Anklets and 4 other fashion senses that Ghanaians think are 'immoral and demonic'

Anklets and 4 other fashion senses that Ghanaians think are 'immoral and demonic'

Ghanaians generally love to think of ourselves as a people with moral values that cannot be challenged or changed and this has undoubtedly clashed with the progressiveness of young people's fashion sense.

Conservative cultures like the one Ghanaians massively experience are strong in their reaction to any and all sorts of new trends that may be described as “progressive” or “modern”, so it comes as no surprise that old people have problems with the fashion senses of young people.

Recently, the father of Kwesi Arthur, one of Ghana's fastest rising rappers, took issue in public with his son's hairstyle. The senior Arthur thought the dreadlock hairstyle looked like something a vagabond would sport although he did not think his son was a vagabond.

In mid-May of 2019, for a whole weekend, Ghana Twitter went back and forth over whether anklets make women look promiscuous. There were those who took issue with multiple piercings on the body.

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In light of all of this, it is only fair to remind ourselves and teach others who may not know, fashion senses that most Ghanaians think are immoral.

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1. Male hairstyles that are not clean-cuts

Older Ghanaians may accept that you have an Afro hairstyle but they draw the line when you seem to keep it for so long. They also would not accept your haircuts that tend to be elaborate in designs on the head.

For dreadlocks, you better not even go home with some ladies to ask for their hand in marriage.

2. Tattoos

Tattoos are not the result of Western influence in Ghana but there are enough millions who think it is. Never mind that Africans had tattoos before the coming of international slave masters.

Tattoos, for older Ghanaians, are marks of the devil. Someone with a tattoo is spiritually lost.

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3. Anklets

The issue of anklets is a curious one because it is not so much that Ghanaians think it is outside our culture. It's just the case that the brand of Christianity that has filtered through has made sure enough people do not like traditions.

Traditions are now demonic. Women with anklets, now promiscuous.

4. Piercings in other places than the earlobes

The place a conservative Ghanaian wants to see a piercing is the earlobe of a woman. And that is just the one piercing on each earlobe.

Any other place smacks of immorality.

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5. Cross-dressing

One of the most interesting things about the outrage on cross-dressing is that women who wear men’s clothing are not as despised as men who wear women's clothing in Ghana. Somehow, the “inferior sex” is the group that must “envy” a man.

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