Nduom names and shames companies and individuals owing him

Nduom names and shames companies and individuals owing him

- Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, named companies and individuals indebted to his investment firm, Gold Coast Fund Management (GCFM)

- The embattled businessman saw the BoG revoke the license of his Savings and Loans company for being insolvent

- Dr. Nduom has named over 4200 companies, secondary schools, individuals, pastors, and other professionals who are indebted to him

Embattled businessman and Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has released a list of companies and individuals who owe his company, Gold Coast Fund Management (GCFM).

The companies and individuals owe Dr. Nduom in excess of GHc423 million.

The list comprises construction companies, schools and other respected firms in Ghana.

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Senior High Schools such as O’Reilly for example owes over GHc3.5 million.

Cumulatively Goldcoast Fund Management (GCFM) is owed over GH₵423 million by 4200 entities.

Dr. Nduom is currently in court to recover investment funds and pay aggrieved customers their locked-up investments.

YEN.com.gh earlier reported that the government of Ghana has partnered United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and Sustainable Housing Solutions (SHS) Limited to construct 100,000 housing units to reduce the housing deficit in the country.

The project will create many jobs for Ghanaians as local contractors, resources and labour will be heavily relied upon.


A-Zak Co Ltd 1,794,659.97

A.R.A Company Ltd 3,723,127.48

A.S. Bashit Ent. 2,300,794.52

A.S. Pelpuo Ltd 2,514,809.04

Aba-Mole 3,189,413.75

Abass & Abass 1,033,023.31

Abdal Co. Ltd 4,481,725.92

Abdulai Associates Ltd 5,299,838.12

Abraham Turning Point(Presby) 1,647,426.67

Abraham Turning Point(SDA) 1,645,309.15

Abu Hamid Ltd. 2,399,436.62

Adin-Puya Ent(Saboba) 2,610,704.33

Adin-Puya Ent-Ahamadiya 2,211,455.77

Adin-Puya Ent-Tamale 2,717,501.02

Adin-Puya Ent.UDS 1,780,862.17

Adu Anane (2) 138,357.32

Adu Anane (3) 31,097.64

Adu Anane (4) 564.14

Affable 6,487,930.42

Affable Cocoa Rd. Hohoe. 6,073,315.08

African Global Pharma 1,624,848.76

Agu Resources 22,315,057.24

Agyakot (Effiduase) 9,413,512.45

AGYAKOT(Jamasi Apaa Yonso) 15,126,682.02

AGYAKOT(Mosuko-Taifa) 10,560,550.75

AGYAKOT(Pillar 2) 7,379,040.94

AKANSON LTD 2,416,884.66

ALT CONST. Ltd(Asikuma) 2,184,909.56

ALT CONST. Ltd(Brema) 1,134,514.85

ALT CONST. Ltd(new) 804,163.20


Ariyan 3,390,532.08

ASA INITIATIVE(New Account) 7,509,070.05

ASA INITIATIVE(Old Account) 8,447,733.13

ASABEA ENGINEERING (Drabonso) 20,173,282.00

Asabea (Emergency) 10,280,194.91

Asabea (Takoradi) 24,881,939.45


Project) 21,913,299.09



Asabea Prestea Bogosu 21,306,116.52

Asirop (New) 1,835,971.20


ASTEE Co Ltd(School of deaf) 2,843,333.77

ASUO ABENA Ltd 3,165,335.15

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The following table presents company portfolio amounts of infrastructure projects pre-financed by GCFM.

