100 powerful and unique female demon names and their meanings

100 powerful and unique female demon names and their meanings

Usually, demon names spark fear in many. Many associate the names with darkness, vengeance, mystery, and seduction. Each name carries a significant meaning based on the culture in which it originates. Here are various female demon names and what they mean.

female demon names
Female demon names often reflect dark and powerful entities in mythology and folklore. Photo: pexels.com, @cleytonewerton (modified by author)
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Female demon names pop up in many cultures. The names have roots in Jewish lore, Greek tales, Mesopotamian myths, and Hindu deities. These names have unique meanings, making them excellent choices for someone looking to try something unconventional.

Female demon names and meanings

Are you looking for a list of demon names for your creations? Use myth and folklore as a starting point. It's packed with exciting elements, like Lilith's allure or Hecate's moonlit secrets. These names are full of strength and curiosity.

Female demon name ideas

Whether you are an author, gamer, or artist or are looking for dark female names with symbolism, these ideas below should come in handy. Here are some powerful and unique examples with meanings.

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  • Harionago: Originating from Japan, this name means 'barbed women'.
  • Hashihime: Also from Japan, this name translates to 'maiden of the bridge'.
  • Hone-Onna: Another Japanese demon, this name means 'woman in bones'.
  • Lilith: She's a captivating de­mon from Jewish folklore known for her de­fiance.
  • He­cate: She's from Gree­k myths. She is linked with the moon, magic and crossroads.
  • Mara: She lures people­ away from spiritual growth.
  • Naamah: She's a demon who loves music and dance­.
  • Lamashtu: This Mesopotamian demon targets mothe­rs and babies.
  • Kali: A Hindu goddess. Kali signifies change­ and devastation.
  • Ereshkigal: A goddess from Sume­ria ruling the underworld, both respe­cted and feared.
  • Lamia: A Gre­ek demon. She hunts childre­n and has a snake-like form.
  • Sele­ne: A Greek moon godde­ss. Sometimes, she's tie­d to dark spells.
  • Blake: A name that means "dark" or "black".
  • Jett: Signifying darkness or intensity.
  • Delaney: Associated with mystery and secrecy.
  • Kiera: Meaning "dark-haired" or "little dark one".
  • Ammit: She was a female demoness and a funeral Goddess in ancient Egypt.
  • Krishna: From Hindu mythology, Krishna embodies both light and dark aspects.
  • Estelle: Meaning "star", it adds celestial allure.
  • Yvaine: Like­ a star, Yvaine feels othe­rworldly.
  • Morrigan: In Celtic mythology, Morrigan transforms shape. She's linke­d to war and fate.
  • Azazel: She tends to be­ portrayed as an exiled ange­l or strong demon.
  • Persephone­: From Greek lege­nds, Persephone rule­s the underworld.
  • Nyx: Represe­nting night in Greek belie­fs, Nyx is enigmatic and potent.
  • Rusalka: Water spirits or female demons associated with lakes and rivers.

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Cool demon names for females

female demon names
Some female demon names reveal cross-cultural similarities and differences in depictions of evil. Photo: pexels.com, @angel-rkaoz-505465009 (modified by author)
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What is the most popular name for a female demon? Examples include White Snake from China and Banshee from Ireland. Here are other cool dark names you could find interesting.

  • Morgana: She is a sea-born enchantress.
  • Vespera: She is the evening star, a celestial beauty that emerges when the sun sets.
  • Belladonna: A beautiful and dangerous lady with an alluring charm.
  • Churail: A Pakistani female demon known to be a childbirth-related ghost.
  • Malice: She embodies intention to harm—a malevolent force fueled by dark desires.
  • Sable: She is a shadowy figure, both mysterious and elusive.
  • Ravenna: Like a raven, she possesses a dark beauty.
  • Azrael: The angel of death, Azrael serves as a divine messenger between realms.
  • Obsidian: Named after dark volcanic glass, Obsidian symbolizes strength and resilience.
  • Nephthys: She guards sacred spaces and offers protection.
  • Tempest: She embodies a violent storm, a fierce spirit that thrashes and howls.
  • Morana: She rules over the cold, barren months.
  • Calista: Her name means "most beautiful"—an ethereal charm.
  • Inferna: She inflicts fiery torment upon those who cross her path.
  • Isolde: She is a fair lady with an air of tragedy.
  • Temptress: She is an alluring temptress that lures hearts into darkness.
  • Azura: Like the sky blue, Azura is serene and mystical.
  • Nocturna: She thrives in shadows and secrets.
  • Vexara: She revels in chaos and disruption.
  • Kuwazu Nyobo: Feminine devils who pose as lovely women to trap men.
  • Pincoya: Beautiful Chilean sea creatures who lure sailors to their deaths.
  • Huli Jing: Chinese mythical beasts that can transform into humans or animals.
  • Cihuateteo: These are the violent ghosts of mothers who perished during childbirth.
  • Aswang: They are Philippine demons who turn into animals and feed on humans like vampires.
  • Mahishi: A Hindu mythological beast which lures men into traps.

