Photos Drop As Elephant Breaks into Woman's Home in Search of Food; Internet Reacts

Photos Drop As Elephant Breaks into Woman's Home in Search of Food; Internet Reacts

  • A woman received a huge surprise in her home as she woke up to discover that an elephant had broken in
  • The wild Asian elephant was said to have trailed the smell of food to the kitchen and gained access through a hole that awaited repair
  • The incident which happened in the middle of the night has sent social media into a frenzy as many expressed surprise at the development

An elephant broke into a woman's home recently in search of food. The incident occurred in the middle of the night on Saturday, June 20, 2021.

According to the woman whose home was affected, the wild Asian elephant gained access through an unfixed opening in the kitchen, CNN reports.

Elephant storms woman's home at night, searches kitchen for food
The elephant crashed into the woman's home in search of food Photo Credit: CGTN
Source: UGC

The elephant was said to have used its trunk to ransack the kitchen which only had salt in it.

The Thailand resident named Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon said:

"We were sleeping and woke up by a sound inside our kitchen. So, we rushed downstairs and saw this elephant poked its head into our kitchen where the wall was broken.

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"I have seen elephants roaming around our town looking for food since I was young. But this is the first time they actually damaged my house."

Social media reacts to the development

Pictures of the moment the elephant crashed in were shared on Facebook by CGTN and generated mixed reactions.

Le Ozinuel said:

"The elephant should be in his wide life park.
"Though we have giraffes and elephants in many quantities roaming in Africa, but we take them where they supposed to stay."

Agbelekale Medinat Abimbola commented:

"Thank God it is not the elephant in front of ''First Bank Nig.'' What would have happened to my balance of 5200 if the elephant swallow the money in the strong room."

Jethro Emmanuel Kolleh stated:

"No no, he should not be in the kitchen in such form and manner. The last time I checked, he was chopped in pieces not standing giganticly as that.

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"By the way, he's eating all the food in the zoo?"

Xinkatekwana Mika Mugwena wrote:

"Here in South Africa they usually escape during Marula brewing (home made beer from Marula fruits) and come to visit only for a drink."

Cow storms store in style

Meanwhile, previously reported the hilarious moment a cow stormed a store.

In a video that went viral on social media, the cow seemed to have gained access from a different entry point as it didn't appear through the front door.

In the clip @kingtundeednut shared on Instagram, the animal went to a section of the store as if looking for a particular item and stormed off as it is chased by persons who appeared to be security personnel.

Instagram users passed funny remarks to the video, some thought the animal was cultured not to have messed the place with poo.


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