Little Girl Steals Hearts as She Sings Gospel Song Alongside Her Dad

Little Girl Steals Hearts as She Sings Gospel Song Alongside Her Dad

- A sweet clip of a little girl and her dad singing together has melted many South Africans' hearts

- In the clip, the daddy-daughter duo are sitting in a car together as they sing a popular gospel song

- Many locals headed to the comment section where they shared beautiful and thoughtful comments

Watching your little one's talent bloom has got to be one of the greatest rewards of parenting. A proud dad recently took to the online world to share a truly heartwarming clip of him and his talented baby girl singing a well-known gospel song together.

Little Girl Steals Hearts as She Sings Gospel Song Alongside Her Dad
These two have melted our hearts. Images: @Restart_Azania
Source: UGC

In the sweet video, the little girl sings candidly while her father leads her on. By the way she is moving her head and hands, one can tell that she absolutely loves singing with her dad beside her supporting her as she goes.

"Ibanathi," the heartfelt Twitter clip was captioned.

It soon reached over 29k views and 2.3k likes. Many impressed local Twitter users also headed to the comments section where they swooned over how enthusiastically the little girl was singing. Read a few of their comments below:

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@noksy_k said:

"It's the vay vay for me."

@WelsZA said:

"Sis' Ribs Malope has some tough competition."

@MaboeNdi said:

"That 2-year-old video where she's speaking English is still my No.1."

@lethu_mlonzi said:

"She has talent, hope she grows to enjoy singing, it could be her natural gift God has given her to heal people through her voice."

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