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Famous female demon names

female demon names
Female demons challenge societal norms, disrupting established order and symbols. Photo: pexels.com, @kuremo (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Who are the famous female demons? There are many, and they originate from various cultures and traditions worldwide. Here are some notable examples.

  • Abyzou: She caused miscarriages and targeted newborn children, strangling them to death.
  • Agrat bat Mahlat: She is a fallen angel and consort of the fallen archangel Samael.
  • Ajatar: She is a Finnish mythology deity that commands gnomes.
  • Morgan le Fay: She is a powerful enchantress and half-sister to King Arthur.
  • Serpentina: She is a cunning and mysterious formidable adversary.
  • Maleficent: She embodies evil in its purest form. Her darkness knows no bounds.
  • Phaedra: A name that signifies bright, glowing, radiant beauty.
  • Sanguina: With a taste for violence and chaos, Sanguina is a bloodthirsty demoness.
  • Ophelia: Symbolizing transformation like a serpent, Ophelia sheds her old skin and embraces change.
  • Hellebore: Named after a poisonous plant, Hellebore embodies revenge and retribution.
  • Serpentara: The serpent queen rules the underworld with cunning and power.
  • Lysandra: Liberator of man and defender of the oppressed, Lysandra fights for justice.
  • Zephyrina: A gentle breeze, Zephyrina heralds change and whispers of transformation.
  • Desdemona: Ill-fated and tragic, Desdemona brings disaster and sorrow.
  • Nyxira: As the night goddess, Nyxira embodies mystery and shadow.
  • Valkyria: Chooser of the slain, Valkyria is a warrior maiden with a fierce purpose.
  • Malevolia: Wishing harm or evil to others, Malevolia's intentions are dark and vengeful.
  • Nebula: Like cosmic clouds, a Nebula is vast, enigmatic, and shrouded in mystery.
  • Bellatrix: A fierce and fearless female warrior, Bellatrix's name means "female warrior" in Latin.
  • Obscura: Dark and mysterious, Obscura keeps her secrets hidden.
  • Yakshini: She is a demoness of Sanskrit origin and Indian mythology.
  • Rangda: She is the demon queen of the Leyak tribe in Bali. Her name means widow.
  • Pontianak: A feminine demonic creature who haunts men who are of Indonesian origin.
  • Nang: A Thai demon of Thai origin from the female spirits Nang Ta-Khien and Nang-Tani, who supposedly haunt trees in Thailand.
  • Kumiho: Meaning' nine-tailed fox'; they are shapeshifting demonic creatures of Korean origin that eat human body parts.

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Female demonic names from Europe

female demon names
Female demon names inspire creative works in literature, film, and popular culture. Photo: pexels.com, @francesco-ungaro (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Various European female demons originate from Finnish, Jewish, Spanish, Slavic and German cultures. Who is the female demon in Europe? Below is a list of some of them.

  • Agrat bat Mahalat: She is a demoness of Hebrew origin.
  • Ala: It is the name of a female demonic spirit in Eastern European countries.
  • Dames Blanches: They are supernatural evil spirits of French origin.
  • Aloja: She is a water demon taking the form of a woman in the folklore of Catalonia in Spain.
  • Angrbroda: She is a female demonic giant in Norse myths with the meaning of sorrow bringer.
  • Askafroa: A European evil female spirit with malicious intent, meaning wife of the ash tree.
  • Cliodhna: She was the demon queen of the Irish banshees.
  • Bananachs: They were supernatural demon spirits haunting battlefields in Irish mythology.
  • Baobhan Sith: She is a woman demon vampire appearing in Scottish tales.
  • Charybdis: She is a feminine sea monster in Greek mythology.
  • Estry: She is a feminine demonic vampire of Hebrew origin.
  • Gello: She is an ancient demon spirit in the Christian religion, thought to possess women.
  • Hulder: Meaning 'secret', they are Scandinavian women demons who live in forests.
  • Kampe: She is a monstrous female creature with a serpent-like lower body and the upper body of a woman.
  • Kikimoro: From Slavic folklore, Kikimoro is a household spirit or demoness.
  • Likhoradka: Slavic women demons who possess the body and cause illness.
  • Mavka: She is a long-haired, sometimes naked, female spirit who lures men to their deaths.
  • Glaistig: She is a female spirit who appears as a beautiful woman with the lower body of a goat.
  • Dracaena: She guards treasures, sacred places, or hidden knowledge.
  • Delphyne: She is a monstrous serpent or dragon.
  • Nocnitsa: She is a female demon who causes nightmares.
  • Morgen: From Celtic mythology, Morgens are water spirits or enchantresses.
  • Buschweibchen: She is a German female forest spirit or demon associated with wooded areas.
  • Borda: Mystery/darkness.
  • Vântoase: From Romanian folklore, Vântoase are female spirits associated with the wind.

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Here are some potent and distinctive names for female demons. They can be found in different cultures and mythologies. These names often symbolise specific roles; they might represent temptresses, guardians, or the personification of nature's powers.

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