What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil?

What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil?

Long before the Me Too movement that has become popular recently, there was James and Jordan. The unconventional couple shocked the entire world when they came out on Dr Phil and confessed their romantic relationship despite the considerable age difference. It is now nine years after the incident, and like many scandals, it fell off the news timelines. However, many would admit that it is hard overlooking the story. What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil?

What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil
Jordan Powers, left, and James Hooker, talk about their relationship, February 28, 2012, during an interview, in Modesto, California. Photo: @Modesto Bee
Source: Getty Images

Although they gradually disappeared from the limelight, the story of James Hooker and his young sweetheart lingers in people’s minds. You are likely looking for an update on Jordan Powers and her young girlfriend. Did the two lovebirds maintain their relationship, and are they together today?

Relationship with Jordan gets public attention

Dr Phil ordinarily breaks shocking and unfathomable stories, but this one was a blast that perplexed many people. James Hooker, who was 41 years old, went on national television to confess his love for Jordan Powers (18 years old then).

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James was forced to come out clean about their connection when Jordan's mother, Tammie Powers, reported the inappropriate relationship between them.

According to the two, and as expressed on Dr Phil, Jordan's mother was putting false claims about them and tainting their relationship based on love. They created a big fuss and were common in the tabloids and mainstream media.

People struggled to unravel and understand the complicated relationship between two people with a significant age difference. At some point, the fact that James was, Jordan's teacher also raised a lot of questions on the legality of their relationship and how it commenced. Jordan was 18 years old when the story broke.

Police investigation reveals shocking details

The media frenzy caused police to investigate James and Jordan from Dr Phil and instead of finding fault in them, discovered an even more shocking thing. James was in another inappropriate relationship, seventeen years earlier with a 14-year-old girl called Michelle Miller.

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Miller met Hooker at a Future Business Leader of America conference. Hooker was a business teacher at Davis High School, and Miller was a senior at Beyer High. Miller saw Jordan's story in the media and decided to come out and prevent Hooker from taking advantage of another person as he did to her before.

Hooker goes to court

What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil
Accompanied by girlfriend Jordan Powers (left) James Hooker, arrives in Stanislaus County Superior Court in Modesto, California, May 15, 2012 for a pretrial hearing. Photo: @Modesto Bee
Source: Getty Images

James Hooker was taken to court, not for the matter that had earlier raised eyebrows, but for his relationship with Miller when she was fourteen years old. Miller, in her statement to the court during the proceedings expressing her dismay stated:

I felt instantly sick as I waited for the (news) article to load, he had become a repeat offender, and I felt it would not end with Jordan Powers.

Miller also confessed in court that she chose to remain silent, fearing that she would experience ridicule after exposing the matter. However, she later fell into depression and had to take medication for a decade.

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After trial, James Hooker was required to register as a sex offender and stay on probation for 48 hours. He only got misdemeanour charges, reduced from a felony.

Jordan broke up with James then reconciled

After James Hooker was accused and tried for inappropriate sexual behaviour, his relationship with Jordan ended. She moved out of the house that they were sharing and even expressed her discontent with James’ behaviour in an interview with ABC Good Morning America.

I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year and gave up all my friends because they disagreed with it."

During this time, Jordan had moved in with her mother. However, it didn’t take long for the two to get back together.

James' wife divorced him

It was the biggest story then and the headlines read, “Dr Phil teacher leaves family for student.” Before Hooker appeared on the show, he had left his wife and three daughters and moved in with Jordan Powers. Also, he quit his job as a business teacher at Enochs High School.

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Later, after the scandalous news, James' wife filed for divorce and child support. Likely, James Hooker is now divorced from his wife and no longer lives with his family, including his three children.

Where is Jordan Powers today?

What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil
Jordan Powers, left, and James Hooker, talk about their relationship, February 28, 2012, during an interview, in Modesto, California. Photo: @Modesto Bee
Source: Getty Images

The James and Jordan from Dr Phil update wouldn't be complete without knowing their current whereabouts? Did the two maintain their relationship after the dust settled and gradually disappeared from the media?

What happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil? It is now nine years after the story broke, and not much is known about their current situation. It seems the two chose a private life, away from the public. Maybe they didn’t anticipate the crazy attention after appearing on Dr Phil and after James’ trial ended, choose to stay out of the public eye for their sanity.

James and Jordan's story puzzled many after appearing on Dr Phil nine years ago. That is why many people wonder what happened to James and Jordan from Dr Phil after they disappeared from the limelight. It isn't unordinary for such to occur considering the many similar stories that have been revealed since then taking centre stage.

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