Women of Ghana: 25 amazing facts

Women of Ghana: 25 amazing facts

Finding the right woman to date or marry can be tricky. In most cases, men judge the outward appearance only and forget to evaluate a lady's character. What makes women of Ghana outstanding?

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What are some of the interesting facts about women of Ghana you know? Take a look at the 25 most exciting things you need to know about Ghana women:

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1. They are curvaceous

The first thing that will pop up when you google interesting facts about women of Ghana on the internet is their curvaceous physique. They have hourglass figures that encompass good busts and well-toned behinds. These are some of the characteristics of why most men prefer to marry Ghanaian ladies.

2. They are drop-dead gorgeous

If you are looking for ladies with natural beauty and a melanin skin tone, then the place to go is Ghana. It is filled with attractive females who will blow your mind away with their breathtaking skin tone, texture, and complexion.

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3. They are social

When you visit Ghana, you will notice that the ladies here are amiable and social. They mingle quite easily and make any foreigner feel welcomed.

4. They are quite skilled in the kitchen department

You will never go hungry when you date a Ghanaian woman. These ladies have been taught how to prepare local dishes spectacularly. They will make for you yummy foods that you have never tasted before in your life.

Ghana women
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5. They are family-oriented

Ladies in this country are quite close to their families. So, when you marry one, you automatically marry the whole family. The close family ties arise from the pure love and connection that the family has acquired over time.

6. They are reverential

These ladies are quite respectful of how they talk, carry themselves, and treat others. They are not gold diggers, and they do not dismiss the feelings of another person.

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Famous women of Ghana
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7. Value their culture

There are a lot of cultures in Ghana. In all these cultures, all girls have been brought up to respect and value their tribe's traditions. Females from the Konkoba tribe have been ranked among the most cultured ladies in the country.

8. Inspiring

The ladies of Ghana encourage other females for the better. They believe in women's empowerment rather than women's belittlement.

9. Go-getters

By looking at the famous women of Ghana, one aspect that they all have in common is that they are go-getters. Prominent ladies like Ama Ata Aidoo have always focused on achieving their goals instead of focusing on the challenges.

10. Responsible

The women in Ghana are accountable for all their actions. They are quite disciplined, which makes them accountable and responsible.

11. Creative

One of the many advantages of women of Ghana is that they are imaginative and innovative. Innovators such as Sionne Neely have played quite a huge role in helping girls in the country be creative in the music and art field.

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12. Confident

The beautiful women of Ghana do not shy away from sharing their opinions or voicing out their thoughts. However, they do so in a very respectful manner.

Advantages of women of Ghana
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13. Always well-dressed

Most Ghana women dress in African attire, an aspect that tends to attract most men. They are always decent and well-groomed.

14. Music is close to their hearts

Music is very significant to ladies in this country. It originates from the fact that in their cultures, music was accompanied by drumming, an aspect that redefined music.

15. Athletic

The gorgeous females of Ghana are quite athletic. Ladies such as Theodosia Okoh have inspired other females to undertake sports such as hockey and football.

16. Ambitious

The ladies in this country will set goals and stick to them until they attain them. This is one of the reasons why most men prefer to marry ladies from this nation.

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17. Encouraging

They do not give up on whatever endeavors they start, and that is why most males prefer to have such supportive companions besides them.

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18. Know how to let loose

Although they work hard, they also set a time to have some fun. They will make your gloomy days feel like they are filled with sunshine.

19. 4 out of 10 women are literate

UN data has acknowledged that out of every ten females, only four are educated. This number is still low, and it means that a lot of initiatives have to executed to teach the girl child.

20. Women hold 8.3% off the seats in the national parliament

Initially, politics was viewed as a male field. Ladies were never given any political position, an aspect that made the women keep away even from vying for any parliamentary seat. However, as time passed by, women began taking on political roles, eventually causing them to be elected in the national parliament of Ghana. Today, roughly 8.3% of the seats in the parliament are held by females.

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21. Ghanaian women's life expectancy is 57.4 years

Life expectancy refers to the mean number of years that are remaining for a specific group of people at a given age. In Ghana, women's life expectancy has been found out to be 57.4 years.

22. 95% of the Ghanaian women work in the informal sector

Advantages of women of Ghana
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Unemployment has been a prevalent issue in this country for so long. Most women cannot land formal jobs, and perhaps, this can be because of their lack of education. As a result, most of them have been forced to take up jobs in the informal sector.

23. Women earn 75% less than men

Since most ladies have been employed in the informal sector, it is no surprise that men earn more than what they make. The ladies make 75%, or three quarters less than what the men in the country make.

24. 22% of the females are in polygamous unions

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Polygamy is not a new subject in the country. Almost a quarter of the Ghanaian women population is in unions where their husbands are allowed to marry more than one woman.

25. 4% of the women between 14 and 49 years are prone to some female mutilation

Female mutilation is one cultural practice that most African countries are trying to abolish. However, it has not been easy since this practice has been deeply rooted in most societies. About 4% of the women in Ghana who range between 14 and 49 years have been exposed to some sort of female mutilation.

Women of Ghana will amaze you with their exquisite physiques and outstanding facial features. They are beautiful inside and out, an aspect that has made most men to prefer dating and even marrying Ghanaian women.

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