Rejoinder: GTV presenter arrested for allegedly duping travel and tour company

Rejoinder: GTV presenter arrested for allegedly duping travel and tour company

The attention of Ms. Lois Acquah and His Excellency Henry Hanson-Hall has been drawn to a

publication of June 28, 2019, on the website a story directed at them with the

caption “GTV Presenter Arrested For Allegedly Duping Travel and Tour Company $


The said publication contains malicious and false allegations about the accused persons having

duped a travel and tours company; Don-Markus Travel and Tours, to the tune of $ 62,100 under

the pretense of securing visa for the clients of the travel and tours company.

Ms. Lois Acquah is a seasoned TV Presenter and the Chief Executive Officer of Loisa

Productions; a private television production company which host a number of television shows

including the “The Holy Land Revealed TV Show and Christianity Today Talk Show” for over

a decade now, which airs on a number of television stations including GTV. It must be

emphasized that Ms. Lois Acquah is not a staff and has never been a staff of GTV, so the caption

indicating that she is a GTV presenter is false.

According to the publication, “Lois Acquah, a TV presenter on GTV and presenter of the Holy

land Revealed Show, introduced herself to the management of Don-Markus Travel and Tours as

the mouthpiece of the Israeli Embassy in Ghana and also claimed to have connections within

the Israeli embassy in Ghana and the Ministry of Interior in Israel and later convinced the

management of the tour company to recruit prospective travelers for her to secure visas for

them at an agreed fee of $4,000 per passenger”.

This is a false allegation and a calculated attempt to create disaffection between Ms. Acquah

and the Israeli Embassy in Ghana. Ms. Acquah has had a long-standing relationship with the

Embassy of Israel in Ghana by virtue of her production “The Holy Land Revealed TV Show”

which focuses primarily on Israel and the promotion of Biblical sites in Israel which is an area of

interest for a lot of Christian pilgrims to Israel.

Ms. Acquah hereby states expressly and unequivocally that she has never presented herself or

made any misrepresentation to the effect that she is the mouthpiece of the Embassy of Israel in

Ghana or having any strong connections with the Ministry of Interior in Israel.

It must be stated the Ms. Lois Acquah and by extension Loisa Production does not have any

agreement or business contract with Don-Markus Travel and Tours to recruit prospective

travelers for her to secure visas for them to travel to Israel at a fee of $ 4,000 but rather a group

with the name Royal Christian Network wrote officially to Loisa Production to take TV

coverage of their pilgrimage to Israel in May 2019. The group consisted of 14 participants out of

which 7 were denied visa by the Ministry of Interior of Israel for providing false information.

The other 7 members of the group who could make it to Israel absconded when they got to

Israel, these absconders are being pursued by the Ministry of Interior of Israel for breaking the

immigration laws of Israel.

The 7 people who could not secure visas to Israel are going through a process of refund from

the travel agent that purchased their advanced airline tickets and the travel agency in Israel that

processed their advanced hotel and transport bookings for them.

Ms. Lois Acquah and Loisa production has no influence or interest in this process of refund to

the 7 affected members of the group.

It is palpable falsehood and a misrepresentation of facts for anyone to suggest that Ms. Lois

Acquah has duped a travel and tours company to the tune of $62,000.

according to the publication, “she further introduced one Henry Hanson Hall, a former

Ghanaian Ambassador to Israel as her partner who was very influential in securing

visas from the Israeli Embassy because according to Lois, Mr. Hanson was the one who

lobbied for the new Israeli embassy to be re-opened in Ghana after 38 years of closure”.

This is another untruth spewed to tarnish the image of the renowned Public Servant and

Lawyer, His Excellency Henry Hanson-Hall who has served his country for over 38 years in

various capacities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and rising

through the ranks to be appointed as an Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary for

Israel appointed in the year 2009.

Ms. Lois Acquah never made such introduction or made any such misrepresentation to the

effect that the former Ambassador was influential in securing visas for clients of Don-Markus

Travel and Tours.

This false allegation has denigrated the good name and hard-won reputation of the retired

diplomat and has brought discontent and disgrace to his wife, children and entire family.

It is our concern that this publication was first published by without

exercising the diligence and ethics required of a professional journalist by first cross-checking

the facts with the person or organization that allegations has been made against.

We are also equally concerned that the various state organizations like the Odorkor Police

Command which is a public and assessible office that was mentioned was not contacted by the

editor for a verification of the story.

It is the position of Ms. Lois Acquah and His Excellency Henry Hanson-Hall that, the

allegations made in the said publication were based on lies and conjecture, crafted to sling mud

at them, a situation they find defamatory and insulting since there is no iota of truth in the

allegations levelled against them.


Lawyer for Lois Acquah

& H.E. Henry Hanson-Hall


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