8 clear signs you are a side 'chick', not marriage material

8 clear signs you are a side 'chick', not marriage material

Lately, many women have lamented how they spent some years with a man in a relationship that never led to marriage.

To many of them, the men got married to other women “at the last minute”.

Some of these women shared their sad experiences with YEN.com.gh in a survey, and for many, they saw the ‘red flags’ – clear signs that showed that they were being treated as side ‘chicks’, yet, they ignored all them.

It appears that they overlooked and never paid attention to the signs, which could have saved them from heart break, disappointment and waste of time.

YEN.com.gh brings you eight clear and tested signs which show whether one is being considered for marriage or is being treated as a mere side ‘chick’.

1. He never took you home: The home here refers to his parents, not just a place he lives all by himself. A man who is genuinely interested in a woman he is dating and has intentions to marry her would not hesitate to take her home to see at least his mother for the time being, after having dated for some time.

A lady who shared her experience with YEN.com.gh revealed that she was dating her boyfriend for seven years, and anytime she asked to see his parents, he kept saying “when the time is right”. According to her, she trusted the boyfriend and was waiting patiently for that “right time” only for her to learn later that he was getting married to another woman he had “accidentally” impregnated. She felt used, and was still trying to recover from that disappointment and heartbreak.

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2. His friends: If you have not met your boyfriend’s friends after dating for a while, then it is a clear sign that he has no intention to go far with you. Perhaps, his real woman has already met the friends, and so he is keeping you away so as not to be called a womanizer. When a man is deeply interested in a woman, he would want to show him to his friends, and to the world.

3. Time: If he doesn’t spend much time with you, doesn’t visit you on weekends, and only makes time to see you once in a while mostly in the evenings when he has closed from work, know that you are not his girlfriend but a mere side ‘chick’ being treated as an “option”. When a man is interested in you, he will want to see you apart from just in the evenings. He will want to spend some quality time with you, he will want to be seen with and around you.

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4. He doesn’t open up: When a man is not forthcoming with information, then he simply does not see a future with you, and so has no interest in discussing his personal issues relating to work, family, and others with you. This is a clear sign that you are not his girlfriend, but once again, an option.

5. I and not we: If your man constantly uses “I” instead of “we” when talking about his plans for the future, it is a clear sign that he is not going to walk you down the aisle. Perhaps, he has another woman whom he is planning the future with.

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6. No photos with you: Your man dread taking photos with you, even selfies when you ask for it. It shows that he doesn’t want you to appear in his photos which may be used as an evidence against him later when he finally executes his plan of marrying another woman instead of you after many years of dating.

7. Busy phone: When his phone is always busy, when he doesn’t make time to call you, then he is probably having that with another woman.

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8. Checking on you: When you are the one always doing the checking ups while he never calls back to check on you as often as you do, then it is clear you are in the wrong ship. A man who is genuinely interested in you will want to know how you are doing, how your day went, what you have eaten, and about your health.

Remember singer Efya sang in one of her popular songs that “The little things that you do makes me love you more”, therefore, if your man doesn’t do even “little things” for you, then he definitely does not see you in his future plans, you are a mere side ‘chick’.

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