Good night my love: 100+ messages to wish your lover a special night

Good night my love: 100+ messages to wish your lover a special night

After a long and tiring day, you want to get home and enjoy a peaceful night sleep. Nothing comes close to making your nights as special than a good night my love message from your loved one. On such nights, you will always be swept away by the heartfulness and feeling of love that soothes your soul to a night of good night sleep.

Good night my love
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Are you in the habit to wish people in your life special good night every day before they go to bed? If not, it is not too late to start. You can start warming up the hearts of those you treasure by writing them short, sweet goodnight messages that re-affirm your love and affection for them.

Good night my love messages

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. To spice up your love life, endeavour always to affirm your love for them regularly. This includes wishing them a good night filled with love.

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Good night love quotes

Occasionally, you may want to deviate from the usual heart emojis. This is made possible when you construct something meaningful that says more about your love for him or her. Here are some good night love quotes to get you started:

  • Embrace the peace and silence that comes with every night sleep as if life depends on it.
  • The only time you are a liberated person is in your sleep because then you have no one to please and no sacrifice to make.
  • All burdens and worries are lifted when you close your eyes to sleep and are lost in dreamland. So, go ahead and embrace this night.
  • You are free to enjoy every moment as you want, but sleep and enjoy every bit of it like the queen you are.
  • Make sure every night is welcomed with a cheerful heart. Leave out every anger, every grudge, every resentment, and enjoy a peaceful moment free from any entanglement.
  • No time is sweeter than during the night when your body anticipates rest following a tiresome day.
  • Embrace every ounce of peace that comes with a night like the queen you are.
  • May every morning be a nostalgic reflection of the sweet dreams you had in the night.
  • Every worry and every fear will melt away when you close your eyes to have a peaceful night sleep.
  • I want to be with you forever, but the darkness has robbed us of that.
  • If sleeping at night were an option, I would spend mine when I am with you every day, every year.
  • You not only brighten my days; you also are a star shining my nights.
  • I hope every dream is a lovely moment of me and you till eternity.
  • As you close your eyes to sleep, always remember I am with you on the other side to love and cherish you till daybreak.
  • You become your best self when you have enough night sleep.

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Good night my love
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  • You deserve the best nights and the most amazing dreams to lighten up your heart.
  • May tonight’s sleep usher you to the blessings that await you tomorrow.
  • Tonight’s sleep will bring you motivation for a brighter day and future. I want to be there with you forever.
  • The angel of love and peace is visiting your home. Make sure you wait for her in dreamland for your package of happiness to carry you through the busy day.
  • How wonderful it is for you to feel sleepy. It is a sign from your body that you did an amazing job during the day, and you deserve to rest.
  • Yet another night of adventure in dreamland. I hope you explore and enjoy every scenery.

Romantic goodnight message

Do you want to say goodnight to your girlfriend romantically? Feel free to sample out one of these messages to cheer her up in the night till you see her again tomorrow. Here are some of the best messages to use:

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  • Every night is a lovely reminder that I will see you fresher and lovelier the next day. I long for the beautiful sun rays to usher you to yet another day full of my love. Good night angel.
  • I am the most blessed man in the universe since I have the pleasure of saying goodbye to you every night and hello every new day. May you have the most pleasant sleep.
  • Spending the night without you is hard for me, but knowing I’ll welcome a better version of you tomorrow is my yearning and motivation. Have a night filled with love.
  • My every day wish would be to see your lovely lashes flutter softly on your tanned brown skin. But I have to settle on the next best option of wishing you sweet dreams and a night of peace.
  • I miss you, dearly. But since I cannot see you in person and kiss you goodnight, I'll just sneak to your dreams and steal as many kisses to last me the night.
  • Although darkness has covered the world, it will never cover our love. It will always overcome every darkens and illumine every step of our way for the rest of our lives. Goodnight babe.
  • Whenever I bow to say goodnight prayers, you are the first reason I thank God for. May his hand send more love and peace in our relationship and to you tonight. Lovely dreams, honey.
  • One of the sweetest things in my life is that I get to have you during the day and in my dreams when I sleep. Goodnight, baby.
  • I find comfort in knowing that you will be in dreamland tonight because then I get to see and have you all night long. Pleasant dreams sweety.
  • You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing that I think about before I sleep. May you find wonderful, sweet dreams full of affection.
  • How lucky am I that of all the things I prayed for, God gave me you? Wishing you pleasant dreams tonight love of my life.
  • My love for you surpasses the wildest dreams. Lovely night babe.
  • You shower me with love, even in your dreams. I love you, honey.
  • May all your sweetest dreams manifest. Goodnight darling.

