Ewe names for baby boys and girls and their meaning

Ewe names for baby boys and girls and their meaning

Ewe people are found in Ghana, Togo, Benin and a few other West African countries. The Ewe language has various dialects which people can identify among themselves. The traditions and naming systems of this tribe are some of the most exciting parts of their culture. Ewe names for baby boys and girls are not only sweet-sounding, but they are also adorable.

Ewe names
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Ewe People are loving, hardworking and welcoming. Having Ewe monikers means one is proud of their African heritage and culture. Names are only a fraction of all the good things that people from this tribe have.

Ewe names for baby boys and girls

Many non-locals admire and welcome the idea of taking names from African tribes like the Ewe. This is because the monikers are appealing, and the individuals want to feel and be part of the African culture.

Ewe baby boy names

Giving birth to a healthy baby boy calls for celebration for many. If you are looking for unique and meaningful names for your little one, then you have a variety of funny Ewe names and meaning in the list below.

  • Nuname -Gift
  • Sename - God's gift to humankind
  • Evenu - God have mercy upon him/her
  • Senanu - God is the giver
  • Senya - God knows
  • Nusesi - Thy mighty hand
  • Worlasi - In the creator's hand
  • Vadem - Come and save me
  • Korkoe -Divine, holy
  • Kplorm - Guide me
  • Kplorla -Leader, shepherd
  • Valikem - Come and establish me
  • Nusetor - The mighty one
  • Agbeko - If only there is life
  • Nunana - Gift
  • Edzordzinami - We are glad
  • Edzorna - It happens
  • Efakornam - He has comforted me
  • Efanam - I am comforted
  • Nunya - Knowledge and wisdom
  • Yingor - Excel
  • Yram - Bless me
  • Yormawu - Call on God
  • Zanetor - Darkness must seize
  • Nunyati - Tree of knowledge and wisdom
  • Nukunu - Wonder
  • Agbemabiase - The origin of life is not known
  • Agbemafle - Life cannot be bought
  • Gayra - Bless again
  • Magava - I shall return
  • Venunye - Favor me or give me thy grace
  • Vormawu - Fear God
  • Yesutor - Belongs to Jesus
  • Malike - I shall be established
  • Manoagbe - I shall live
  • Mawudinam - I am lucky
  • Fafali - There is peace
  • Fiavi - Prince
  • Foli - First son
  • Gameli - There is time for everything

Ewe baby girl names

Ewe names
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Every home wants a girl to help take care of the family when they are grown. Get your adorable little girl a nice Ewe name that pays homage to the creator or appreciates nature. Ewe tribe names for girls are distinct and make your young one stand out among her peers.

  • Abra - Tuesday-born girl
  • Esinu - Waiting upon the Lord
  • Etor - Belongs to God
  • Etornam - God has answered me
  • Afafa - The first child of the second husband
  • Afryea – Born during happy times
  • Amewusika - People are more valuable than material things
  • Agbenyefia - Life is the king
  • Edotomi - God has heard us
  • Agbenyega - Life is the greatest
  • Agbenyo - Life is good
  • Mawutor - Belongs to God
  • Blewu - Be patient
  • Bubune – Adorable and honour onto Him
  • Mawueyram - God blesses me
  • Wawuworge - God will do it
  • Agbesi - Life is the greatest
  • Edzordzinam - I am glad
  • Fenuku - Year seed
  • Edotom - God has heard me
  • Feyi - A year has passed
  • Xetsa - Twin
  • Yawa - Born on Thursday
  • Lololi - There is always love
  • Afefa - Peaceful house
  • Edudzi - Winner
  • Edrorlali - The judge lives
  • Afeke - The root of the house
  • Afelete - Established home
  • Agbe - Life
  • Selorm - God loves me, divine love
  • Eyra - He blesses
  • Eyram - God has blessed me
  • Delado - The saviour has emerged
  • Delasi - In the saviour's hands

List of Ewe surnames

Ewe names
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Ewe people are religious and acknowledge the existence of a higher being. Ewe last names recognize God as the supreme being and appreciate him for life through naming.

  • Akorfa - Peaceful heart
  • Butsorme - Think of tomorrow
  • Nyuiemedzi - I seek good things
  • Akorfala - Comforter
  • Elom - God loves and adores me
  • Dzidzorli - There is happiness
  • Akpe - Appreciation
  • Ehenyuive - Bringer of joy
  • Kekleli - There's light
  • Amenuveve - Grace
  • Enyo - Perfect
  • Nutifafa - Peace
  • Lorlornyo - Love is good
  • Klenami - Shine for us
  • Nutikorkoe - Glory
  • Mawunyo - God is good
  • Senam - God's gift to me
  • Lorlor - Love
  • Senyegbe - Hear my voice
  • Mawukoenya - Only God knows
  • Enyonam - Contented
  • Ese - He hears
  • Amenyo - Human is precious
  • Nalikem - Establish me
  • Nayra - Bless
  • Norkplim - Abide with me
  • Nyuitor - Perfect

Getting your beautiful child Ewe names is one way of connecting with West African people of the said tribe. There is no shame in owning two, three or more native names of the Ewe people.

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