Top 10 richest companies in Ghana 2024: List and details

Top 10 richest companies in Ghana 2024: List and details

Ghana's economy has grown significantly over the last few decades. Although it has experienced some lows and challenges, it is still growing, and many citizens and residents have better quality lives now. Private and public companies have contributed to this growth. The richest companies in Ghana earn the country millions of dollars in revenue.

richest companies in Ghana
A collage of some of the richest companies' logos. Photo: @MTNGhana, @NewmontCorporation, @TotalGh, @EcobankGhanaPLC (modified by author)
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Which are the richest companies in Ghana, and how much do they generate annually? Here are the top 10 wealthiest firms and their contribution to the country's economy.

Top 10 richest companies in Ghana in 2024

The top companies in Ghana listed below are ranked depending on their annual revenue. They have a track record of making significant profits each year and supporting the country's economy:

10. Zoomlion Limited

best companies in ghana
The Zoomlion logo. Photo: @ZoomlionLtd
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Waste management and environmental protection
  • Gross revenue: $6.56 billion

Zoomlion Limited, a profitable business in Ghana, was established in 2006. It is among the top waste management and environmental protection firms in the country and other parts of the continent. It offers integrated waste management solutions and is a member of the Environmental Services Providers Association (ESPA). It made revenues totalling $6.56 billion.

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9. GCB Bank Limited

top companies in ghana
The GCB logo. Photo: @gcbbankplc
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Banking
  • Gross profit: GHS 317.13 million

GCB Bank Limited is formally known as Ghana Commercial Bank. It is one of the top banks in the country for individuals and businesses. It has multiple programmes to support SMEs and offers multiple other services. This financial institution made a gross profit of GHS 317.13 million.

8. Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL)

top companies in ghana
The GGBL logo. Photo: @Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Beverage production
  • Gross profit: 253 million GHS

Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) is the leading total beverage business in the country. It was established in 1960 and produces various beverages, including beer, stout and spirits. It is the only beverage production company listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. In 2022, the firm earned a revenue of 253 million GHS.

7. Ecobank Ghana PLC

big companies in ghana
The Ecobank logo. Photo: @EcobankGhanaPLC
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Banking
  • Indicative share: GH₵ 14.91 million GHS
  • Gross revenue: GH₵ 2.049 billion

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Ecobank Ghana PLC is a private limited liability company that started in January 1989. Today, the bank has 67 branches countrywide. Over the years, the financial institution has grown and is now listed among the top 10 companies in Ghana.

In July 2006, the banking business was listed on the country's stock exchange. In 2022, the firm had assets worth GHS 17.93 billion and made an indicative share of 14.91 million GHS.

6. Total Petroleum Ghana

big companies in ghana
The Total Petroleum logo. Photo: @TotalGh
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Petroleum and energy
  • Gross revenue: 3.92 billion GHC

Total Petroleum Ghana is among the big companies in Ghana as of 2024. This firm deals with fuel and energy provision. It provides solar solutions for Ghanaians and supplies high-quality fuel for the road and aviation industries. In 2022, the company made a gross revenue of 3.92 billion GHC.

5. Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)

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top 10 companies in ghana
The GNPC logo. Photo: @Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Petroleum
  • Gross revenue: $731.94 million

GNPC was established in 1983 and is Ghana’s National Oil Company. In terms of revenue, its ranks among the top 100 companies in Ghana. Its mandate is to provide an adequate and reliable supply of petroleum products and reduce the country's dependence on crude oil imports. In 2022, the firm earned the country a gross revenue of $731.94 million.

4. Tullow Oil plc

richest company in ghana
The Tullow Oil plc logo. Photo: @TullowOilplc
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Oil and gas
  • Gross profit: $846 million

Tullow Oil plc is one of the corporate brands in Ghana. It is a fully-registered firm in the country and South America. It works across all stages of the oil life cycle, from exploration to production and ensures it supplies high-quality oil and gas to different parts of the world. The company made a gross profit of $846 million.

3. Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL)

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best companies in ghana
The GOIL logo. Photo: @GOIL.Official
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Petroleum and energy
  • Gross revenue: $513 million

Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) is one of the best big companies in Accra regarding revenue generation. The firm was established in 1960, and in 1974, the government acquired it. It markets quality petroleum and other energy products. The firm's gross revenue in 2022 is $513 million.

2. MTN Ghana

best companies in ghana
The MTN logo. @MTNGhana
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Telecommunications
  • Gross revenue: $116.3 billion

MTN Ghana is a provider of telecommunications services. It is one of the highest-paying companies in Ghana. Some of its services are cloud services, network and data, communication and collaboration, Internet connectivity, messaging, and security solutions. In 2022, the firm's total revenue was $116.3 billion.

1. Newmont Corporation

richest company in ghana
The Newmont logo. Photo: @NewmontCorporation
Source: Facebook
  • Sector: Mining
  • Gross revenue: $12.2 billion

Newmont Corporation takes first place in the list of private companies in Ghana. It is a leading gold mining company. It also produces copper, zinc and lead. Besides the country, the company has established itself in North America, South America, and Australia.

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The firm was publicly traded for the first time in 1925. In 2022, the company made revenues totalling $12.2 billion.


  1. What is the richest company in Ghana in 2024? The richest company in Ghana is Newmont Corporation, with annual revenue of $2.3 billion or 17.94 billion GHS.
  2. How many companies are there in Ghana? There are over 92 thousand registered companies in the country.
  3. Which are the best companies to work for in Ghana? USAID, Vodafone, and Google Ghana are among the best companies to work for in the country.
  4. Which are the best manufacturing companies in Ghana? Some of them include Alrayan Industries Company Limited Ghana, Nestle and Unilever.
  5. Which are the richest companies in Accra, Ghana? Ghana Oil Company Limited, Tullow Oil plc. and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation are among the richest.
  6. Which are the best private companies in Ghana? They include Accra Brewery Company, Aerogem Aviation Company and Ashanti Goldfields Corporation.
  7. How much do companies in Ghana make? The amount earned varies from one company to another depending on various factors.

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The richest companies in Ghana form the backbone of the nation's economy. They generate significant amounts of revenue annually and employ thousands of people. shared an article about the top 25 richest Ghanaians and their net worth. The country's economy has grown massively. This has been made possible by citizens who have invested in different sectors.

Who are the wealthiest individuals? Charles Ampofo, Ernesto Taricone, and Sir Sam E. are leading in the list. Check the list for other people.

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