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Good night my love
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  • As I close my eyes to the sound of crickets chirping outside, my all-time prayer is to hear birds singing at daybreak so I can see you. Sweet dreams.
  • I am waiting to hear about all the sweet dreams you had about us when morning comes. Goodnight my love.
  • My love for you surpasses any barriers in life. It is like a magnet pulling me to you every night. Love you forever and always, goodnight.
  • The sweetest thing about spending the day with you is the fact that I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Sleep tight honey.
  • Fact is no longer a dream. It came true the day I met you, and every night is a reminder of that sweetness.
  • Every night you wish for a good day tomorrow. I hope you know how much I love you. Good night to you my everything.

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Good night my love quotes

Expressing love comes in many ways. However, nothing takes the place of self-expression using words of affirmation. Here are love quotes to help you express your affection:

  • Knock the sleep door, and mister right will be there to give you all the hugs you want for the night.
  • This cute message goes to the most beautiful woman during the day and the angel in my dreams.
  • Your smile shines bright in the day and brighter in your sleep. Goodnight my love.
  • Those sweet long dreams would not be possible without me in your dreams. Sleep tight honey.
  • A part of me is missing every night when you go to sleep, but I love it that way. Good night my love.
  • No army can distract me from reaching you in your dreams. Goodnight my love and see you in dreamland.
  • Every possibility of why I am the man that I have become is a result of your unconditional love. I send my love to you in your dreams tonight.
  • We dream so we can be together every time. You in my dreams and I in yours makes us united every day and night. Good night my love.
  • Thoughts of you overwhelm my nights, and I never want to depart from them. Good night munchkin.
  • I am never fulfilled when you go to sleep before I send my love to warm you for the night.
  • With all the brightness from the sun and the stars combined, none can outshine the sparkle in your eyes. Have a good night angel.
  • You are my one in a billion. This night is your break for a second; then I will have you for the rest of my life. Good night my love.
  • I am addicted to you, and I am never getting better. Good night honey.
  • You are a fresh rose in the morning and blossoming one in the night. Good night babe.
  • I am sending a million kisses to my angel as she goes to sleep tonight. Good night and I love you, babe.
  • Letting you sleep is the best decision I can make as tomorrow you will be livelier and brighter than the sun.
  • My days are gloomy and dark with you far from me. But tonight is different as I will be with you in my dreams.
  • Nothing can stop thoughts of you with me sleep, breath, and feel my love all around. Goodnight angel.

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Good night my love
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  • Every wish comes true every time and every day that pray for you in your sleep. Goodnight babe.
  • The night is too young to let you go. Take me with you to your dreams, my love. Goodnight.
  • Beauty has never made so much sense as seeing you close your eyes and drift away to your dreams.
  • How desperate I long for the light of day when I can kiss your sweet lips again. Good night my love.
  • My love for you is limitless. It transcends the deeps of your dreams and the width of my thoughts.
  • You are the blessing I have been waiting for. May this night be a refreshing breeze till I see you again.
  • They say love is a beautiful thing, and that is true as every time with you is a golden moment. Cheers!
  • You are the fire within that keeps me burning in the night. Never depart my love. Goodnight.

