Young lady finishes mountain of 'gob3', khebab, 3 mangoes & 2 bottles of sobolo; internet reacts

Young lady finishes mountain of 'gob3', khebab, 3 mangoes & 2 bottles of sobolo; internet reacts

- A young lady has got social media talking after finishing a full plate of beans and two bottles of zobo

- The lady with the Twitter handle @dinma_x combined stick meat and three mangoes with the food she devoured

- She shared before and after photos on Twitter and netizens couldn't believe their eyes

Being a foodie is some people's hobby, and while many don't like to admit it, a young Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @dinma_x embraces it wholeheartedly.

@dinma_x has taken to social media to share her recent exploit after finishing a full plate of beans with stick meat, three mangoes and two bottles of zobo.

Young Nigerian Lady Finishes Mountain of Beans with Stick Meat, 3 Mangoes & 2 Bottles of Zobo, Many React
The young lady is a foodie and she's not ashamed to admit it. Photo credit: @dinma_x
Source: UGC

In one of the photos she shared online, she could be seen smiling as she waited patiently to devour the food that stared her in the face.

The second photo showed the justice done to the food on the table as she emptied the plate and the two plastic bottles of zobo.

She captioned the photos:

"How it started How it ended."

As expected, social media users flooded the comment section of the post with their thoughts.

@Doyingracetoyin said:

"How can you eat beans, mango and drink zobo..... How does your stomach keep these things??? e no dey react to all these combo????"

@DWELIS commented:

"Did she just combine Beans, mango and Zobo? and i thought i've seen it all when I saw someone combine akara and Mango."

@_xailaz said:

"With your complex stomach, how do you manage zobo drink and mango Mango in one stomach. Are you sure you are monogastric?"

@sparo__x commented:

"I'm just worried about your stomach. Hell I already know your fart will be mercury deadly." previously reported that @dinma_x caused a massive stir after joining the "how it started vs how it ended" challenge.

Unlike many others that show relationship and career success stories, hers was how she finished a mountain of beans and drank almost a full bottle of zobo.

In the first frame of the photos she shared, she could be seen bespectacled, posing with a spoon dipped into the food.


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