100+ you hurt me but I still love you quotes and messages

100+ you hurt me but I still love you quotes and messages

What will you do if someone you deeply love hurts you? Do you have the words to express yourself without antagonizing them? When someone you love, and respect hurts you, the feelings of anger, resentment, and betrayal are overwhelming. You must have the right words to open the path to a discussion about their actions and how you feel about them. These "you hurt me but I still love you" quotes are an excellent way to communicate with your significant other whenever they do something that hurts you.

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you hurt me but i still love you
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Love is such a beautiful thing. When you meet the love of your life, you have found your better half, your confidante, and the person who will make you feel special for better or worse. But unfortunately, life is full of ups and downs, and it is vital for you and the person you love to know how to navigate the relationship when things go sour.

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Relationships hurt quotes

Do you know what to say to someone who has hurt you but you still love them? Although you may be tempted to let it go when someone close to you betrays your trust, this is not the right course of action. You should find a way to tell them how you feel while communicating that you love them. These "relationship hurt" quotes will give you the words to start the conversation.

  • No matter how much you hurt me, I will always love you.
  • My heart hurts because of what you did, but I can't stop myself from loving you.
  • You will always be mine. I will always love you. I promised you that when you left.
  • Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws that mar our outer beauty, but you are perfect for me.
  • I hope we get through this. You are my world, and I still love you.
  • I don't know what is happening to you, but I still want to be with you forever.
  • I don't know how you feel about me nowadays – you no longer show the affection you used to.
  • I don't want our love to die. If you can find it to change in your heart, please do. I love you.
  • Baby, what did I do to deserve this treatment? Come and let us talk about this.
  • I don't know why you can't stop hurting my feelings, but I still feel a strong affection for you in my heart.

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you hurt me but i still love you
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  • Why did you do that? Let's give our love one more chance. I love you.
  • It takes bravery for you to hurt me so badly every time but much more bravery to accept my forgiveness.
  • My love for you crushes all the wrongs you do against me. I forgive you.
  • How I wish I could stop loving you.
  • I need you in my life. How come you chose to make me cry? Don't you love me anymore?
  • Living without you makes my heart aches. I don't know what to do to make you understand how you hurt my feelings.
  • You chose to hurt me when it is easy for you to put a smile on my face. You hurt my feelings, and yet I still love you.
  • You hurt me so badly, but I love you as much as I did when we first met.
  • I will always love you, no matter what the cost.
  • I want to believe in what we have. I still love you.
  • I hope we do not break up, and I hope we stay together forever.
  • Yeah, I know you hurt me. And I can't stop feeling bad about it. But the fact remains that I still love you.
  • Even if we fight, I will always love you, no matter what.
  • You've done many horrible things to me, but I still love you.
  • Even though you're not the person I thought you were, I still love you.
  • What you did in the past no longer counts. Even though you had hurt me, I forgive you.

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I love you although you hurt me messages

you hurt me but i still love you
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Before you respond when someone hurts you, it is important to consider every aspect of the situation. Did they hurt you intentionally, or was it a mistake? Maybe the new pain has triggered some old pain leading to a flood of feelings that can be overwhelming. Whatever you do, you should ensure they know you still love them.

  • No matter where you are and what happened, our love can still move mountains.
  • There is no special laughter aside from the ones I had with you; no tears are more painful than those I shed when you hurt me. But my heart still beats for you.
  • When you are in love and get hurt, it's like a cut; it will heal, but there will always be a scar.
  • I never thought you'd hurt me like this, but I still want to live my life with you forever.
  • You are my endless love, heartbeat, and life's most precious gift. How do I move on when the one I love is the one hurting me?
  • You are the heartbeat that keeps me alive every passing day. Even though you take me for granted, know that I would not trade you for anything.
  • Love is like the morning sun. Know that you will always be by my side.
  • Baby, you promised me heaven as we walked side-by-side down that aisle. What changed inside you? Can't we get back to that just one more time?
  • I do not know why you keep avoiding my gestures of affection. You are the best thing that happened to me, and I will always cherish that.
  • As your lover and friend, my forgiveness will always be an entitlement. I still love you deep inside.
  • I'm not over you because I don't want to be. Being together with you is all I can see.
  • I feel betrayed because I trusted you, but I forgive you because I love you, and my love for you can trust you again.
  • You need to understand how much I have been trying to cope with you. I don't want our relationship to end.
  • Before you hurt the heart that loves you, always remember that it is not easy to find true love.
  • What is the reason why you chose to make me cry, though I love you this much?
  • Even when you hurt me every day, I still find out that I love you more and more than anyone else. You belong to me.
  • You have always been this way. What will I do if I cannot forgive you? You are my love.
  • I forgive you for what you did to me, but I won't forget it.
  • Despite everything that happened, I want to make it work.
  • I think everyone needs to forgive and forget, which is what I will do.
  • I know you messed up, but I still love you.
  • I want so much to come back to you, to start over fresh with you.
  • My heart is breaking, and I have a hole in my soul, but I still love you.
  • I haven't stopped loving you for a second, even though it's been difficult.
  • Part of me is angry with you, but the whole of me has forgiven you.
  • You hurt me, but it is not your fault, so I forgive you.

