Woman Discloses She, Husband Planned Their Wedding Before Getting Engaged

Woman Discloses She, Husband Planned Their Wedding Before Getting Engaged

- TikTok user @evh1990 revealed in a video that she and her husband planned a wedding secretly

- It is only after they had everything in place that they called their friends to an engagement party where they also disclosed about the upcoming wedding

- The ingenuity of the idea has been hailed by many given the complications that come with having on board many people planning a wedding

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The epitome of futuristic is a couple planning their wedding before getting engaged.

Woman Discloses She, Husband Planned Their Wedding Before Getting Engaged
The lady, known on TikTok as @evh1990, received accolades for the idea that saved both them and their relatives the headache of a large group planning a wedding. Photos: TikTok/smithbrad.com.
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That is, however, the approach a TikTok user christened @evh1990 and her husband took a few years ago.

According to the couple, friends and relatives would have made their engagement a big deal, prompting them to plan everything before an official engagement.

@evh1990 started by posing the question of the strangest things her followers did during wedding planning.

"What's something strange and unique you did when planning your wedding? I'll go first," she started.

It is from here that she took a trip down memory lane on how she and her husband took care of every wedding detail, from the date and time, caterer, and dress code.

To ensure that their potential guests attended, they invited them to a barbecue on the material day where they not only had their proposal but also revealed the truth.

"So we actually planned the entire wedding, caterers, dress, everything, before getting engaged and put it on our friends and family's diaries as a barbecue," she continued.

They went ahead to reveal to the attendees that their wedding was set to happen in four months and everything had been taken care of.

The clip watched by over 4,600 people attracted lots of comments with many describing the whole concept "genius."

"Genius! My parents did similarly, they got engaged on a Monday and got married that weekend at a registry office to avoid any fuss being made," went one comment.

"I love this! We are already engaged but love the idea of saying we are planning a 'party' and making it our wedding," wrote another.
"Yep! Other than the dress, we had everything booked and only told our parents before we got engaged," said a third, who had supposedly done something almost similar before.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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