Love poems for him from the heart

Love poems for him from the heart

Love poems for him will always make his heart glad. This simple, yet sweet act will show him just how much he means to you. Most women assume that men are not emotional, hence, many avoid sending them emotional messages. Contrary to this popular belief, a man will be touched if you evoke his emotions through a love poem. Smart women will, therefore, invest in poems especially if they want to keep their men happy. Consider the following examples if you want to make him long for you every day.

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

Love is not an easy thing to maintain a relationship or marriage. It is unfortunate that when most people get used to each other, the level of familiarity tends to make them feel regular and it is possible to take each other for granted. To avoid such occurrences, learn different and exciting ways through which you can spice up your marriage. This means that you should think of messages and poems that will speak to your lover’s heart. Here are a few examples of some powerful love quotes that you can use as inspiration to write the most romantic poems for your man.

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Romantic love poems

It is amazing what a few useful words playfully put together can do. The magic of a few romantic words put together in a poem can gladden the heart of any man. You can always send him a poem every time you miss him. There is no special time to show the man in your life that he means the world to you. Check out the following example to know how to draft your next love poem.

Love they say changes hearts,

How true this is

Your love is like a candle in my heart,

It came in and lit every corner of my heart

I will love you for you have become my second heart,

The completeness of my heart,

Yes you are, my love.

Sending him this powerful poem will warm his heart. The magnitude of the powerful words in the poem is enough to always remind him of how much you cherish him. You can send him this poem in the morning just after he has left the house. This powerful reminder will keep you in his heart and mind all day long.

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Love poems for him long distance

romantic love poems
love poems for him long distance
pictures of love poems for him
love poems for him secret admirer

Challenges in relationships are immeasurable. It becomes almost unbearable when distance has to be included in the struggle. In most cases, long distance relationships do not last. Those that do, take a lot of hard work and commitment from the couple. If by any chance, you are forced to be apart from your lover, either because of work or other issues, you need to ensure that you keep the fire burning. It is possible to get bored of doing the same thing every day. Apart from the regular text messages, he is used to, surprise him once in a while with a love poem. Show him what he truly means to you even when distance seems to be a hurdle. Remind him that you will always wait for him and stay safe for the sake of your love. The following example is perfect for a long distance love poem.

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I don’t want to think of you going,

It is impossible to imagine you leaving

I know you can't help but go for you enjoy saving,

All I can do is to keep praying.

That my love shall return to me safely,

I look and cry when I think of the war,

I know that anything can happen as you fight,

All I keep hoping for is your return,

I will forever hold you in my heart,

For you are mine to hold and cherish

Stay safe love, though duty calls,

Always remember that you are my soldier first,

Before you are a soldier for the state.

Come back to me my dear,

For I will be waiting

Stay strong for us, we will wait for you.

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Pictures of love poems for him

1. Love of my heart

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

This powerful love poem is a reminder of how he is the only man that holds your heart. Reminding him every day by sending him this pic will show him that he is your priority. That even though you have other things to handle, he is the one that holds the most special spot in your heart.

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2. Prime factors

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

This cute poem is a reminder of just how much the two of you will always be perfect for each other. Sending him this message when he is far away will keep you in his thoughts always. Remind him that he is the one you need, until when death separates the two of you.

3. Solemn promise

romantic love poems
love poems for him long distance
pictures of love poems for him
love poems for him secret admirer

This powerful poem shows your dedication to your man. It is a show of how much you value him. You are willing to go to any extent to ensure that the two of you stay together. Sending this poem is a show of your commitment and assurance that you will stick to him no matter what comes.

4. Sad love

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

This poem is a show of how much you will miss your man because he is away from you. You can write him this poem as a way of saying goodbye. This way, he will always know that, although you are parting for some time, his absence will always be felt. He will understand just how much he means to you because of the void that his absence will create. This poem will make him keep fighting to come back if he must go. He will always remember that there is someone back home, waiting for him.

