Sperminator: 44-Year-Old Professor Who Has 78 Children, 13 Women Pregnant

Sperminator: 44-Year-Old Professor Who Has 78 Children, 13 Women Pregnant

- Ari Nagel has made it his business to sire children within and without America

- At the moment he boasts 78 children with 13 others expected in a few months

- He reveals that he gets to see and spend time with some of the children while the mothers to the others prefer he doesn't

Forty-four-year-old professor Ari Nagel is the proper definition of a sperm donor.

Sperminator: 44-Year-Old Professor Who Has 78 Children, 13 Women Pregnant
Ari finds time to spend time with most of the children he has sired, but not all. Photo: Daily Mail.
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This can be attributed to the fact that so far, he has 78 children to his name and there are 13 other women pregnant for him.

According to the professor, having a sound financial base to cater for all the children is the least of his worries.

"I have a great life, even if I struggle financially. I get lots of hugs and kisses every single day," he expressed.

Ari revealed that for years, he would make the women pregnant the old fashioned way but his approach has since evolved as he now gives the women his seed in a container.

That way, he posits, he is able to protect not only himself but also the other clients he offers services to.

"Now that I'm helping more than one woman in a month it's very difficult to have unprotected sex," explained Ari.

Although based in Brooklyn, Ari runs an online profile on which he advertises his services and connects with would-be clients.

Nicknamed 'The Sperminator," the academician remains adamant that his generosity with sperms has provided children for lesbians and women who are older yet single.

"It's brought me a lot of joy seeing how happy the kids are, how happy the moms are, and seeing all these beautiful families that I was able to help grow," he continued.

Ari's services are free, which explains why he is against the government's directive to license his services as a sperm bank.

He also underpinned that out of the many children he has sired, he gets to see some every day while others have remained out of touch due to their mothers' wishes.

"I've never charged any of the women for helping them grow their families. Of course, I do get paid with lots of hugs and kisses and a lifetime of appreciation," explained Ari.

Ari does not only father children in the US where he is based, disclosing that he has been to Africa twice, Barbados, Georgia, as well as Russia.

He was once married for 12 years to a lady called Roxanne but the couple split after his wife got tired of his ways.

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