Top trending Okomfo Kwadee songs

Top trending Okomfo Kwadee songs

Okomfo Kwadee is a Ghanaian hip life artiste who is famous for producing music with carefully crafted lyrics and beats. His songs have been put on a pedestal since he started singing due to the approach he uses in his music, which is his undoubted advocacy for societal problems. As a result, Kwadee's music has managed to capture the hearts of both the young and old. Here is a list of Okomfo Kwadee songs that people have been talking about.

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If you keenly listen to Okomfour Kwadee latest songs as well as his old tracks, you will notice that most of the songs bear messages that most people in the society can relate with. Be it a current or a recurrent problem that affects the average citizen, Kwadee has never shied away from singing about it.

Further, Okomfo Kwadee all songs are known for being relevant while still entertaining. Given the fact the different songs by Okomfo Kwadee are artistically crafted to be great songs, they are bound to be played by many generations to come.

1. Okomfo Kwadee song Ofie Nipa

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Ofie Nipa is a blend of hip-hop and rap music. The Ghanaian producer Sir Mascot produced it. The song is one of his most famous productions as it has over 205,000 views on YouTube and you can also genuinely download it from reputable websites like Amazon.

Ofie Nipa is off Kwadee's second album and stood out from the rest of the songs. The song received praise for the lyrics that highlighted the many struggles of the Ghanaian public in a sarcastic way. As a result of the love for the song, it got several nominations for awards in the music industry. The song raised Kwadee to iconic status as a musician in Ghana.

2. Yeko Mma Pe - Okomfo Kwadee

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You must have heard Yeko Mma Pe play on the radio if you've been in Ghana. This hiplife track by Okomfo Kwadee is one of his hit songs. The song has gathered over 115,000 views on YouTube so far. Many radio stations in Ghana contributed to the popularity of the song since it enjoyed considerable airplay. Such Okomfo Kwadee old tracks are also common on many people's playlists of classic Ghanaian songs.

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3. Abrantee - Okomfo Kwadee

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Abrantee has already gained hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and the audio track was always part of the playlists of many Ghanaian radio stations. This hiplife music single was appreciated all over West Africa. The appreciation was mainly due to the carefully crafted lyrics that talked about existing societal issues. The calm and relaxed beat are also pleasing to the ear.

4. Meyere Anaa Mpena – Okomfo Kwadee

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This is one of Okomfo Kwadee tracks that resonated with many youths. That could be the case because right from the start, the high tempo beats of the song are hooking. Meyere Anaa Mpena gave many youths an insight into the life of Kwadee, which is probably another reason for its popularity. The song talks about the experiences of hip life artistes.

5. Wotaataame - Okomfo Kwadee

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Through Wotaataame, Kwadee was on his way to cementing his place in the music scene. This song has garnered 170,000 views on Youtube and is one of Okomfo Kwadee old songs. Many West African stations gave the song airplay because of the numerous requests from listeners. When you listen to the song, you'll quickly note its uplifting beats and the fact that the artist talks about issues affecting the youth in general. Most of the messages in Kwadee's songs are likeable because people can relate to the message in the lyrics.

6. Obiara ba Nnye - Okomfo Kwadee

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This song is one of the top tracks done by Kwadee. The song received up to 103,000 views on YouTube. Although the song is in the Ghanaian language, it was able to infiltrate the broader West African market.

Obiara ba Nnye came at a time when the artist was undergoing a lot of problems which made it easier for the youth to associate with him. As an artist, Kwadee showed through this song that musicians also suffer daily struggles.

7. Mebaa Mo Nkyen - Okomfo Kwadee

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With a combined number of views of almost 100k on the video-sharing website - YouTube, it is clear that Mebaa Mo Nkyen was popular. Apart from the many views, the song also featured in several of Ghana's popular music mixes. The song was top in the hip life scene as a song that not only entertained but also spoke to the youth. Many people remember and regard Kwadee highly in Ghana's music history because of this song.

8. Ahwedee Abena - Okomfo Kwadee

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This production by Kwadee is one of the songs that he says he didn't expect to be big. The success of the song came as a surprise to the artiste with over 56,000 views on YouTube. This track was praised for the theme of supporting the youths.

Ahwedee Abena was liked by many primarily for the danceable beats and the fact that it highlights issues facing the society. This song proves that Kwadee is a guru in fitting societal matters into his lyrics in a crafty way.

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9. Kwadee - Okomfo Kwadee

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Talk about facing your critics head-on. This song is one of the most controversial productions by Kwadee as a musician. The song talks about his life and the many rumours that had been going around about him at the time. The issues he addresses include the rumours about drug addiction and homosexuality.

Many people were able to sympathise with him as it was clear that he was overwhelmed. The media was blamed for many of his problems, and he was able to overcome the same. His courage was praised by many musicians who were able to relate to the issues facing him.

10. Twe Ben Me - Okomfo Kwadee feat Lazy Dogg

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Twe Ben Me is another Private Detective Mascot production. The song enjoyed up to one hundred and ten thousand views on YouTube. The hiplife track received praise for the lyrics in the song that relates to the youth. The song came at a time when Kwadee was facing many hardships in his life including an identity crisis. The song received both criticism and praise concerning the controversies that the song addressed.

11. Fee Fee - Okomfo Kwadee

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Kwadee has made a following through his music that addresses societal problems, and Fee Fee is no different. What stands out about this song is how Kwadee showcases his lyrical prowess. This song featured in Kwadee's second album and was played all over West African airwaves.

Fee Fee was appreciated for the craftiness in approaching the issues that the youth go through in their lives. If you search for Okomfour Kwadee latest songs, Fee Fee will definitely pop up in the search results.

12. Nkran Kwan So - Okomfo Kwadee

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Kwadee wrote Nkran Kwan So during a difficult period in his life. The artist had controversies about his health and sexuality that prompted him to tell his side of the story through this song.

The song has garnered over 19k views on YouTube as at this writing and was the topic of conversation in Ghana for some time. This song gave many people an insight into Kwadee's life since he had disappeared from the music scene for a long time. As an artist, Kwadee has never shied away from critics and from sharing about his troubles as a person.

13. Hmm - Okomfo Kwadee

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This track by Okomfo Kwadee is mainly for entertainment as it doesn't bear a heavy message like his other songs. "Hmm" is pleasing to the ears and has a danceable beat. If you're tired and want some entertainment, you can pump the volume for this tune. Besides the youth, "Hmm" also enjoyed a share of the remaining section of the population thanks to its upbeat tempo that one can dance along to.

14. Woo Kye - Okomfo Kwadee

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Woo Kye is one of Kwadee early music productions. The song played a big part in thrusting Kwadee into the limelight. Since its release, the song has fetched over 28,000 views on YouTube. However, the song has enjoyed great airplay on the radio. The track is loved since it passes a simple message of unity. Many Ghanaians came to know the artiste after the release of the album that had this song.

Apart from the songs mentioned above, several Okomfour Kwadee new songs have made it big in the entertainment scene in Ghana. It is clear that the artist is dedicated to producing quality entertainment through his music. Okomfo Kwadee songs mix is also a source of entertainment for many hiplife fans. Several Okomfo Kwadee audio songs don't have video versions but are still worthy of a place on your playlist. This hiplife artiste is an icon, and he has made his mark in the music industry.

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