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5. Breakup love poem

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

This powerful poem expresses the pains of a broken woman. You can write this poem to the man that had rebuilt your hope to love and trust, only to break it again. This is an expression of anguish brought about by the pains of love. It is a way of lamenting that love caused you pain when it should have healed. You may trigger your ex to reconsider his actions just by having him read this deep poem.

Love poems for him secret admirer

love poems for him secret admirer
cute love poems for him on valentine day
a deep love poem for him

No one ever knows when love will strike. It does not warn you but comes with a bang. When you are attracted to a man, it may be difficult to express your feelings considering that this may not be the norm in society. However, you should not shy away. One of the easiest ways to communicate your feelings without necessarily being misunderstood is to write a poem to the man that you secretly admire. The following example will help you model your own perfect poem.

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There are many stars in the sky,

But one shines brighter than the rest,

I am attracted to the light,

Just as a moth is to burning bulb,

My fear is that I may get burnt,

I do not want to lose myself,

Just because the light is too bright.

And I do not seem to keep off,

No matter how hard I try,

Will I get burnt?

Will I shed a tear?

These are questions I hope I get an answer to,

It is better to try and leave wondering.

With such a message, your crush will definitely know that you are interested in him. Chances are that he may be interested as well. If the feeling is mutual, then sending this poem could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Who knows? It could end up in marriage. Be bold and take the first step. You do not have to walk up to him and tell it to his face. Let the sweet poem do the talking for you.

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Cute love poems for him on Valentine day

Sometimes, the best thing for any man is to feel that they are appreciated. Do not let your man be the only one going out of his way to impress you. Surprise him during the next Valentine and show him just how much you love him. Write him a poem that he will treasure for life. This is probably something that he will not see coming. Consider the following poem as an example of what you could write.

You are my Valentine today,

You will be my Valentine tomorrow,

And you will always be my valentine every day,

Saying that I love you is an understatement,

You mean the whole world to me love.

You are my daddy,

You are my brother,

You are the father to my children,

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You are my lord, second to God,

I love you, darling,

Happy Valentine.

This emotional poem will get your man to understand that your world revolves around him. Show him in your words that he is the centre of your life. This will bring back the magic into your relationship, especially if you have started becoming too accustomed to each other. He will never take you for granted because he knows how much value you have put on him. In fact, it will be a challenge for him to come up with new ways to love you better.

A deep love poem for him

Emotional expression is something that should not be condemned but rather, encouraged. Showing your man that you trust him enough to be vulnerable to him is something that will keep the two of you deeply in love. One of the best way to show him this is by sending him a powerful message of love. The poem below is a perfect example of how you can get this done.

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I love you,

This sometimes seems like ordinary words,

You have no idea just how much I love you,

When I think about it,

Tears come to my eyes,

I weep not because you have hurt me,

But I worry that this love will drive me insane,

You are my sanity dear one,

You make everything sensible around me,

You make easy things that seem so hard,

You numb my pain when I don’t know what to do,

You make me calm down when I am in the midst of a storm,

You give me joy without any reason,

Just by looking at your smile, my heart is gladdened,

I smile just by thinking of you,

You are my greatest weakness love,

I hope you know that and know what it means,

I will treasure you forever.

Sending your man such a message puts him in a position where he knows that he has to do everything within his power to protect you. He knows that you have laid your heart bare to him. That knowledge in itself is so terrifying that he will do everything to protect you instead. The fact that he knows you have surrendered yourself to his love will draw him to you like a magnet. He will go to great lengths to ensure that you are well protected and cherished.

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Poems tend to work for every gender. Writing a powerful poem to your man will make him feel appreciated. The fact that you have taken your time to write out how you truly feel is something that he will never take for granted. As a woman, you can always be sure that love poems for him will bring back the spark that seems to be dwindling. Try them today. It may be the secret to saving a marriage that would otherwise be stale.

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