15 best online learning sites for taking virtual classes 2021

15 best online learning sites for taking virtual classes 2021

Do you want to go back to school but need to take some classes beforehand? Or, do you not want to go to school at all, but you are looking to change careers? Online learning sites are the best choice for you. These platforms will help you to learn at the comfort of your home.

online learning sites
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The best thing about online learning is that all you need is stable internet. With good internet, you can access thousands of learning materials and free online courses with certificates online.

Online learning sites for taking virtual classes

Digital learning sites encourage people to take on their courses as it is easier to study from home while attending to other duties. Free learning websites pop up every day thanks to universities that freely offer their learning resources. The article below contains 15 of the best online learning sites.

1. Coursera

Coursera offers the best free online courses from established institutions of higher learning. The website has grown to be popular over the past five years, having learners from across the world enjoy their studies.

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This site has pre-recorded video lectures that students can watch whenever they want to. With Coursera, learners worldwide can access programs that will enable them to get their masters degree for specialization.

2. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is one of the most resourceful free online learning sites that many students are signing upon. You can freely navigate and browse thousands of topics, engage with instructors and even customize their programs for a better learning experience.

The user interface of this website is friendly, and one can easily search for a course within a few seconds. Many learners on Academic Earth love computer and IT courses.

3. Alison

Alison is one of the most recommended free online learning platforms. Students who sign up there are allowed to choose different certificate and diploma courses. This site gives learners certifications once they have completed the course.

Some of the best courses on Alison include Information Technology (IT), education, engineering, business, and health. Alison also caters to learners who prefer taking their Spanish, German, French, and Arabic classes.

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4. Udemy

Do you want to explore different university programs without any hassle? Udemy is the site to use. It is a great online platform where learners expand their knowledge in the comfort of their homes.

Udemy has a platfrom that helps students categorize the learning material depending on the field of studies like business, information technology, marketing, and agriculture. The site also contains a vast library with learning materials for every course. The instructors are trained and tested.

5. iTunes U Free Courses

online learning sites
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Not many people are aware of iTunes U Free Courses. It is an excellent platform for free online education. The platform integrates with any apple Smartphone or iPod.

Learners can search for learning materials in many different ways, including categories and topics. iTunes U Free Courses also contains several paid contents such as eBooks and apps.

6. Khan Academy

For years, Khan Academy has been an innovative platform for students who enjoy online learning. The website offers in-depth disciplines like math, science, history, grammar, SAT prep, coding, medicine, music, Pixar filmmaking, financial planning and much more.

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Understanding that every learner has their goals, Khan Academy helps students personalize their pages and their chosen programs. The site has dozens of learning exercises and a comprehensive resource centre. It also offers built-in video lectures which are hosted on YouTube.

7. Stanford Online

Stanford Online is an initiative of Stanford University, one of the most reputable private research universities globally. The online learning platform offers students learning opportunities through free online degrees, webinars, e-books, videos, e-learning materials, and various online courses.

Some of the popular programs on Stanford Online include computer science, health and medicine, arts, and data science. Every learner gets a certification after completion of their program.

8. Udacity

With Udacity, students can create courses on various categories like philosophy, medicine, education and design. Every trainer is verified and experienced. The site has a way of making students develop new skills and sharpen what they have as the site contains an extensive library with material from every field. Learners that need help with interviews can get assistance through the site.

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9. MIT OpenCourseWare

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is an institution where many students advancing in technology courses wish to go. The site has established itself as one of the best learning institutions for technology globally.

MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative of MIT where they publish educational materials from its undergraduate and graduate-level courses online. This site has the best online learning sites for programming. It contains high-quality teaching and learning materials available in an easily accessible format. The platform has free notes of lectures, videos, and exams.

10. Edx

online learning sites
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If you are new to online learning and are looking for a free online learning platform, then Edx is the site for you. It offers university-level courses in varieties of fields. Learners can browse through different programs and select the discipline that suits them best. The site has a weekly subject sequence.

The platform also contains short videos with learning exercises in the weekly subject sequence. Some of the best features on Edx are the video tutorials which have the same impressions as on-campus discussion groups. Students can also join online discussion forums where learners and instructors can interact for question-and-answer sessions.

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11. Connections Academy

Connections Academy is one of the top 10 virtual learning platforms for young learners in 2021. Students can comfortably access notes and other materials from the website without a hassle.

Subjects on Connections Academy are designed for elementary, middle, and high school. Every learner is assured of a personalized performance learning experience that helps trainers better their skills and abilities.

12. LinkedIn Learning

Many people use LinkedIn to share their career mileage but did you also know that the site has a learning platform? LinkedIn Learning is a website that offers video courses taught by experts. The site has more than 15000 courses learners can choose from. The best thing about the site is that you learn from trained instructors and industry experts who understand current trends and what is practical.

13. Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform where you get to gain new skills while sharing with other students what you know. The digital learning platform is focused on education. Some of the best disciplines to pick on the platform include data science, analytics, business, graphic design and e-commerce. You can use any device to access all classes.

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14. Harvard Extension

online learning sites
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Many virtual learning platforms have learning content from Harvard University, but Harvard Extension has the best. This online platform is under the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It offers liberal arts and professional courses. Learners can search for various subjects using the start date and duration.

15. Code

Code could not miss from the list of online learning platforms. Students interested in learning computer science and programming languages have chosen Code as a great learning platform for more than five years. The good thing about Code is that it does not just focus on learning material for students.

You also get exposure to job offers and career challenges through the website. Code is available in both English and Spanish. Learners also get a one-hour tutorial primarily designed for people of all ages in more than 45 languages.

Once you sign up on any online learning platform, you will realize that there is no end to learning. You will always get something new; interact with people from different cultures while at the same time perfecting your skills. Online learning sites have made it possible for people to access courses from some of the best universities in the world.

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Yen.com.gh shared an article on Vclass KNUST with a complete guide to the virtual classroom on vclass.knust.edu.gh. With technology, several activities can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your home. With learning platforms like Vclass KNUST, online interaction between teachers and their students is better, and students learn efficiently.

With the introduction of the Vclass KNUST portal, learning has been made effortless. New intakes and returning students can now learn without any hindrance of any sort from the comfort of their homes.

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