GenYouTube: Download Youtube videos & MP3 for free

GenYouTube: Download Youtube videos & MP3 for free

It is 2020, and technology is on the ascent with video streaming platforms advancing their algorithms with updates that ascertain efficiency. YouTube is the world's biggest video streaming avenue. If you are looking for the latest release from your favourite artist, or want to listen to some soft, relaxing acoustic tunes, this is your platform. It has an insurmountable database of videos, but what if you want to listen offline? GenYouTube, a sophisticated software with YouTube video downloading capabilities affords you this functionality with a simple click. It has an amazing interface that enables one to extract videos from YouTube.

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It is just odd – a streaming platform that allows you to watch but not store for future use. It's disheartening when you want to enjoy our favourite music but lack an internet connection. And having bulky external storage that you probably carry around often doesn't help at all. A reliable platform, with video downloading capabilities that allows you to save your favourite videos on your computer would suffice.

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It is a standalone application that allows a user to watch and download any desired video from YouTube seamlessly. Forget about the requirement to integrate different software to achieve the desired objective – this is a straightforward download process, no inconveniences whatsoever.

What is GenYouTube?

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Is it a gimmick? The internet is laden with numerous software, avenues and hacks that purport to offer the same solution, and many people wonder whether GenYouTubee is legitimate. The developer’s world’s creativity is expanding exponentially, and every day, a tech guru comes up with a software that simplifies previously complicated and regarded impossible processes.

GenYouTube is one platform that delivers what it sells. This is a YouTube video downloading platform with multiple functionalities. And even better, the avenue is free, giving a user the capability of downloading a copy of a video uploaded on YouTube.

The software allows clients to choose the desired video resolution and size, even if it is 4K quality. If you are looking for lower resolutions or a different format, the software gives you the capability to choose whether it is MPEG-4, WebM plus 3GP file format or any other, the application avails all video formats.

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Since sometimes, it is hard to stay online and watch clips at the expense of your data plan, such a software affords you the comfort of converting and downloading your videos. Now, you do not have to utilize your data as you browse through YouTube's billions of videos only to watch what you desire and forget about it.

The software has the following features that make it superior to its predecessors and other upcoming platforms:

  • Auto-queue stream
  • Focus gain
  • Volume gesture control
  • Popup actions
  • PiP
  • Background streaming
  • High-Quality 4K downloads
  • Importing subscriptions
  • Downloads from ccc.De, YouTube and SoundCloud

GenYouTube download is available as a browser extension or add-on on your computer. So, how can one watch and download videos through the platform?

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How to install GenYouTube and download videos

You have likely read a GenYouTube review and are hyped up about the software and cannot wait to get started on your downloads. However, since it is available on different platforms, the developers have availed different software download and installation options to fit the purpose.

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Installing on Mozilla Firefox

One can tweak their Mozilla Firefox browser to allow them to download videos from YouTube utilizing GenYouTube in the following way.

Step 1: Add GreaseMonkey extension

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It is integral that you install GreaseMonkey browser extension for the widget to work properly. You can search it from the add-on search page and click “Add to Firefox” to install.

Step 2: Install the GenYuuTube extension

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This extension is available from the platform’s official website. Once on the page, click "Install Extension" to download it to install the user script to your computer. Ascertain that you only source from a trusted source as a malicious script can violate your privacy without your knowledge.

Step 3: Start downloading videos

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After successfully installing the user script from the official online site, you can start downloading your desired videos immediately. You can do this by clicking the widget when you are browsing or watching YouTube video and click “download.”

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Installing on Chrome

Chrome is another popular browser with billions of users all over the world. Fortunately, anyone that prefers using this renowned browser can download videos from YouTube utilizing the GenYouTube extension. The process is similar to Mozilla but with a few differences.

Step 1: Install TamperMonkey

TamperMonkey add-on for Chrome browser allows GenYouTube to function optimally and you can download it from the Chrome store. After searching and spotting the software, click “Add to Chrome” and allow it to install.

Step 2: Install the extension

After the download is complete and successfully installed, head to GenYouTube's website and install the final extension to enable downloads. You will spot an "Install Extension" tab that once clicked will download the user script.

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Step 3: Download videos

That is it! Start browsing and downloading YouTube videos at your comfort. Immediately you spot a video you love, click the widget on your browser and start downloading the desired format. It is that straightforward.

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The process for installing on Safari browser is the same as for Chrome, and of course, you will be using their compatible software. Once the extension is installed, you can start enjoying offline YouTube videos.

If you do not fancy the above processes and are wondering if GenYoutube virus stories are true, there is a simpler way of doing it. Copy the desired video's URL and paste it on the search box available on the GenYouTube website. Once done, press the enter button to load the video page.

Once ready, you can preview the video and confirm whether it is the appropriate one. You can use the download buttons below the video to store it on your computer.

Is GenYouTube safe?

Numerous people complain of malware and viruses when using free software from unofficial sources. After all, it is free – there is always a high chance of a catch, which make many to wonder if GenYouTube is legitimate.

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There is no straightforward reply to this inquiry, but so far, people have not reported it infecting their computers with malware or any other unnecessary software that lags the system. It seems like the software is safe to utilize as there is hardly a negative GenYouTube review online.

With an amazing interface and incredible functionalities, GenYotube is probably the best YouTube video downloader in the market right now. The software has availed what others have failed, and with non-existent glitches, users find it conducive to download their favourite videos and watch online whenever they desire.


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