10 Best Shatta Wale songs in 2020 (Videos)

10 Best Shatta Wale songs in 2020 (Videos)

When it comes to music, most people often want that music that cannot only entertain them but also touch their souls and hearts, teach then various values and inform them about various things. Most musicians are nowadays using their talent to do exactly this. One musician who has given his fans a unique chance to get entertained, learn various things, and be informed on what is happening in today’s society is Shatta Wale. Listening to any of the top 10 Shatta Wale songs of all time will give you an opportunity to experience all these.

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Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., better known as Shatta Wale is a reggae-dancehall artist who is very popular for releasing bangers and duos with famous artists such as Beyoncé, Sarkodie, Medikal, and many more. The Ghanaian born artist has made multiple people who have come across his music fall in love with it. Listening to these best ranked Shatta Wale songs will leave you repeating every tune.

Best Shatta Wale songs

Although Shatta Wale came in the music industry a couple of years ago, the fact is that he has managed to wow a crowd with his amazing albums that contain top-charting tunes. It is quite challenging to name Shatta Wale’s top 10 songs as of 2020 because all his tracks are masterpieces. However, let us look at some of his popular bangers that have received so much love from millions of reggae- dancehall fans.

1. Shatta Wale Taking over

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The song, taking over, was released in 2017 in the album also entitled Taking Over. This is one of the best reggae songs you will watch today. The song has a very pleasant beat that will leave you jamming to the track.

The video of the song is quite simple, yet highly effective when it comes to visualizing the message. In the video, there are flags been shown, which potentially indicate that Shatta is taking over.

2. Shatta Wale Bulletproof

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If you want a romantic video to enjoy in the company of your loved one then you need to watch bulletproof. Usually, Shatta is known for his hardcore, streetstyle videos. However, in this song, he appears more relaxed and love-struck, which makes this track very romantic. The video scenes are very appealing, the model is stunning, and quality is superb. You will enjoy watching this banger.

3. Shatta Wale Baby

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The most breathtaking thing about the song Baby is the fact that he features his wife, Shatta Michy in it. It is quite rare to see musicians featuring their better halves in their music videos. This made his fans to love him even more. The track is quite a catch and it will leave you up from your couch and moving your body to the rhythm of Baby.

4. Melissa by Shatta Wale

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Melissa is one of the most romantic songs that were released in 2019. The ambiance of the track Melissa will have you watch the tune over and over. The song begins with Shatta and the star, supposedly known as Melissa in a boat in a very romantic scenery. You will love the video scenes and the melody.

5. Shatta Wale Only One Man

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The song only one man is another song that fits in the list of the best songs of this dancehall king due to its amazing flow. The lyrics of the song are outstanding and the vibe of the track will leave you feeling like a conqueror.

6. Freedom by Shatta Wale

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The jam Freedom by this reggae-dancehall artist is very informative. After listening to this track, you will gain insight into the importance of freedom either as an individual or as a nation.

7. Beyoncé ft Shatta Wale - Already

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Beyoncé is one of the most respected female artists in the world due to her sweet melody, fantastic bangers, and iconic performances. Therefore, when this reggae-dancehall artist featured in the track, Already, with her, fans could not help but fall in love with the collabo. The mix of Shatta’s fantastic voice and Beyonce’s sweet melody will melt your heart.

8. Shatta Wale Am Ok

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The song, Am Ok, is one of the tracks by Wale in his 2016 album entitled After the Storm. The song, which is three minutes and fifteen seconds long is definitely worth your time. It has a rich vibe, smooth flow, and a very appealing length. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the song being too long or too short.

9. Sarkodie ft Shatta Wale - MVP

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Shatta has collaborated with Sarkodie in various music projects. For instance, the two have featured in One Shot, also featuring R2Bees. However, one of their most fantastic projects is the 2018 track entitled MVP. It is a great song to listen to due to its fresh message, great vibe, and also because of the amazing vocals of both Sarkodie and Shatta.

10. Medikal ft Shatta Wale-Omo Ada

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Omo Ada is one of the most highly watched songs of these two artists. The track has over two million views. If you are wondering why, then you need to watch the song to get the answer. It all lies in the great choreography, the impeccable story line, and the sweet melody of the banger. It will leave you up and ready to join the dancers in the video in their exemplary choreography.

Each of these top 10 Shatta Wale songs as of 2020 have received so much love from his fans. Do not be surprised to find majority or all of these hits in people’s favorite music lists. All of his songs are not only entertaining but also informative. Thus, if you are looking for more than entertainment, then feel free to listen to any of these ten hits by this reggae-dancehall artist.

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