Yaa Asantewaa SHS programmes, location, pictures

Yaa Asantewaa SHS programmes, location, pictures

Yaa Asantewaa is a girl’s senior high school located in the Ashanti region, Kumasi. It is specifically located in a suburb called Tanoso in Atwima district. The school was established back in 1951 by Dr Kwame Nkrumah who was also the first president of Ghana. The school is named after the queen of Ejisu land, Yaa Asantewaa, who spearheaded the war against their colonizers,the British. The school was made a public school under the motto 'love and service'. The headmistress is Ms. Esuande Rabin. The school takes in girls of age 14-18 years, which is also the standard age for secondary school students. The school does not only offer basic classes in mathematics, Physics, biology and Chemistry but it also offers other courses like business, Home science, agriculture, visual arts and general arts.

yaa asantewaa secondary school
pictures of yaa asantewaa senior high school
yaa asantewaa senior high school address

The school has 9 houses and each house is independent which makes the girls very competitive. The school is founded under the Presbyterian Church and has over 1000 students. However, this number will keep on growing over time due to the increase in demand. This is because the school has created a name for itself in terms of academic performance.

School crest

The Yaa Asantewaa senior high school has one of the best school crest in the country. The crest has different symbols each with a significant meaning. Below are the 5 distinct symbols of the Yaa Asantewaa School crest and their meanings;

1. The torch is a symbol of light and vision. The torch is a source of light. It is used to bring light where there is darkness.

2. The sword represents royalty. A sword was used in the olden days to fight. The sword represents someone who is ready to win.

3. The gun symbolizes bravery. A gun is used to shoot and when a person picks up a gun they are very brave and determined to survive.

4. The book represents academic excellence. For anyone to make it academically they have to read and gain knowledge. Academic excellence is attained through the knowledge on the books.

5. The hen and chicken represent motherhood. For chicken to enumerate, a hen has to lay eggs and hatch them. It shows procreation.

Pictures of Yaa Asantewaa senior high school, as well as the school's crest, speak volumes about the serenity and beauty of the school and its environs.

Programmes at Yaa Asantewaa High School

The school's all-rounded programme promotes the exit of young passionate ladies from the school. The programme incorporates curricular activities(normal study sessions) and extra-curricular activities like clubs and sports.

Curricular activities

The normal study time for the students as at the school is every weekday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm from Monday to Friday. The subjects taught at the school have been clustered into several departments for easier coordination and effective learning. The various departments include the business department, science department, IT department, the vocational department and the social science department.

The subjects are further classified into two categories; the core subjects and the elective subjects. The core subject are compulsory for each student. They include Core Mathematics, Integrated Science, English Language and Social Studies. The elective subjects vary according to the departments. They include I.B.M, Accounting, Economics, Cost Accounting and Elective Mathematics for the business department and Elective Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the Science department.

Extracurricular activities

This school has produced all rounded students in the previous years through their participation and activities in the extra-curricular sector. This is because, the school supports their students to take part in sports with other schools in different clubs, and different academic symposiums. The school has taken part in games with schools in the Ashanti region and the rest of Ghana. The most outstanding feature about the school is the vibrant team of teachers who support the students in all areas.

yaa asantewaa secondary school
pictures of yaa asantewaa senior high school
yaa asantewaa senior high school address

The school also has guidance and counselling department that offers students the opportunity to receive adequate guidance and counselling. The students from this school are known to be much disciplined owing to the strong moral values that they are given. Any student who goes against the rules is also liable for serious punishment.

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This school has been in the spotlight for producing notable alumni. It was featured in the mirror of Saturday back in 2009 because Dr. Esther Ofusu was the best medical student at the Nkwame Krumah university. She was a straight A student in high school. Some of the headmistresses were also alumni and this means that this school has indeed topped. This has helped students to have role models; people that they can look up to and count on. The school has also had an impressive record over the years in terms of academics.

School facilities

Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School is well equipped with scientific laboratories that every student has access to. The students, however, are supposed to be supervised when doing their practicals. The school library is also equipped with books that every student can go to read on their free time. The books give additional knowledge than that which is learnt in class. All students also have physical education classes where they are involved in sports as part of the school programme.

Every student should also be well aware of the timetables because the schedules are followed strictly. That aside, the home science students have a chance to practice in their laboratory. The teachers are dedicated to making sure that all students have done their practicals. These are just some of the activities that this school has for the girls. The theme colours of the school are sky blue and white. Each student is expected to be in their school uniform during class time. Neatness is really regarded highly in this school.

Here are some of the greatest moments and school buildings captured at the Yaa Asantewaa School.

yaa asantewaa shs
yaa asantewaa senior high school
yaa asantewaa girls

Yaa Asantewaa senior high school address

The school is located between Tanaso and Abuakwa. For more information about this school, you can browse through the school website. You can send a letter to P.O Box 1091 Ashanti region, Kumasi. You can also visit the school and find out more about their programmes, their facilities and anything else pertaining the school and its curriculum.

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