the hair too roughly and strongly to prevent the same effect as well.

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After learning this procedure, one may ask, how many packs of hair for Ghana braids will I need? It depends on the style you want to create as well as the bulkiness you wish to achieve. More pack of hair will make it bulkier while few packs will make it less cumbersome. Others might ask how long do Ghana braids last? Similarly, this depends on the style you are wearing as well as the amount of care you give to your head.

You have become well acquainted with the various Ghana braids styles available for your kids. Although they are the latest trends among women, you can opt to personalize them to your liking and preference.

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