GES new curriculum for basic schools

GES new curriculum for basic schools

It suffices to say that as societies develop, better and advanced learning techniques emanate. And without early and sufficient adaptation, generations lose valuable skills that would mould them to better citizens. Ghana, having spotted an impending clash between the old and new in-demand skills in the industry, embarked on the establishment of a new curriculum that will dominate the school's learning systems. The GES (Ghana Education Service) in conjunction with the Ghana National Association of Teachers developed a new standard-based curriculum. The GES new curriculum is drawn on best practices all over the globe and is to be utilized by educators in basic schools all over Ghana.

GES new curriculum for basic schools
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The modern curriculum is designed with recognition of the difficulty of modern times and the importance of quality education. What does this mean to Ghanaians that are looking to give their children the best knowledge? If the implementation goes according to plan, the country's expected to see a gradual rise in literacy and retention of learned skills.

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The GES new curriculum for SHS is one of the most significant developments in the education sector by far. It is a phenomenal achievement that will improve the relevance of education, far from the previous system that acted as a mere conveyor belt, passing young people to the world.

Features of the GES new curriculum

What are the key features of basic school curriculum in Ghana? The newly introduced reforms in Ghana’s education system are going to revamp its education sector and produce highly-skilled individuals.

As the government is struggling to equip teachers with the prerequisite skills necessary for successful implementation of the curriculum, logistical matters have created another quagmire. What are the elements of the GES new curriculum that make it more appealing than its predecessor?

  • At the kindergarten level, the learning areas will be reduced to four from seven. These are going to be integrated into themes. Teachers will be tasked to go more in-depth, considering the reduced learning areas.
  • Lower and upper primary subjects are going to be as before. However, the curriculum proposes fewer concepts that have more depth for every idea. The new system places more focus on proper literacy and numeracy as they are the pillars of all advanced studies.
  • The GES new curriculum is standard-based, meaning that every student or learner ought to demonstrate competency and mastery of knowledge.
  • All students (P2, P4 and P6) will undergo a mandatory assessment to check and track their performance.
  • Students from P1 to P6 are required to study history as a mandatory subject. This is integral as students ought to be conversant with their identity to be confident and patriotic.
  • Additionally, RME and PE will be a standalone subject. PE will be taught practically.
  • French education will be taught in Upper Primary.

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Nationwide implementation

GES new curriculum for basic schools
Source: Facebook

Already, you can access GES new curriculum PDF to familiarize with the advanced education system. It is apparent it is more about reading, writing, arithmetic, and creativity, the foundation skills for extended learning for students.

The curriculum intends to provide students with skills, both soft and hard, to allow them to navigate the modern world and the inherent challenges. However, how is the government planning to implement this holistic approach to learning?

First, teachers have been trained nationwide in the curriculum to equip them with the appropriate foundation skills to impart ideal knowledge through the new learning system. These are master trainers that in turn, train other district and regional trainers, and the chain continues.

Additionally, the government embarked on a nationwide professional development process to create a conducive environment for adaptation of the GES new curriculum. Therefore, they created learning communities whereby educators share ideas and experiences.

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One of the most critical elements of successfully implementing the new GES curriculum is the learning material. This way, new curriculum textbooks are paramount for ease of transition to new and better standards. The government, through relevant supply channels, is distributing new curriculum material like textbooks and teaching-learning resources.

On top of this, School Management Committees, School Performance Appraisal Meetings, PTA's and much more play a vital role in the successful delivery of the new curriculum. They are the main pillars in ascertaining that all learning centres undergo proper transition.

Education experts believe that the primary aim of a curriculum is to ascertain students receive integrated and coherent learning experiences. The GES scheme of work aims at fulfilling this objective. With an education system that focuses on examination results and outcomes, the GES new curriculum could not have come at a better time in Ghana. Download GES new curriculum and familiarize with the new system. Know what your child is going to study and motivate them to achieve their best.

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