UDS Access course for enrolled nurses, admission, how to apply

UDS Access course for enrolled nurses, admission, how to apply

Nursing is one of the most satisfying careers in the world. Apart from it being a well-paying job, nurses are critical to the running of hospitals. They record medical history, administer treatment and monitor patients’ vitals. For anyone wishing to become a nurse, they should consider taking a UDS Access course and start their career path. This course gives you the qualifications you will need to advance your studies.

UDS Access Course
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For most people, becoming a nurse means passing their WASSCE, attending a great nursing school, and joining the workforce. However, sometimes this path is not an option. This is where an Access course comes in. An Access course is an educational program engineered to enable those without traditional qualifications to become eligible for nursing degrees.

UDS Access course for enrolled nurses

The University for Development Studies (UDS) offers an amazing UDS Access course for this purpose. It is an eight-week curriculum that is provided to both domestic and international applicants. This is the perfect study plan for anyone who wishes to take a nursing program but isn’t qualified for it.

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The studies takes place on weekends only (Saturdays and Sundays), making it convenient for those who have jobs they are currently doing. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be able to enrol on a BSc Nursing course.

Courses offered

The UDS Access course for enrolled nurses 2021/2022 offers the following courses to students to prepare them for further studies. Each course is tailored to ensuring that the students are not out of their depth when they advance their studies.

  • English language
  • Core Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Introductory General Physics
  • Introductory General Chemistry
  • Introductory Biology
  • Introduction to Nursing and Midwifery

To gain admission into higher institutions, candidates should obtain a minimum of 50% in these courses. Those who are successful will be admitted at level 200 if they are going to BSc Nursing. For those going for BSc Midwifery, the admission level is level 100.

Requirements for admission

Taking the first step towards such a promising career can be pretty daunting. However, knowing what will be required of you during the whole process is vital for preparation. You will be able to focus on doing your best once you have sorted out all the minor details.

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Getting admitted into this Access course does not require much, mainly because it is the first step for most people taking this route. A prospective applicant must:

  • Be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.
  • Be of good standing.
  • Be at least 25 years old (and show proof of age using any legitimate document).
  • Have worked for a minimum of three years.

The additional requirements for international applicants include the following:

  • They must show evidence of registration with their home Professional Regulatory Bodies.
  • Applicants who are from non-English speaking countries should show evidence of proficiency in the English Language. This is important because English is the primary language that will be used while teaching.

How to apply

UDS Access Course
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Once you have confirmed that you are eligible to apply for the course, ensure you have the necessary documents to prove it. After that, the whole application process is easy. To apply for the course, follow these steps:

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  1. Domestic (Ghanaian) applicants should pay a GHS 200 fee to the UDS Access Account at any branch of the Ghana National Bank anywhere in the country. Foreign applicants pay a fee of $100 with a Master Card or Visa Card.
  2. Download the www.uds.edu.gh application form from the school’s website. Alternatively, you can collect the form physically from one of their campuses.
  3. Fill the form.
  4. Attach copies of the required documents and a copy of the bank payment receipt.
  5. Submit the form to the campus you intend to join before or on the day of reporting for the starting of the program.

Related courses

While there are several great Access schools in the market, UDS is one of the best and most recognized ones. However, there are other programs that are equally good. One of them is the UHAS Access course. It is similar to the UDS Access course, with the only exception being that it runs for nine weeks.

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The University for Development Studies offers a UDS Access course that is perfect for anyone looking to get into the nursing industry. Upon completion of the eight-week course, students will be eligible to join accredited institutions for degree programs.

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