AVO-Crete 811,347.83

AYOUNI Co.Ltd 4,105,427.43

B-MOLIE(ROAD) 15,700,174.08

B-MOLIE(School) 6,975,640.35

B.K.Nsiah 2,496,920.53

B.K.Nsiah (Cocoa Road) 3,918,440.85

Ba-Iseng Ltd. Accra 3,058,399.32

Baccs Enterprise 1,244,221.84

Bacon B 3,497,834.95

Bag-Ways Ltd. Accra 3,239,919.81

Bambert Const. Ltd.(Adjei Kojo) 1,790,037.37

Ben Tota Co. Ltd Accra 2,181,615.40

Benghazy Devt Co. Ltd 2,362,660.39

Beyond Natural- Xipe 2,829,586.09

Beyond Natural-Twifo Praso 3,191,615.96

BLK LTD. 43,079,816.51

Bo-Const. (Assin Building) 787,588.07

Bo-Const. CapeCoast (Sempa Rd.) 431,354.91

Bo-Const.(Assin Adianon) 1,148,464.13

Bo-Const.(new) 1,550,526.46

Boatway (Cocoa) 2,198,737.57

BOF Co. Ltd(Classroom) 1,822,558.48

BOF Co. Ltd(Teacher Quarters) 1,822,558.48

Bojabi Work Ltd 1,523,272.28

Bokan Ltd. 21,964,140.61

Bonaaba Construction 6,030,891.48

Both Side Company Ltd. 3,109,108.40

Bridalu Ltd 4,016,895.28

Britnata 6,461,848.68

Broadreach 395,803.57

Builder’s Consult 1,497,629.67

Bukari Hamidu (26th July) 3,339,819.88

Buwuah Ltd. 2,209,297.97

Canary Contract Works(1st Pr.)1 857,574.17

Canary Contract Works(Aowin) 10,237,548.49

Canary ContractWorks(discount) 311,602.23


ContractWorks(Pomaakrom) 5,322,207.79

Cheabu Ltd. 3,157,652.46

ChefTech Ltd 1,056,181.73

Core Const. (Consolidated) 171,770,219.33

Cotopaxi 3,423,113.78

CTM Company 2,289,768.33

D A Electrical & Construction 3,177,720.44

D.K Prisam Ltd_Adzentem 3,131,476.81

D.K Prisam Ltd_Otwitire 2,304,796.72

Dalcon Co. Ltd. 1,323,292.54

Damoah Ent Ltd 4,516,813.41

Danbot Ltd 66,972.35

Danbot Ltd(Amanfrom SHS) 2,152,909.39

Danbot O’Rielly SHS 3,590,637.80

Danji Co. Ltd 2,545,412.16

Dbeniako 5,608,032.94

Deltafa Ltd(Acc 2) 1,657,260.96

Deltafa(Bowiri) 2,044,195.03

Deltafa(Nyagbo) 2,276,625.05

Deltrex 6,814,276.10

Denvella Co Ltd 2,511,467.66

Dominion Concept(Tongor) 2,944,478.36

Dominion Concepts(Avatime

SHSS) 4,698,445.18

Dominion Concepts(Sakode STHS) 2,703,669.17

Dominion Concepts(st Francis C) 1,942,237.89

Dongobe Const 1,118,080.31

Dongobe Const_Dambai 1,511,394.48

Duamkpo Ltd 2,601,867.03

E.O Donkor Ventures 567,235.54

EEMC 239,322.79

EFFMAN CO. LTD. 329,673.95

Efua Affeiduwa 236,321.83

EL QUD 396,736.42

Emmahall 23,981,518.62

Equipman 735,444.86

Esth Pee Ventures(Jinijini) 4,922,045.22

EsthPee Ventures(Brekum) 2,872,518.34

EsthPee Ventures(N’EdubiaseSHS 4,981,420.56

Eufran 2,002,944.98

Evan Empire 1,852,340.29

Evensolomon Enthnic Homes 45,462,117.51

Ewudzi Venture (Twifo Praso) 928,879.90

Ewudzi Venture_Tarkwa 979,694.77

F B Telmax 3,084,311.91

F.A Elluem 1,505,521.18

Fair Vision Ventures-Agogo 1,079,148.52

Fair Vision Ventures-Akomadan 1,125,582.77

Faith Mother Care 3,514,964.35

Faruma 552,697.51

Faruma(Presby) 3,506,136.42

Fekams Co. Ltd (2) 14,028,134.21

Florida City 2,857,625.99

Forsmuel Ltd. Wa 1,848,807.06

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