Stunning Photos of World's First Electric Car for Wheelchair Users Cause Huge Uproar on Social Media

Stunning Photos of World's First Electric Car for Wheelchair Users Cause Huge Uproar on Social Media

- A tiny electric car has recently been produced for use by persons confined to wheelchairs

- The yellow-coloured automobile is designed in such a way that wheelchair users need no aid in entering them

- Many have however noted and pointed out faults in the vehicle

Emerging images of a specially designed automobile for wheelchair users have caused commotion on the internet.

The yellow-coloured innovation, according to Mad over Markerting (M.O.M) on LinkedIn, is fashioned in a manner that enables persons confined to wheelchairs to gain entry through the rear door.

Stunning Photos of World's First Electric Car for Wheelchair Users Cause Huge Uproar on Social Media
World's first electric car for wheel chair users emerges Photo Credit: LinkedIn/Mad Over Marketing (M.O.N)
Source: UGC

The nimble innovation is the first of such nature as other electric cars usually present difficulty to the physically-challenged users at the point of getting into the car.

Mixed reactions have surprisingly greeted this innovation. While many raised concerns over its inability to withstand crashes or road challenges, others simply found it amazing.

A LinkedIn user Agnese Stunda-Zujeva remarked:

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"Well, classical wheel chair may is not safe for crushes in car, but as baby car seats (designed for car) car be fitted on wheels outside car, the same could be done with car seat - put it on small wheels. Ideal for e.g. driving to shop or doctor, when you need to get out of car just for getting in some building.
"I am just wondering why it is not already invented."

Clive Hammon reacted:

"A great tool for mobility but where is it specifically designed for? If it's for the roads I would be very cautious about it's ability to withstand crashes."

Abiodun Saheed Salako supported Hammon's reaction saying:

"My thoughts exactly. It seems they compromised on certain things. I'm curious about how durable it is. It's not meant for tough terrains. I think future designs will have more functionality and durability. This is commendable and has huge potential for the over 25 million disabled folks who use wheelchairs."

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Francis Mwale stated:

"Wow this amazing i like this."

Ana G commented:

"I think this is excellent!!"

Meanwhile, previously reported about the N1.9 million tiny car that is giving Elon Musk's Tesla 'headache' in China.

The video documentary which caused quite a stir also has it that the car can be charged with a normal 220V outlet as against that of other electric cars.

The whip which performed well in the last quarter of 2020 than Tesla in China in terms of sales was created to help those that cannot afford expensive electric rides.

According to Aljazeera in a recent Twitter video publication, the tiny mini electric vehicle runs on a speed of 100km/h and a distance of 120-170km.


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