IROKOTV subscription Ghana: how to register, log in, download movies

IROKOTV subscription Ghana: how to register, log in, download movies

In the last four years, IROKOTV has redefined content consumption in Ghana. Unlike international competitors such as Netflix, it has hundreds of high-quality Ghanian and Nigerian movies. Besides the availability of African movies and related content, the platform has some of the most innovative plans for its customers.

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If you are transitioning from DVDs to streaming, IROKOTV is an ideal vehicle in your transition, thanks to its innovative plans. Fortunately, getting into the platform is not intricate, even if you have never been into another on-demand streaming platform.

Movies and content available on IROKTV

Since its inception in 2011, the streaming platform has been a haven for African movies. Even though it has changed some of its policies to fit in the current market, it is essentially an ideal platform for users looking for Nigerian and Ghanian movies.

Currently, the streaming platform has close to 10,000 movies and TV shows. Most of them are dependably produced but with the platform’s guideline. However, IROKOTV has started financing some productions, becoming the first African platform to have its self-sponsored shows, similar to Netflix’s Originals.

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How to register on IROKOTV

There are two ways to register on the platform. They include:

Registration on the official signup page

The official way to register on the streaming platform is by using the signup page. Unlike the app option, it is faster, and you will not be redirected out of the app.

To signup on IROKOTV:

  1. Go to the signup page
  2. Select your preferred signing option (between Email, Facebook, and mobile)
  3. Check your Email or mobile phone for IROKOTV PIN
  4. After verification, enter a new customised PIN
  5. Select your preferred streaming plan
  6. Complete the process by selecting a payment method
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This registration process is ideal if you are on a PC or Mac. However, for mobile users, the site may be slow and not responsive. Fortunately, registering via the official app is another option.

Registration on the IROKOTV app

Besides registration on the official signup page, IROKUTV has a signup option on its iOS and Android apps. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone:

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  1. Go to the signup option.
  2. Use either your Mobile, Email or Facebook to create an account
  3. Enter the verification PIN sent to your Email or phone mobile
  4. Create a new PIN.

Once you have created an account on the app, follow the onscreen instructions, such as selecting your preferred plan. Then, complete the process by choosing your preferred payment method.

How to pay for IROKOTV

After selecting your preferred IROKOTV subscription, it’s time to pay for the service. The platform accepts three forms of payments, which are:

Payment via mobile money

Thanks to mobile money efficiency, it is currently the most popular option to pay IROKOTV. To buy a watching voucher, pay the correct amount to 0546178262. The payment will reflect in your account instantly. In case of a delay, contact customer care using any of the three options highlighted below.

Via bank or credit card

You can also pay for Nollywood movies through a bank or credit card. Unlike mobile money, the platform automatically deducts the correct amount depending on your plan. If you are uncertain about anything, talk to your bank or IROKOTV for more information.

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A voucher from certified kiosks

The streaming company has kiosks across Ghana. Unlike the other two payment options, IROKOTV’s vouchers are faster to load and use. Also, there are minimal chances of the voucher failing to work on the platform.

Unfortunately, vouchers are only available to users in specific regions. The kiosks are available in Oxford Street Osu, A& C Mall, Accra Mall, and Pure Fire Ministry Achimota. All the stalls are open for six days, Monday to Saturday.

Free trial on IROKOTV

Like other platforms such as Netflix, IROKOTV has free trials for new members. During the free trial, you can access the platform’s extensive library with no restrictions.

The period for a free trial depends on the platform’s current promotions. If you are unsatisfied with the services or movie selection, you can opt out of the free trial without any charges. However, if you had already bought a voucher, the reversal process may be slow and rigid.

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Downloading IROKOTV movies and the available options

Once you have paid for a subscription, you can stream movies and shows. However, downloading shows on your mobile phone is the best way to enjoy content on this platform as there are no internet buffers.

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Before clicking IROKOTV Yoruba movies download, ensure your device has enough space. If not, delete videos and backup photos on your gallery to make space.

IROKOTV download option only works for mobile users. For PC and TV users, you can only stream. Fortunately, you can even stream on all types of connections as IROKOTV has an auto feature to select the video quality depending on your internet.

Customer support

In some cases, your IROKOTV login may not work for different reasons. While there are many ways to debug the app, such as restarting your device, customer support is always available. The support team is also available for general inquiries.

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In order to contact customer support, there are three main options:

The email option

Emailing IROKOTV is an ideal option if you want a detailed explanation of an issue. However, it may take a few days to get a response. So, if it is urgent, use the other two options.


Alternatively, you can contact the company via WhatsApp on +234 817 892 4632. Unlike emailing, WhatsApp is faster and efficient. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for detailed responses.


IROKOTV has an active Twitter account that tweets and responds to enquiries faster. If you would like to change your plan or ask the representative anything, you can tweet them through the verified account.

IROKOTV is a perfect option for Nollywood lovers looking for a platform with HD movies and TV shows. Unlike other options in Ghana, such as international streaming platforms, it has thousands of Ghanian and Nigerian movies.

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It has also been made clear that you can download as many movies as possible safely and at no cost. Also, the movies are free from viruses or malware. Therefore, the files in your gadget will not be corrupted.


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