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You hurt me but I still love you quotes

no matter how much you hurt me i will always love you
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Are you looking for new and unique I still love you quotes? These quotes will give you the words you need to communicate when hurt. How you respond could affect how the relationship progresses after that.

  • We went separate ways, but my heart still beats for you. It longs for your return because everything loses its value the day you left me.
  • Your love is incomparable, and I am ready to cover any mile to be with you.
  • I never stopped loving you, and I can never spend a moment with the thought that it is over between us.
  • Baby, I miss everything about us and wish we never took the decision we did. I still want you.
  • I am happy about the good times we had. I hope we get that back.
  • I wouldn't hold any grudge against you. I still want you for myself forever.
  • Before you even wrong me, know my forgiveness is always your portion. I love you.
  • It will be too painful for me to turn the other cheek after all you did to me that day. But I still love you, baby.
  • Love goes around and finds us right where it left us. If she were meant to be, love would draw her back to you for a happily ever after.
  • Even after you hurt me, my love for you is too deep just to let you go!
  • It is much too difficult to forgive you, but it is much more worth it because I love you and forgive you.
  • By forgiving you, I protect my vulnerabilities and show you my powerful self.
  • Baby, what did I do to deserve this treatment? Please, let us talk about this so we can be happy together.
  • I expected you to make me happy all the time. Despite all this, I still want to live my life with you forever.
  • I feel like shedding tears because you never appreciated the love I have for you.
  • You have been treating me like you don't care, but I still love you because you are a significant part of my life.
  • Come back, baby. I forgive you, and we belong together.
  • My heart is still breaking from your betrayal, but every time I think about you, there is an ache that grows.
  • My hatred for you is intense, but it can't stop me from loving you.
  • I'm holding on to the hope that one day you will realize how much we need each other.
  • I love you, but I know I should not. I felt hurt.
  • I may not like you, I may not want to be with you, but I love you.
  • Your love is a fever, a fever of the mind and the soul.
  • Even if you hurt me a million times, I still love you.
  • Loving you is my life. Forgiving your wrong gives me fulfilment.
  • It will be unfair if I don't accept your apology because I still love you.

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I still love you, although you hurt me quotes

you hurt me but i still love you
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Having a rough time in a relationship is somewhat inevitable. But how you react when you are on different terms matters a lot. Expressing yourself after the person you love has offended you may take more than just words. These quotes offer the easiest workaround solution to let him know how you feel.

  • Why am I being punished for being in love with you? My heart bleeds from the drift that has separated us lately. I still want to work things out with you.
  • Before I met you, I always dreamed about the person who would turn my love world around. Now you came and took me to the moon and left me there. Come back to me, baby.
  • Is it love or just fate? I love you even though you hurt me, so let's talk about things and resolve them, baby.
  • True love is not easy to come by, so cherish the ones devoted to love you for better or worse.
  • When you said you would never leave me, I started living my life devoted to you for the rest of my life. But now I am sitting here confused, not knowing what to do. How do I live without you?
  • I forgive you because you did not just hurt me but both of us, including yourself.
  • If I fail to forgive you, then I deny myself. I already forgave you, including for the ills I knew nothing about.
  • I am sorry I never trusted you. I am sorry for not being the best I should be. Right now, I need you because I still love you.
  • Even if it is over between us, the day will turn to night, but my love for you will remain constant.
  • Let's give our love one more chance for what we've been through and for what we still can be. I love you.
  • Before you commit it, my love for you has already forgiven you without any record of any wrong.
  • I don't know why you are hurting my feelings. I hope you understand and then change your ways.
  • Did you decide to punish me because I fell in love with you? Why don't you consider a sincere heart that loves you this much?
  • Even though you hurt me deeply, I still realize I can't stop loving you.
  • I will always value you even when you don't give a d*mn about me.
  • Wipe away your tears. I have pardoned your mistake.
  • I don't understand why you do the things you do. Maybe once you have dealt with those issues, we can be happy again.
  • We have a bond stronger than time itself, and I will always love you.
  • You hurt me deeply, but I still love you.
  • Despite everything that happened, I still love you. I wish the best for you.
  • Your departure brought back my true feelings for you. I still love you and always will.
  • My heart is still with you even though the tale is old.
  • Even though you made me cry, what truly breaks my heart is that without you, I am incomplete.
  • You gave me one reason to be hurt, but I found many more reasons to forgive you.
  • The repentance in your eyes and soul was more than a soothing balm to the hurt. I forgive you.

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How do I react when someone I love hurts me?

First take a step back, cool down, and then find the best words to communicate to avoid further conflict.

What do you say to a girl when she hurts you?

Tell her the truth. Communicate that although she hurt your feelings and you would like her to stop, you still want her in your life.

Should you say something when someone hurts you but you still love them?

While it may be tempting to keep quiet in order to keep the peace, you should address the issue before it festers.

How do you tell someone you still love them after they hurt you? The key is to ensure that they know how they hurt you in a loving manner.

Sometimes a message to her is not enough to turn things around. You could be deeply hurt and want to express yourself through more words. The perfect solution would be to find "you hurt me but I still love you" quotes to communicate your needs.

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