Good in bed, brilliant and well-spoken - Ghanaians on the easiest way to know someone is Fante

Good in bed, brilliant and well-spoken - Ghanaians on the easiest way to know someone is Fante

- Ghanaians have given varied views on what they think are the easiest ways to know someone is Fante

- Some noted that Fante people are ''good in bed'', ''beautiful'', ''kind'', ''intelligent'', ''hard working'', among others

- These views follow a question posed by

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Whether one is Fante or not, vibrancy, beauty, kindness, intelligence, hardworking among others are remarkable traits and attributes associated with people from the central coastal region of Ghana.

People hold common paradigms, mindsets, beliefs and perceptions about almost every tribe in the country which makes it easy for others to easily identify them.

While some of these perceptions or narratives generally held about tribes in Ghana could lead to toxic stereotyping of its people, Fantes uphold a threshold of friendliness, kindness, neighbourliness and enthusiasm that many find admirable.

The main Fante city is Cape Coast in the Central region, and Mankessim is the traditional headquarters.

Fante people are one of the Akan group, along with the "Asantefo" or Ashantis, the Akuapem, the Akyem, the Abron, the Baoule, Nzema, and others. shared a post on social media in a bid to find out what traits, attributes and narratives enable Fante people to be easily identified among the other subgroups of the Akan people and other Ghanaians.

The post has generated over 1,000 reactions and more than 1,000 comments since it was shared online.

SE N YO, a social media user, was one of the first people to comment under the post.

According to him, Fante people ''have a great sense of humour. They are smart. They make everyone around them happy. They don't joke with the English language lol. And oh the ladies are great cooks. Assorted meat and fish inside soup chaii.''

Ayiah Kophi Prince also said: ''Fante people are kind, caring, jovial and accommodative. When a stranger visits fante home today and next day ,he/she ll be treated as the family member and ll be counted among them.

May God bless every fante person. They're so unique .''

On what he also thought of Fante people, Daniel Koomson said: ''They will make you happy.They are knowledgeable,can turn events into laughter. They dont admire properties,sometimes honest to the last degree. Even in power they don't help their relationship unless qualified,even they will be careful. They leave power and they are poor and regret their actions. God help the Fantes.''

Kenneth Spattoblinkss noted that: ''their names are so sweet and sexy

No wonder education started in the central region...I love them paa.''

Others also shared varied views of what they thought are the easiest ways to know or identify someone who is Fante.

Meanwhile, previously highlighted the views of how people from the Ga tribe can be easily identified without necessarily asking them for their names or place of origin. first asked the general public for their views on the question: "What do most people say about Ga people and what is the easiest way to know someone is a Ga?"

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