4 reasons why Ghanaians should not expect a female president anytime soon

4 reasons why Ghanaians should not expect a female president anytime soon

In terms of democracy, Ghanaians like to believe we are one of the most advanced on the continent yet, we struggle to give women much opportunity to civil and political rights and that may be the biggest reason why we are not for a female president.

Ghanaians are not ready for a female president and though that might be a controversial thing to say, YEN.com.gh is not shooting down the chances of women but rather describing a political reality.

Despite Ghanaians enjoying relatively more democratic freedoms than most people in Africa, you will be naive to believe that Ghanaian democratic culture sees men and women as having equal opportunities.

One will say that there is no legal blockade to the presidency for a woman. But democratic culture is more than laws.

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Here are some of the reasons why even after the general elections of 2020, Ghanaians would not be ready for a female president for a long while.

1. A controlling majority believes women are inferior to men

A good majority of Ghanaians think that women are and should be subservient to men. Among this majority is a surprising number of women too.

Whether it is because of religion or culture, to make a woman a leader is not something many Ghanaians can vote for.

2. Female politicians are not weighed on the scale of their views

Instead of judging women by the content of their political views, it is common to see Ghanaians judge a woman in politics by her looks, her motherliness or even how many times she smiles.

An attractive woman in the public circles is most likely going to be called a harlot or even dumb. An outspoken woman is disrespectful.

3. The fear and hatred of powerful women

Even for people who believe they do not rate women as inferior, there is a strong fear or hatred for women in positions of power. It is known that even in corporate spaces, some men are willing to leave jobs if women preside.

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4. No woman currently has the profile and track record

All of Ghana's presidents since the return to democracy in 1992 have been men granted opportunities to serve at various top-notch leadership positions before coming into power.

Unfortunately, not many women who are thought to be presidency materials have presidential level profiles. This may come down to a lack of opportunities.

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