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Good night love messages for him

If he rocks your word, then you owe him a wonderful night message to cheer him up for the long night. Make him feel your presence and warmth all night long. Here are the top messages to text him:

  • May this night serve you with wonderful dreams my king. Have a great night.
  • I am sending you my package of love, peace, and affection to last the night till I see you again at down.
  • I feel secure tonight knowing that you are with me in your dreams. Good night my baby.
  • May every sweet dream come true in your life, my handsome prince, goodnight.
  • Forget all your troubles and stress from the day. Enjoy this night that the gods have rewarded you for a great job you did in the day.
  • I am blowing these warm kisses to you as I wish you a wonderful night, my king.
  • I am so proud that you have ruled my heart with care and affection my king. Lovely dreams tonight.
  • My nights are always fulfilled knowing that I am yours, and you are mine forever.
  • Every thought of you gets wakes me up in my sleep. I cannot wait for daylight to see your face again.
  • May every night shower you with blessings for a long life filled with love and prosperity.
  • Nothing makes sense without you, my king. Sweet dreams.
  • You are specially God sent to me, to brighten my face in the sun and warm my heart in the night. Have a wonderful night, my love.

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Good night my love
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  • You are the most amazing person in the whole earth. Goodnight to you king.
  • Hello, sleeping buddy, cannot wait to see you in dreamland tonight. Goodnight babe.
  • No artist can craft s handsome sculpture as you are. I thank God for he made you for me.
  • My heart dances to the beautiful morning and stays at peace in the dead of night. Goodnight my love.
  • Your snores are the lullabies I need to fade into a peaceful night every day. Goodnight handsome.
  • My nights are better with you by my side. To more refreshing nights beside you honey.
  • Watching you sleep is the best part of every night. Good night Mr Right.
  • My dream is always to have your hands wrapped around me as I sleep. Good night honey. I love you.

Good night wishes for lover

Have you ever felt the deep urge to tell him or her good night my dear love but do not know how? Worry not. Sometimes words can fail you but do not let the romance fade away before you say what you want to say. Here are some messages to help you express your love:

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  • Your smile is as beautiful in the night as the milky way. Goodnight my dear love.
  • I enjoy every moment with you both in the day and at night. Sleep tight, my love.
  • I was about to touch you but the sight of you sleeping and dancing with the angels in your dreams keeps my hands away. Goodnight pretty.
  • It doesn’t matter how hard your day was, tonight’ sleep will take away every stress.
  • You make me yearn for dawn, so I can tell you about every thought I had for you in the dead of night.
  • I will always have you in my mind as you sleep and, in my arms when you wake up. Goodnight my king.
  • You are the colour and light that brightens my world. May tonight's sleep bring more of you to me.
  • My heart races at the thought of you in my dreams every night. Goodnight angel.

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Good night my love
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  • Tonight’s rest will take away every pain you endured in the day. Goodnight honey.
  • All goals you have for tomorrow can only come to life when you are energized and full of life. Take a good rest tonight.
  • Nothing else matters when I am with you tonight.
  • I am blessed to have you in my world, and I never want to feel any less. Good night babe.
  • The beauty of sleep awaits you on the other side. So, go to bed happy and well-fed. Goodnight my love.
  • Nothing you bothered about during the day will wake up with you tomorrow, so enjoy the freshness of the night.
  • Put all your fears and failures away and embrace this beautiful night full of my hugs.
  • I never want to slumber away and drift from the sweet thoughts that bombard my mind every night when I’m with you. Good night my love.

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Sweet goodnight messages for him

There is no better story than the story of love between two amazing souls coming together to conquer the world with love. It starts with saying good night my love, then going ahead and showering them with words of love to cheer then for the night, and affirmation to steer them during the day. recently shared a comprehensive list of deep love messages for her. Men often struggle to find the exact words to communicate with their partner, girlfriend, or wife. Deep love messages for her work perfectly for any man to express his feelings in the best way possible.

A man must be good at communication by using romantic messages for her to nurture, grow, and blossom together. These love messages for her will provide the avenue to express a man’s feelings rightfully to his woman whom he adores.


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